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Please help me Crack this safe! Combination Code Mystery. Need help cracking the code

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by DrWhite, Jul 19, 2010.


    DrWhite Member

    Okay, When I moved in my new house about 10 years ago there was a safe in the basement. It has a piece of paper on it that says combination but Its in a code and I cant ever crack it. I hear stuff inside it and my father finally told me I could fiddle with it and try and open it. I need your help though.

    It is a Meilink Cast Iron safe, with a Sargent and Green-leaf lock. The Dial goes up to 100.

    The Combo is:
    L: DT to LC
    R: LT to GO
    L: OT to AE
    R: GT to Stop HT

    Who knows whats in there. Please some one help me.

    Thanks so much for everyones help. The Solution is http://www.rollitup.org/toke-n-talk/350098-please-help-me-crack-safe-6.html#post4419607
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    mconn333 Well-Known Member

    borrow a plasma torch and cut the bitch or drill the lock/pay a lock smith 30 bucks to get it open. maybe those r initials of numbers in another language

    monkeyinthemist Active Member

    go get an acetolyene torch

    DrWhite Member

    I would rather preserve the safe. Hell thats at least a 500 dollar safe. I'd rather just crack the code.

    irishwyrick Active Member

    no need for that. drill a 5/16 hole on left hand edge of the dial (if the door opens from the left) look through the hole and line up the slot for the first tumbler then turn the other way and line up that tumbler and so on till there all lined up then turn the handle and your in like sin.
    good luck bud

    irishwyrick Active Member

    oh and if you still wanna use the safe, wright down the code when you open it and weld up the 5/16 hole, grind it flush and paint the safe

    cmt1984 Well-Known Member

    get a stethoscope, put the stethoscope up to the door near the dial, turn the dial to the left slowly until you hear a click....then to the right and so on. we had an old gun safe that i wanted to use but nobody remembered the combo so i did that and it worked.

    obamasmokesweed Well-Known Member

    try this
    left 39
    right 45
    left 41
    right 55

    just some #s i came up with from that code

    gloomysmokes707 Active Member

    lol kinda sick... when you get it open be sure to let us know what you find... could hold some kind of sick mystery treasure lol... or could be some wierdos fuck doll stuffed in a safe. who knows ...lol

    ruderalis88 Well-Known Member

    ok i don't know shit about safes so the numbers might be wack but see if this works

    L 297
    R 505
    L 1205
    R 400

    obamasmokesweed Well-Known Member

    we found a safe once in the woods like it was hidden and head stuff inside it we torched it open and inside was 3 soda cans and a basketball great find lol

    AZKILLER Active Member

    He said it only goes to 100...

    Damn dude that's exciting let us know whats inside! Maybe the dude sold weed and he has some nug jars of vintage dank stashed in there. Or maybe he left some keys and a map to a secret garage where he has 100 sexy ass cars...with hot chicks inside! except they'd be dead now...

    DrWhite Member

    Well see the dial only goes to 100. I tried taking the numbers from the alphabet like D is number 4 and T is 20 so = 24. I'm still trying to find out how to open a four digit combination lock. All the videos and tutorials I see only deal with 3 digit locks.
    This is the combo I got.
    24 15
    32 22
    35 6
    27 28

    obamasmokesweed Well-Known Member

    so it was not 39 45 41 55 that sucks i was hoping i had a future in cracking safes ill just keep growing pot

    whietiger88101 New Member

    listen listen listen you must reset the safe to ZERO ! turn the dial counter clock wize 3 times then stop on ZERO then turn the dial clock wize with the steathascope until you hear a lick . The turn the dial counter clock wize go past 00 then stop when you hear the click then turn the dial clock wize until you find the final click then open the safe. I have a 700 lb centeriun safe.

    ruderalis88 Well-Known Member

    ah yeah my bad. pretty curious about all this though

    assasinofyouth420 Well-Known Member

    Just like in the movies.

    irishwyrick Active Member


    DrWhite Member

    Nope just tried that and it didnt work.

    poplars Well-Known Member

    those letters must be orientation points on the dial . . ..

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