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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by pinklemonmoosek2, Sep 12, 2007.


    pinklemonmoosek2 Active Member

    Hello, I just got my hands on a phototron and i was wondering if anyone has used one and if you have had any luck with it. thanks
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    a what? educate me please

    picture please

    thank you

    JohnnyPotSeed1969 Well-Known Member

    Pyraponic Industries -- Still the Original. Still the Best.

    my dad and i grew with one of these once. they work alright. not the best thing in the universe, as it doesn't allow for much space. it's kind of 50/50 as to whether it will work well. i don't care much for the lack of lighting which you will inevitably encounter. don't plan on growing anything on the sativa side. this unit pretty much limits you to growing indica strains. in my opinion, not the best thing out there for growing weed. roses, yes. herbs, yes. pot, no. with as much as these things cost, you could assemble a much better system and have much better results.

    natmoon Well-Known Member

    Those growboxes are for yuppies who live in tower blocks with no gardens,they aint much good for growing weed as JohnnyPotSeed1969 already said.
    If you want a stealthy box build your own and fill it with fluros.
    Heres a video that shows the sun cell growbox,watch it and then build your own or buy one of theirs:weed:

    POT-TV: So Ya Wanna Grow #10: The Sun Cell Growbox
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    thanks for the link JOhnny.. I have not seen one of those for years!!


    massmurda420 Well-Known Member

    thnx for new info

    JohnnyPotSeed1969 Well-Known Member


    ballsdeepinbud Active Member

    when i was just entering my teenage i got a hold of one with the 3 u shape lights inside i would hate to know how many lumes it put out being that it was hella used before i got it. but it flowered i don't remember the quality ect but i was definatly amazed then. just 1 plant grew inside it. it's a joke for harvest but might be good for a multi layered clone system...........

    thegreymirror Active Member

    Yea, I just inherited a phototron myself. I'm only going to be growing a single auto flowering dwarf. I dont see any reason I shouldnt experience good results w/ this. But then again this is also goin to be my first time growing. Anyone know of anything I can do to mod. this thing to maybe make it better? Personally, I dont see what the problem is. Here are photos of it. There's room for four light tubes and a single blub.

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    thegreymirror Active Member

    Is the problem w/ phototrons just the lights they use? And if that's the case, I could just rig it to use whatever lights I want instead of the U bulbs it comes w/. I could get some T3 tubes to go around it.

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    AlBundy Active Member

    I have three phototrons and they work fine. Perfect? No. But considering that I live in a city and can't grow in my yard and only need enough for myself, they work fine. If a plant fails it is due to my experimenting with modifying it or trying to tweak it. One thing, you don't have to buy pyraponics nutes, they are expensive and don't work better than the organic nutes I buy from Fox Farms. I am not an expert with the phototron or all my grows would succeed. Unfortunately I have tendency to get "a wild hair up my butt" and I start experimenting. Right now I have hindu kush female going into vegatation in a photoron 2 and she appears quite happy and I am trying not to experiment on her. Keep your fingers crossed. My other two phototrons are phototron 9's.

    thegreymirror Active Member

    Yea, I've just started w/ my phototron, and it seems to be working just fine. Though I'm pretty sure I'm gunna move it to another set up before it reaches flowering. The phototron just isnt that big, and I dont want my plant gettin cramped.
    Lord Byron

    Lord Byron Active Member

    Well here goes. Nobody has looked at this tread in a while and it took me some time to find it. I have a 5.5 unit bought back in the mid 90's and except for a year here and there it has provided me very well and made the money spent on it back many times over.

    There were some modifications that I had to perform on it though.

    First those damned see through panels - three wide, three are slightly narrower. They all had to come out. I ended up replacing them with some styrene panels cut down to fit the slots for the panels. I used some .060 inch thick material form a craft store.

    Next I put two airstones in the bottom before any media went in hooked up to a air pump that runs 24 hours a day. I filled the base with perlite, coir, and some fine compost from the garden. This year I fitted an LED UFO into it to replace the center lamp. I will bud in this for at least 8 to 9 weeks for some fine indica.

    The flourecent light doesn't make the dense buds but more of the popcorn nugs that are covered with tricromes. After this I carefully trim the fully more mature buds from the top and those closest to the lights while leaving the fan leaves intact. As they have been flushed for the last two weeks I put them back on a 18 on and 6 off schedule and give them some high nitrogen ferts until a week or so has gone by and then it starts all over again with the flowering. I do only four plants at a time but I can regenerate them at least twice before I go and throw some fresher genetics in. Without waiting for any veg time these can produce almost a half oz wet per plant. Great amount for our personal stash. good luck

    Got#'sbutstillsmokeroache Active Member

    Yea I just rigged up a bunch of CFL's in my phototron and it works great. I am using lowryder seeds. Short, fat hedges.

    golddog Well-Known Member

    I recently put my Phototron SX 3000 from the 70's back to work.

    I an using Deep Water Culture and extra CFL's.

    It's working great 22 days into 12/12. Check my grow journal

    Peace :peace:

    stonedar Member

    mine was always hotter than you would want, and wasn't light proof enough with the light off. between the heat and the light problem I got alot of hermies. but, that was 18 or 20 years ago. if I knew what I know now I coulda made better buds. still was a waste of cash at the time...

