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Ph levels for soilless mix

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by LiveAndLetLlive, Feb 18, 2008.


    LiveAndLetLlive Well-Known Member

    at what ph do you keep soilless mix at for optimum results? its passive hydroponics so i was wondering if your supposed to keep them at 5.9 as you would hydro, or keep the ph closer to a soil ph of 6.5. or should it be kept inbetween. Thanks people. God bless everyone.:peace:

    LiveAndLetLlive Well-Known Member

    bump............... bump........... bump............God bless everyone:peace:

    LiveAndLetLlive Well-Known Member

    bump...... thanks in advance.God bless everyone:peace:

    highpsi Well-Known Member

    What does your soilless mix consist of?

    If it's just a simple perlite/vermiculite mix, coconut coir, or clay, go with 5.8 - 6.3
    If it's a mix of organic matter, ie. Peat moss and forest products then go with 6.2 - 6.7

    That would be my recommendation.

    Good luck to you.
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    LiveAndLetLlive Well-Known Member

    hey highpsi!! thanks for your recommendation. ya its a peat moss, perlite, and a little verm mix. ya i was giving them 5.9ph and they dont seem to dislike it but i think i should go a little higher now..... ill try 6.2 or so and see what happens..... ill give you a rep for helping a brother out! God bless everyone!

    word420 Active Member

    i was wondering the same thing.... did you find out what ph level is best? i am currently using sunshine mix#4 and im so confused bout this ph stuff.
    fat sam

    fat sam Well-Known Member

    i use coco and keep it around 6
    DR. VonDankenstine

    DR. VonDankenstine Well-Known Member

    This is for all you DIRTBAGGERS out there(coco/peat/soil-less medium/perlite/hummus/vermiculite/work castings/charcoal/gravel/rock/bark/soil/ or any-other medium you may use in the place of soil or dirt) This recommendation does not include hydro applications---(rock-wool/hydro ton/fytocell/DWC/hydro/aero mist/ or any other hydroponic system PH which should be maintained at 5.5 to 5.8PH.

    In the germination/seedling/ and vegetative phase of growth MJ will do very well at a PH range of 5.5 to 6.5. You also hear of coco users maintaining their PH at about 6 but the fact is that even coco will do well for the first 3 phases of growth at the same PH. Although potting mixes have less problems with nutrient PH lockout than outdoor soil, for maximum flower development/weight/size/ and vigor your PH should be above 6 and at or below 6.5 in the flowering stage. The reason for this is that the most important nutrient P(phosphorus) in flowering is easily absorbed and assimilated by the plants in the 6 to 6.5 range(its actually higher than 6.5 but we start to run into micro nutrient availability above 6.55). Your plants will do fine from 5.5 to 6.5 but for the best bud development in flowering it needs to be above 6 and below 6.5. Hope the info helps.

    weedaweedaweed Well-Known Member

    ^K is potassium, not phosphorous
    DR. VonDankenstine

    DR. VonDankenstine Well-Known Member

    <<<< S is a stoned typo:eyesmoke:.....>>>>.

    word420 Active Member

    thank you doctor v for the info. i have a ebb and flow style system with 1 gallon pots of soilless mix (sunshine mix#4). is that considered a hydroponic system?
    DR. VonDankenstine

    DR. VonDankenstine Well-Known Member

    ebb and flow is a "type" of hydroponics but your in soil so the soil PH rules and guidelines apply.
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    word420 Active Member

    thanks doctor v. +rep

    lovedenver Member

    What is the best nutrients to put in my water for soilless mixture?? Please get back to me asap if you can................ Thank you so much have a wonderful day!!!!! SMILE!!!!

    lovedenver Member

    We have Organic Roots CoCo Fiber soilless mix, and are nutrients are Canna Product, Substra Vega 4-0-3 (A ), Substra Vega 1-2-4 (B), Cannazym 0-2-1, Rhizotonic 0.6 - 0.0- 0.6....................

    Is there any thing else I need?

    Do I need Cal-mag?? I am very new at this any thing helps thank you :-)

    Shaken Member

    I used advanced nutrients. In my mind and after 3 years of growing for myself only I cannont beat the yield I get off Connisuer if you order from advancednutrientsonlines website you can get the new ph perfect only available in Canada at the moment. If you can't afford the Connisuer just get the sensi version. They have 2 fomulas of Sensi one for grow and one for bloom. Connisuer is only for flower.

    sebastopolian Active Member

    Yes it is considered Hydro (Soilless Medium), I use one bag sunshine mix #4 w/ 2 bag light seed warrior, Water w/ Soil H&G and PH the water @ 6.3, as per the nutrients directions. I get awesome Smoke & big yeilds. I also brew my own tea w/ bountea kit, it puts all the great shit in your med. and the plants love it! Peace & Happy Gardening!

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