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peat moss

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by indica1088, Aug 28, 2008.


    indica1088 Active Member

    i just started growing in a basement in my home town and im not around it much. i have friends to water it but i used strictly peat moss in a recent transplant. i was using an organic/commercial medium in a 1 ltr container and ran out of root space so i moved it to a 10 ltr. pot with peat moss surrounding the root ball. i watered it off the bat since i will not be around it and my friends are going away for a few days. my questions are :

    1. will it survive in just the moss or should i mix in some soil

    2. will the moss hold the water and not dry up properly

    3 will the moss dry up completely before they return (about 72 hours)

    ps iam using a 175 w mercury vapor bulb. the plant is about 10to 12 inches from the bulb, and i watered it with one ordinary bottle of water.

    makersknob Active Member

    im no expert but from what i have learned..... they will NOT survive in just peat moss. Yes the moss will hold too much water with no soil and no the moss and any kind of soil in any medium unless too much perlite should be good for 3-4 days.

    lampshade Well-Known Member

    Its probably not the best idea but if you saturate the moss well, then it should last 72 hours. They will be receiving no or little oxygen to the roots so you run the risk of them developing root rot. Can you buy/find a water pump and set up a simple drip system? if not get a big bottle fill it up with water and make the uber tiniest pin prick hole you can. Set it in the peat an let it drip while you are gone. Im talking uber slow drip though. Lamp

    smppro Well-Known Member

    3 days, in peat, under 175 watts, you will be fine. I dont think it will need watering for three days anyways unless it was halfway through flowering or something

    needhelp Well-Known Member

    if you pour water into a container, doesn't it usually take yall like another 3-4 days to water it again?... some people do it once a week.... shoot, i've been trying to purposely mess up a plant, i don't water the bastard and it won't go away.... i'm amazed.... i had plants punk out on me over the lack of water and the one i actually want to go away, just won't... you should be fine, they like the soil to be dry also... they just don't want to go off of dry soil for a long time
    Blunts r us

    Blunts r us Member

    I am using a peat moss, Verm, and Perlite mix (50%,25%,25% ratio) for my grow and would like to pass on some very helpful info that i have worked out about this mix. It is a great mix, good water retention, good water drainage, and the roots do very well in it, but when ever peat moss is involved in a medium it is going to change the ph of the soil. So don't just test the ph of the water befoer you put it in, you also need to check the ph of the water that drains, for example my tap water is about 8 on the ph scale but when i put it through the peat moss and test the drained water it is about 6, PERFECT! This little problem has been messing with me for a long time now wanted to share this because i never see many info about PH'ing soil. Also check the ph after you add your fert because that usually drops the ph by a bit! happy growing!!!

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