    Freespoken Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to your forum and caught this thread on the Phototron. I'm in a condo by the ocean and received a Phototron 9 as a present as nothing grows outdoors on my balcony without bugs getting to it first. A month before I'd tossed Indica seeds from a bud into a planter outside where I'm growing a yam plant and to great amazement one of three seeds grew. This means herbs, tomatoes, lettuce and mini bell peppers I'd planned went on hold naturally! Both my boyfriend and I are medical card holders, and to have a plant growing would be a windfall for us. The buds it derived from are skunktastic, plant wreaks the same scent, but have no way of knowing what strain it is other than Indica based on it's notably broad leaves.

    Am growing this unfortunate plant (I say this as it has a complete noob tending it), and no doubt made classic mistakes as I was ill prepared to grow this plant in the first place. Been reading a couple bibles feverishly trying to get up to speed, learning from forums, but nothing replaces first hand experience. So far Phototron 9 is managing well enough during vegetative stage except it gets fairly hot inside, and I live in a warm climate with only two ceiling fans and a floor fan, no air conditioning. Before I realized, inside of the Phototron reached over 100 degrees, more than the plant cared for, causing slightly curled leaves. That or I need to back off nutrients as I only water when soil is dry as indicated by a moister meter. In no way was I educated or ready to set up hydroponics yet. Right now it appears stable again based on new growth, and I'm doing my best to not turn it into a hermi, male or worse kill it, but time will tell. From what I've read, use of better lighting than fluorescent for flowering is required if I get that far, but am not sure how to hook that up inside a Phototron. They've provided a cord with socket on the end which hangs down, but it's intended for a germination bulb.

    I have been feeding the plant Superthrive only daring a couple drops in a gallon of water, but have yet to use distilled water. Lighting this Phototron came with are (6-24 Biax Lamps and 6-55 Biax Lamps, 36,000 Lumens) rather than previous models U type. Frankly I'm glad as it made things so easy to assemble that I didn't need help and had it together quickly. This Phototron came with a ventilation panel intended to keep temperatures inside between 70-90 degrees according to Pyraponic Industries (although the thermostat only reads up to 80). I've had to keep panels up during the heat wave to give additional ventilation, and hold panels in place with large paper clamps along the edges as recommended by the manufacturer. I've considered buying more ventilation panels, or fans which can be wedged beneath one of the panels. I'm also trying to figure out best way to block light from keeping me awake as it's located in my bedroom, one of the only locations I could keep it away from prying eyes. If anyone has ideas for this I'm open to suggestions. So far I've thought of using either mylar or black out curtains!

    Was amazed to see a white Phototron, out of all the photos I've seen they all are black, mine included. I'd have liked one in white much more. So far I've not been impressed with those I've contacted at Pyraponic Industries as they are anything but helpful in finding solutions to heat or much else, and I've been met with attitude for requesting they send the missing panel they failed to provide with the original unit which would normally have taken place of the ventilation panel. I was told they would send one when I purchased something else from them, but if I do it will likely be something minor for this reason. As a business I do not and will never recommend them.

    golddog Well-Known Member

    Hey Freespoken! Good to hear from you. I also live in a hot area, lot's of 100's here. I have an old Phototron which does not have the ventilation panels. I put a 7 inch fan on the bottom bowling up? My temperatures are often high.

    If you can't fix it, do the best you can and don't worry because it will all come out in the end.

    Light at night : I keep mine in the garage so that is not an issue, but keep in mind, once you go 12/12 just make sure you keep it dark when you are sleeping.

    Smell : Don't smell it yet? Wait until you are a few weeks into the flowering, mine reeks. I don't mind.

    Then when you go through the cycle, (after you pick the first bunch of buds), you can think of interesting ways to do a better job.

    Good Luck and just ask any questions and I will let you know what I think.

    Peace :peace:

    MeisterYo Well-Known Member

    The biggest thing in phototron growing is the pruning techniques to make rediculously bushy plant with hundreds if not thousands of budding sites. and you can grow one plant to fill it full, flower it, harvest it, trimming it down to the bottom again and putting it into veg.

    Its like crazy bonsai or you can just keep throwing clones at it. I will admit if you have the room grow a different way. but if you don't smoke much at a time and want a hobby, they do work.

    Freespoken Member

    Thanks for the welcome golddog :-D Appreciate any help you offer.

    Been running the Phototron 4 am to 10 pm trying to not be obvious as I'm not anxious for neighbors to know I own grow equipment, even though original plan was honestly to grow a few foods. One neighbor cross the way is head of the Sheriff station, so counting on it looking as if I get up that early for work and the lighting a rather bright lamp. Only wish we had a garage, and am considering having an electrical outlet installed in our storage which stays unusually cooler than the house by virtue of being closer against a hillside I suspect. Will need to move out boxes and think about ventilation first.

    If I don't clone this plant (please dear Deity let it be a female), will be buying Indica seeds and keep trying. At least that way I'll know more about the plant so as to treat it properly and know what to expect. I'm no green thumb even though family are nut tree farmers, but love watching plants grow and figure practice will improve understanding over time.

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