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PH keeps dropping

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by Doodaa, Jan 6, 2013.


    Doodaa Member

    I am using an under current 9 site 8 gall system,co2,water temp 67 running advance nutes ph perfect and into week 3 flower.I had root rot early in veg and used uc roots and ionic nutes but went back to advance for flower.this is my second grow with this setup first one went awesome and this ones been trouble.My PH won't hold a good number like it should they say it will go up and down but mine just goes down.I flushed system out with straight well water twice then used advanced nutes to a 550 ppm and 6.1 ph 15hours later it was 5.5 then 8 hrs after that 4.8. I'm going nuts and broke on nute changes
    Thanks in advance for any help

    tallen Active Member

    If ppm's are going up then they're taking more water than nutes and your feeding too strong. If ppm's are dropping or holding about steady then it's probably root rot again. Are you using bennies or running a sterile res?

    superstoner1 Well-Known Member

    may be the well water

    hellraizer30 Rebel From The North

    Ph perfect isnt perfect in the sense of holding your ph rock solid! Its still going to move around.
    with ph perfect you disregard what the numers are cause the plant is able to feed at any number.

    it could be 6.9ph and your plants still think its 5.8 works very well! Just watch out for burning!
    And always go 1/2 to 3/4 strength!

    Krondizzel New Member

    Your PH will ALWAYS fluctuate. It is your job as a hydroponics specialist to make corrections as needed. There are ways to stabilize it, but I figure I will start out with the basics by telling you that you shouldn't be suprised by PH flux. It happens. Just lets you know your plants are doing their thing.

    Krondizzel New Member

    Also, listen to this guy. Hydromod knows his stuff. I learned a lot from him. I consider myself an expert but I always learn new things from reading his threads and comments.

    Doodaa Member

    Hi thanks.I have drained system down flushed again ran UC roots for 12 hrs at 5mill/gal and then put 1/2 strength AN and ph was 6.1 till 12hrs later it was 5.5 then 4 hrs after it was down to 4.5 then when I went into room a little later it was 4.1,I started using ph up but it doesn't last it starts at 5.9-6. and just drops from there.I have been growing with this water for 3 yrs and this is my second run with the UC and didn't have problems on first...:wall:

    Krondizzel New Member

    Dafaq? That would screw me all up lol

    hellraizer30 Rebel From The North

    Simple and works but my old school exp tell me to adjust lol

    FThat Member

    Give your plants more nutrients. Raise your EC/ PPM's. Give it a try and see if it works. Maybe go up another 500ppm and focus on Nitrogen.

    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    I rarely rarely see the PH dropping unless something is seriously wrong. My ph always floats up as nutrients are absorbed.

    If I were you, I would highly highly suggest you start brewing EWC tea and skip the sterile Rez routine. You may have Cyanobacteria that is causing the rot. If that is the case, your not going to get rid of it with the standard routines. H2o2, zone, etc.

    The tea works Awesome!! It really really does work wonders

    Doodaa Member

    what is EWC tea?will my local grow store have it?I am going nuts keeping PH up,the plants are feeding uing about 2-3 gal a day at 740ppm the roots all look good just a light brown i'm thinking from nutes and the plants aren't burning got some curl going on here and there nothing serious.I am almost ready to change nutes and add overdrive just hoping to get this problem solved

    hellraizer30 Rebel From The North


    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    I'm not going to get into a nutrient debate but many people have had problems with AN in the undercurrent. I would suggest you do some reading over at thcfarmer . Com. They have a VERY informative undercurrent section

    GreenThumbSucker Well-Known Member

    PH dropping like that is a sign of bad root rot. You need to look at your roots and cut off any that are slimy. You need to start treating with hydrogen peroxide before you lose your crop.

    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    You could use hydrogen peroxide but seriously just make 5 gallons of tea and dump it in there.

    4 gallons of warm water
    About 5 tbs molassis
    About 5 handfuls. Good hand fills of ancient Forrest
    A tbs of just about any mycorrhizal powder. If you want the best shit out there (and if you buy AN tarantula or whatever the fuck I will beat you down!) then go hear and buy a couple bags of the mycrogrow soluble. http://www.fungi.com/product-detail/product/mycogrow-soluble-1-oz.html

    Mix together in a bucket and throw an airstone in the botom. Come back in a day or two, take the stone out and top feed all your plants with it until all of it is used up. I'm telling you man (and at the risk of sounding arrogant, I know what the fuck I'm talking about). EWC tea is awesome. I should really post some pictures.

    I got slimed BAD. Like horror show shit. Went back to using the tea, nothing happened at first and then BOOM more root growth than I have EVER seen. We are talking entire bottom of the net pot blasting with roots. An 8"
    Net pot mind you.

    Don't fuck around, just do it. Ph dropping is a HUGE red flag

    powerslide Well-Known Member

    I got slimmed when I tried bennies and organic in my hydro. Can't have any light leaks if you try that.

    marc88101 Well-Known Member

    This is the correct answer! Root rot, or root aphids! Check for both asap! Ph drop is a bad bad sign! Good luck!

    Krondizzel New Member

    Mine too. I would always adjust.

    Krondizzel New Member

    Not true. Mine have gone through times where I had plenty of PH drop. What was it from? A lot of water that the plant was drinking. Buffering my PH down.

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