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Putting the myth to the test: Certo to pass a drug test

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by rainstony, Mar 9, 2010.


Does CERTO pass a drug test

  1. No, I've heard

  2. Yes, I've heard

  3. No, from experience

  4. Yes, from experience


    rainstony Member

    Me and my friend have been at a debate about whether or not certo works for passing a drug test. He doesn't listen to actual facts on why it wouldn't work, so we are conducting an experiment. (He's willing to put his freedom on the line with certo (probation), and p.s. his PO does NOT take diluted piss)

    We are going to conduct an experiment. We both are everyday tokers. I am going to go buy 2 at home THC tests. For the first one, he i going to only use 1 packet of certo, with NO water diliution because he believes its the certo and not the water allowing him to pass.
    I will be using certo, and DILUTING with it...as I read about everyone doing when using certo, which is why it works...go figure)

    I'm going to post the results on here, because I GUARENTEE that certo does NOTHING for passing a drug test...its the dilution that allows you to pass a drug test.

    Anyone got any comments about using Certo to pass? I'm 100% against that it indeed does NOT work.

    Kerovan Well-Known Member

    well, it's 7 months later? any results on your test?

    Jeffdogg Well-Known Member

    The best way to pass a piss test (I've passed over 10 times using this method) is by drinking 1.5-2 gallons of luke warm water (I used warm tap water every time).
    Drink that in a half hours time or as fast as you can then wait for a while, in an hours time after you finished you should be able to pee 3 times in the hour. After the third time your
    pee should be crystal clear. At that point thats all your pissing out and at the right temperature :D. Just about an hour and a half or so of preparation time, and I've smoked a day or
    2 before I took it on a few occasions and still passed no problem. My friends mother works for a drug testing company and she gave me the info. Hasnt failed me yet..
    I know its not about certo in my post, but why use certo when water works perfectly fine. :D
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    grygost Member

    he never reposted due to prison not having a computer rofl
    Carne Seca

    Carne Seca Well-Known Member

    Either that or he and his buddy decided during their piss test experiments that they truly loved each other and moved to Vermont. They now drive a Chevy Volt, only shop at whole foods and own a man-purse dog called Poco.

    They both quit smoking pot because it interfered with their gym workouts.

    Damn.. we lost two more to THE GAY. (totally kidding of course) :p
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    burner89 Well-Known Member

    Ya I know its an old thread, but no point is starting a new one.

    I gotta call yesterday that I got a job and need to come for a drug test and paperwork. The test is in 2 hours and I smoked yesterday at about noon. I am 6' and 240lbs, ya not the best I know lol. I have puffed everyday for as long as I can remember. I am diluting with water and gatorade with Certo in it. I've read that it works and also that its just the water doing the work. I also took a couple of B12 vitamins this morning, but my piss is still pretty clear. The Certo was in the cupboard already so I figured what the hell. I realize this won't solve the Certo debate since I am drinking lots of fluids but figured other people might be interested in the results.

    Anyway i will know today if I passed and will report back. The Certo in gatorade didn't taste bad, but i have a sweet tooth lol. The good thing is I have another job lined up Monday so either way its back to work.

    williams2311 New Member

    No need to load up on water it will dilute the piss. The detox drinks dont work. I know that from personal experience. The best way to do it is buy some agent X synthetic urine it comes in a bottle just warm it up for about 20 seconds (depending on microwave power) and its good for about 5 hours dump it in cup and your golden. I have used this at hospitals doctor offices and urgent cares all with no issues.
    Good luck with your new job

    Happy growing

    burner89 Well-Known Member

    I just got back and passed the drug test!! I pissed in the cup and she put a lid on it that showed the results. She said if she can't read the sample it goes to a lab. Within a minute she said your good, welcome aboard.

    gatorade + certo + water + b12 = pass

    And yes I realize that it might just be the dilution that passed but for what certo cost I think its worth adding it into the equation.

    Remember people most employers are cheap sob's and are not gonna spend a shit load of cash on potential new employees.

    LIBERTYCHICKEN Well-Known Member

    I agree with you in theory but their is one problem

    You would have to be some type of supper human to drink 1 gallon of water in 1 hour (without pukeing at least)

    Around 90-95% of your bodys toxins are realised into your blater durring rest/sleep periods , So the best thing to do is drink as much WATER as you can all day and take the test as late in the day as possible
    Also avoid coffie and juices and anything that has a high or low PH for the 2-3 days before the test these drinks help leach toxins out of your system at a slightly faster rate

    This method alone can cause a dillute test result , Thats why you take a multivitimin and creatine hours before the test, It also adds collor to your now crystal clear urine

    By the way if your about to go into any of the armed forces , the synthedic urines wont work - they will watch the stream comming straight out the gun to the cup, and will fail you if you piss on your finger or stick your finger in the cup

    MRC1 New Member

    Certo DOES NOT WORK! Maybe for casual smokers but not for veteran smokers! Stopped smoking 1 month prior, stopped edibles 2 weeks before test, did double-dose of Certo day of test... still FAILED TEST, LOST GREAT JOB!!! Certo is hype! For rookie smokers ONLY!!!


    MRC1 New Member

    Certo DOES NOT WORK! Maybe for casual smokers but not for veteran smokers! Stopped smoking 1 month prior, stopped edibles 2 weeks before test, did double-dose of Certo day of test... still FAILED TEST, LOST GREAT JOB!!! Certo is hype! For rookie smokers ONLY!!!

    MikeTreesley12 New Member

    Im 20 And have smoked for going on 8 years now I dont usually work out and im 6 ft 1 and about 250 pounds. I passed a drug test in 36 hours by drinking certo and water. So you must not have done it the right way

    noysy Well-Known Member

    Synthetic urine is always the 'get-around' the test, that I use. Never let me down!
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2015
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    Tone5500 Well-Known Member

    Quick fix plus works everytime

    incognegro999 Well-Known Member

    Cerro works 60% of the time, every time..
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    incognegro999 Well-Known Member

    Also this thread has been around longer than I have on this website. Someone was digging in the basement

    supersexysychosmoker New Member

    Certo works by bonding to the THC metabolites in your system and shifting them to the colon rather than the bladder. Works for me every time. I have tested and researched this method thoroughly. It works!!
    Dr.Nick Riviera

    Dr.Nick Riviera Well-Known Member

    drinking certo and failing a test 30 years ago changed the direction of my life for the better, so not passing isn't ALWAYS a bad thing.

    Ishma New Member

    Well it all depends on your body fat content how much you smoke whether you need to dilute with water or not. FAKE PEE WONT WORK FOR A PROBATION URINE ANALYSIS SINCE THEY HAVE TO VIEW YOU MAKE CONTACT FROM YOUR PRIVATE PARTS TO THE CUP SOO PLEASE STOP SUGGESTING IT. A combination of water cranberry pills as well as niacin ( no niacin the day of) will help you pass certo is only good for a three hour window. I weigh 120 pounds height has nothing to do with ot but im 5'8" i have passed two test ( for probation) so far and the following day took a home test. I passed the probation test but failed the home test. Taking a multivitamin or a b complex vitamin will help you from failing for dilution.

    Ishma New Member

    The problem there is the edibles sir as we have up to 6 lbs of undigested food in our small intestine for up to 6 weeks so you were still digesting thc at the time of your test

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