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powdery mildew is coming on strong..tried milk and h202 now neem?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Jhaz, Jan 4, 2011.


    JoeCa1i Well-Known Member

    Trash it!!!!!!

    plantherb Member

    I never had a problem with PM until I switched to W.W. I have yet to knock it out. I've been doing the sulfur burner (vaporizor tech.) thing for about a week not and well hasn't really seemed to do much of anything as of yet. I've been able to pretty much keep in under control for the past 6mo's or so but it's becoming a major pain, considering I've NEVER had it befor in all the years past when I just had pure afghani kush

    Growing247 Member

    I started growing Tahoe OG from DNA from seed. I have 6 plants altogether and I'm about 30 days out from harvest in an indoor grow room I setup with basically all new equipment. New flood trays, fans, filters, air hoses etc,. I don't think sterilization or lack of fresh air is the problem although I could be wrong. I am noticing powdery mildew attacking the lower leaves. I have never had powdery mildew growing any other strain but this one and it is a real bummer. It is also effecting a OG clone of unknown origin I got as well. My flower room is pretty well ventilated and I have a dehumidifier set @ 50% running 24-7. I think with it being so cold outside and wet (I live in the Pacific Northwest) that this might have something to do with it because a lot of the vegetation outside is wilting and growing mold. Every day I go out I see mushroom pickers walking the highways and it rains damn near every day. I think environment and strain plays a key roll because this time last year it was mites not powdery mildew, and this stuff is not even touching my landrace afghan kush plants at all.

    wheels619 Well-Known Member

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