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Question about FFOF and Budswell?

Discussion in 'Organics' started by pacman123, Sep 13, 2008.


    pacman123 Well-Known Member

    I'm using FF ocean forest. Been flowering for three weeks now, lowryder 2/bc mango cross. I'm watering with 6.3 pH water, with 1 tblsp unsulphered molasses and 2 tblsp Budswell liquid organic fert. Budswell is just blooming fert. with higher P levels, has bat guano, sea bird guano, worm castings. The garaunteed analysis is NPK (.01-.1-.01) Those numbers are pretty low, is that because it's a liquid? Can I use this each time I water? My lower fan leaves are pale yellow, and the rest of the plant looks real healthy, but lighter green. Is molasses safe to use each watering? I water about every three or four days, when the 2 gallon pots feel light but before the plant starts to wilt at all. Thanks !:-P

    raiderman Well-Known Member

    i was wondering about that to . i havent gotten it but i hear the same qestion, i'm afraid to go to to much ferts at one time , some Hash P.
    dont care for much nute wen other strains lik it up.But i will be reading on your thread to see .a low ph can promote some yellowing i know. a higher alkaline can aways bring it bak. or water from your local gal. fill up 35 cent
    drinking water is a perfect for alkaline ph6 and a half for drinking mineral water.

    pacman123 Well-Known Member

    anyone else like to chime in on using budswell?

    organic/hydro Active Member

    i read 1 blog where someone used budswel thru his whole veg and bloom cycle for his outdoor plants. he claims he got 4.5 pounds off it 1 of the plants. 8ft high by 6ft.

    orgnlmrwiggles Well-Known Member

    im using budswell and molasses, i have not used the molasses yet, been flowering for 1 week and 4 days now. i have used the budswell once after reading you can use it through the whole thing, i got some major yellowing after, but im not sure if it was from heat stress, or too many nutes, i also had used pure blend pro bloom soil, and stay green. so maybe i gave it too much.

    ZeroTransFat Well-Known Member

    The analysis is low because it's organic. I've never used budswell but I only seem to hear good things.

    I've been using pure blend pro soil on my current grow and it's really easy to over fertilize. I mix it at about half strength at its strongest.

    KushKing949 New Member

    giving ur plants more nutes then required wont make your nugs any better lol

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