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Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Ichi, Aug 6, 2009.


    Ichi Well-Known Member

    My buddy is moving and we found a bottle of 25mg Promethazine pills. This drug is not my scene and I really don't know much about it. The dudes that want to do it are all into liquid and have no idea how many or much less ho to take them. I looked on erowid briefly and didn't find anything on pills. Another forum said something about them not working properly unless they are properly mixed with codine. I am all ears. Blow my mind.

    dethvader Member

    my cousin works at a pharmeceutical distribution center and promethazine they have has codeine in it.. i don't know if it has to be in there to work but it makes sense..

    nuggetgrower Well-Known Member

    From what I know, promethazine is sedative. It can also help with nausea a bit. The main combo that people enjoy is promethazine, codeine, dxm. You have the pill form but if you combined it with the other drugs you would get a similar effect as drinking the syrup.

    guest420 Well-Known Member

    these pills kick your ass, dont take more then one you u have muscle spasms (found on erowid) i have a prescription to them and just made a post about them haha

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