passing a drug test with somone elses urine

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    ok i need an answer iv come up with a solution on how to pass a drug test easyer than drinking water
    if i have somone piss in a small bottle and squirt out the piss into the cup ill pass right? but i have to keep it warm so can i have him piss in it like 30 min from the test and keep the bottle in between my legs and under my balls to keep it warm?

    and i tryed it with water and it sounds like im pissing so just give me tips on keeping it warm please

    chiefthief Active Member

    It works like a charm. I work for the govt, and have used this trick many times. One of the things they will check for is that the temperature of it matches what it should be ~98 degrees F.

    What i did was keep a bottle warming mat bought at target/walmart, plugged into my car. When i get to the test places, i pull the bottle out attach it to rehab rubber bands or anything you may have on hand. Walk in, and 9 times out of 10, they have not followed me in.

    1 time they tried to, but i asked for privacy so they stood right outside the door.

    Still passed easy peasy.

    HOWEVER, for the future. If you have to go to the same testing place for whatever reason, they WILL test your most current against info they have, so use the same person again otherwise ur F'ed.

    smppro Well-Known Member

    Thats the way i do it, just tape it to my leg and it stays at the perfect temp. Least stressful way in my opinion.

    Maybetomorrow Well-Known Member

    A condom( non-spermicide non-lube) and 2 hand warmers. Less ridged then a bottle. Also it keeps better temps then plastic. Works like a charm.

    chiefthief Active Member

    LOL. I had tested the condom idea, and found it had a possibility of leaking.

    He is correct tho, the bottle is a bit tougher to keep warm, thats why i use the baby bottle heater that plugs into yer car.

    A bottle wont leak if you dont put the nippled top on.
    Krayven Sumhead

    Krayven Sumhead Well-Known Member

    My probation officer practically wanted to hold my cock while I pissed. I accused him of enjoying it. Then I had to piss test 6 more times.
    Dr Greene

    Dr Greene Well-Known Member

    if you live in a place where it is warm, just put it on your car dashboard while ur car is sitting in the sun. worked for me many times.

    Or, you can just turn the heater on in your car and put the bottle right on top of it.

    Kingb420 Well-Known Member

    i bought a kit on ebay shipped for $25 just incase of a work accident, synthetic urine in a sealed bag with a temp strip on it ans a hand warmer, as easy as it gets, DO NOT FUCK AROUND with hoping the magical drink shit works, cause it doesnt

    i passed a job test (strip)with cheeches drink , my g-friend failed a gov probation test (gas-test) those odds are not good to me

    Montykoolaid Well-Known Member


    Maintains perfect temperature for 4 hours, reusable, uses batteries, comes with one sample of synthetic urine but you can buy more.

    Did I mention you strap it to your leg and it has a tube that comes out of your fly for easy pouring? No muss, no fuss, as easy as it gets.


    Maybetomorrow Well-Known Member

    It can leak but rubber bands fixed that problem. I have a friend that has to test once a week. He is a 6+ year 4 or 5 blunts a day and he just drinks Gatorade. The coloring in Gatorade make sure you are not pissing clear. He drinks 3 32 oz Gatorade's starting an 2 hour before he goes. Jugs them then start to piss his mind away. He keeps drinking until he gets there. He grabs the sample mid urine and he passes every time ( I smoked with him on the way to test, walked in, walked out and he's like pass. I have tried his meathod and it does work but leaves me sick as hell and water logged. Gave a neagtive reading not a slight hint of a postive at all. But only try this at your own risk, I will not pay you 300% money back lol

    g33k Active Member

    i have passed drug tests using other peoples piss twice. i bought a travel shampoo, emptied the bottle, boiled it in water to clean away any chemicals left by the shampoo. then, as close as you can get the test, get someone to give a "speciman". i was on the water polo team in college, so i just wore a speedo under my clothes and had the bottle tucked right under my balls. the first time i did it, i was alone in the bathroom, so no big deal. the second time, i was observed from behind, but since i placed it so close to my "unit", i just had to quickly move my sac to the side, open the bottle and pour. i did this simultaneously while i peed in the toilet to make some distracting noise. it all went beautifully. good luck

    smppro Well-Known Member

    The plastic bottle stayed at the right temp for me, 99 cent in the little travel section at the store, has a squirt top and everything.

    Camy91 New Member

    Maybe just get some fake pee kit instead? Should include a heater and thermometer so you get temp right. But when I read THCCleans guide on synthetic urine I got a little worried about getting caught.. You may want to read this<--link>..

    bravedave Well-Known Member

    I used some of my wifes stretchy but very firm panties. I could stick the bottle in back of my balls and literally jump around. I had a 20 minute drive to the test in a hot car and probably an hour of it heating total. Worked great!!! I practiced the removal and pour at home.

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    Welcome to RIU.
    The thread you just responded to is 6 years old.
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    Gary Goodson Well-Known Member

    What's up with that lately?

    stnr420 Active Member

    I just did this 2 days ago. Get urself some adhesive toe warmers from amazon and an adhesive temp strip to check temp

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