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PC Grow Box Help

Discussion in 'Stealth / Micro / Cab Growing' started by Matrickz, Dec 29, 2012.


    Matrickz Member

    Im Planing on buildng a Pc grow box dimensions(H,W,L) 605MM*250MM*680MM
    4 fans:
    Planing on Growing Vanilla Kush and have room for a clone or 2
    Planing on 3-4 cfl
    i nedd help planing wattage and nutes(first grow)

    D.tea Active Member

    Well, for your bulbs you'll want 23w in a PC grow, they fit nicely. Probably only 2700k, as I assume you'll be going 12/12 to keep your plant small enough for the box?

    Have any pics? I'm waiting for seeds to pop and then I'll be doing a PC box of my own.
    Welcome to RIU! Lets see how you do!

    Matrickz Member

    Im going to LST them any nuts reccommendations?

    famlay Member

    i need some help on nuts too

    justanotherbozo Well-Known Member

    ...my first recommendation is for you to go bigger, a pc case is a very small environment and maintaining a balance will be very difficult, the smaller the environment the harder it is to achieve that balance.

    keep in mind that for probably less than $50.00 you can get yourself some kind of enclosure at your local thrift store, Salvation Army or used furniture store, ...shit, if you're clever you'll find something on the side of the road on trash day, lol.

    anyway, if you insist on the pc grow i'd recommend either LED's if you can afford them or PL-Ls if you can't.

    ...here's a couple ideas for a space so you can see there are MANY options, the first 2 shots show the 'high-pod' and the lights down the sides of the trashcan are PL-Ls, the next 2 are of my clonebox and while you can't see the lights very well, they are PL-Ls, the next 2 are of my motherbox and that is powered by a T5HO fixture, the last 2 and the one that is an attachment are also of my clonebox and should give you a clearer idea of what PL-Ls look like and what they ARE are a form of remote ballasted CFL and they come in several wattages, the higher the wattage, the longer the bulb, physically, ...they also come in a variety of Kelvin temps so you have a lot of flexibility with the spectrum of light you deliver.

    44441machine4_Large_.JPG highpod1_.JPG DSCI0028.jpg DSCI0036.jpg

    DSCI1084smll.jpg DSCI2406.jpg DSCI1918.jpg

    and for nutes i'd recommend MaxiBloom and here is a link that explains in detail how it is used and you will find many examples of the results within this thread and the threads of those who post in it.

    *The K.I.S.S. Method*

    hope this helps, bozo

    shit, they moved one of the motherbox shots to an attachment.

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    Matrickz Member

    I live in Israel so i might be difficult to purchase some things here but i saw
    the biobizz nutes any comments on them?
    about size, my only option is pc case but im still kinda looking for the
    biggest one i can find compared to price

    moarpheus Member

    I have successfully grown in a 16" tall x 16" long x 8.5" wide PC case using one intake 92mm fan and two exhaust 92mm fans and 69w (23w x 3) of CFL. What you're telling me is your case is roughly 24" tall x 10" wide x 27" long, with fans probably moving twice as much air. I was only able to grow one in my case, but you should have plenty room for two. It seems you have an optimal environment for some serious micro growing to be done, that is, if you're serious about micro growing in the first place. If you have the money, I would suggest investing in an LED panel with switchable spectrums (veg/flower) to replace the costly and relatively inefficient CFL lighting methods. Most panels are less than 10" wide and 20" long, with a 3" height. Considering the low thermal image LEDs put out along with the small height, LEDs will allow plants to grow right up to the lights, which was not possible in my CFL grow. If I could get my hands on a bigger case I would most certainly replace my currently existing CFL setup with an LED panel in a heartbeat! But if you don't have the money, your case should be able to maintain 100w of CFL. My 2 cents!

    moarpheus Member

    Nutes aren't really a huge issue ! Your plant will grow without them, but to assure the highest quality/yield, you should use organic based nutes (preferably marine based). I used all organic fish emulsion & bat guano in veg, and Dr Earth kelp based budding mix in flowering. I failed to use molasses but most recommend to use that too in conjunction with your scheduled waterings. The result is better than any local dealer can provide! GreenHouse is a reputable seed manufacturer though, great genetics! You should have a good smoke no matter what.

    Matrickz Member

    Ive been looking into DIY led panels but i didnt see anything yet about swichable spectrumes... will look into it

    Is BioBizz a company u are familiar with? can u suggest witch of thier products to use?

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