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Pre-Harvest Flush for Organic Soil Growers

Discussion in 'Organics' started by Miser66, Jun 13, 2008.


What do you give your plants in the weeks leading up to harvest?

  1. Plain Water

    60 vote(s)
  2. I add Molasis or other sweeteners

    64 vote(s)

    Miser66 Active Member

    So do you flush with plain water or add molasis or other sweeteners. I have gone back and forth curious as to what others think.

    nozthedon Well-Known Member

    just plain water for the last two weeks

    Miser66 Active Member

    Only 7 votes about half and half. More votes guys comeon. And if you have any good input on why which option would be better please feel free. Im cutting a couple plants in a week one thats been giving molasis for a couple weeks the other just plain water. Vote!

    SunnyD Well-Known Member

    ive been giving molasses thruout the 2nd month of flower....i plan to stop nutes and keep using molasses with the final flush.
    DR. VonDankenstine

    DR. VonDankenstine Well-Known Member

    I use sucanat till the very end----I flush for 14 days.

    iBLaZe4tozErO Well-Known Member

    I use sweet for a week then just plain water

    spacelady Active Member

    This is my first time using molasses, I started using it as soon as the buds were set on, and plan to keep using it until 2 weeks before harvest when I will give a good final flush and then plain water for the last 2 weeks ~ we'll see what happens. spacelady

    kuntjoose Active Member

    i use molasses during the regular feeds and then when i start to flush i use somthing like clearex and water then for the last couple weeks just water.

    VirginHarvester Well-Known Member

    You all flush organic soil grows?

    gangjababy Well-Known Member

    that's what I was wondering, I was under the impression you didn't need to flush...

    iBLaZe4tozErO Well-Known Member

    Fert in the plant vs less fert in plant. Organic is still fertilizer

    iBLaZe4tozErO Well-Known Member

    I could be wrong though but that's just how I see it

    northerntights Well-Known Member

    Some people say that the flush isn't just to clear it of fertilizers, but to force the plant into a slightly stressed state, increasing resin production and forcing the plant to utilize and stored starches... thus giving a cleaner burn. But I haven't done that myself, I prefer the molasses method as the stems don't get soft from the lack of starch.

    jahtrip Well-Known Member

    Here it goes.... i have been studying organic marijuana growing for 8 years now.... and i am lucky enough to be from a family that travelled ALOT... europe, africa, switzerland, many many islands.... etc...so ive seen my share or organic growing indoor and out... and i realized one thing only in the united states do organic growers reaaaallly believe in the molasses technic..... it seems you guys dont have sweet enough variety's for your taste buds.... or something.... or all the dunken donuts are getting to your head with sweeteners.... :) but yeah flushing is an essential part of growing cannabis... if you want your bud to taste like the variety you bought.... You neeed to get it cleaned out of ferts and all other stuff that could be in your soil...... so yeah molasses why not..?? its not a bad thing to use... it boosts your harvest a little..(personally never got much bigger budz using it) but dont use it in the flushing period... Your just working to modify something that already would taste amaaaaazing....
    get reading some good books... on organics and let them guide you through this... Peopl have been doing experiments with all this befor we were even born.....
    If you want really good info on organic growing and what to use and not use ... get soma's organic marijuana book....
    Noooo experienced ganja farmer would use anything but water or even demineralised oxygenated water to flush....
    If you want the best harvest flush with the cleanest water you can find.......!!!
    dirt clean

    dirt clean Well-Known Member

    what about Klearex by Botanicare or other salt leeching compounds?
    dirt clean

    dirt clean Well-Known Member

    my last grow I used water and Klearex. This time my 2nd grow ever is all organic soil instead of hydro IDK yet. I have been reading a lot about molasses, well a little product use shit, and so far as I can tell it has some good NPK.

    so if we are feeding molasses then is that not feeding NPK still, or is it so mild? any takers?

    I use molasses to help start bio activity in soil and mix too.

    zombie1334 Well-Known Member

    No, the molasses has iron, calcium, and other micronutes in it so help feed the microbeasties and also feed carbs to the plant. My plants love the shit!

    gangjababy Well-Known Member

    What did you think of the clearex?

    jahtrip Well-Known Member

    clearex.... ripen... all these flushing solutions... Do you really wanna be smoking em after???? even if they say its 100 % safe ..... i prefer the idea of getting the true and unique taste of each variety i grow... and using these solutions will defenatly affect plant taste.... try it out only use clearex or ripen on one or two plants and use water on the rest.... then taste a bud of each .....

    iBLaZe4tozErO Well-Known Member

    I kinda change what I usally do and now for the last 3 weeks.
    What I do now is... 1st week water with just sweet and water. Then on the 2nd week, clearex and water. And just plain water for the last week.

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