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palringo chat room mobile or at home answers on the run.

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by dtack, Mar 11, 2011.


will you join?

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    dtack Active Member

    Ok so I just setup a palringo chat room for riu.

    Download palringo (available for android, Iphone, and computer)
    Sign up. Takes less then 5 min.
    Click groups
    Click join group
    Type in Roll it up
    At this point you will have instant answers to urgent questions, other 420 lovers to talk to about anything, and a generally specific group of people with the same ideas and hobbies. All can join. Share pics and videos, get and give advice any time, talk about your recent grow or bag. Join up.

    Note: this chat room is not supported by the rollitup.org admin in anyway, nor is it legally affiliated with the website. I started this chat room and will be submitting it to the admin shortly.

    dtack Active Member

    It's a great tool. You can also log into any other instant messenger through palringo as well. It's secure so don't worry no one can hack you through palringo.

    dtack Active Member

    Actually its easier to track through this website then anything. You know every time you log in you ip addy is logged. Give me your ip address I can tell you your address.
  4. you will find my ip goes to Traverse City where it is bundled through Charter.
    or just look me up thru LEIN when you are in your car.

    dtack Active Member

    Then like me you know how to reroute your ip. In general its easier to track through here then palringo, or yahoo, MSN, Skype, any of it.

    dtack Active Member

    You really think I'm a cop? I try to make this website better with an additional feature and you call me a pig. man fuck you.

    zoomcrzy45 Member

    If 50 wants to arrest and da to convict an under 40, Lupus Nephritis, final stages of kidney failure, growing 1-4 plants to tolerate the multitude of medications used to keep me alive, knock your fuckin selves out. They can tri me in court, I'll tri them in the news/public. Good luck with that

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    why would you start it first, then say you will speak to admin about it later?

    i should just delete this and ban you.

    thread closed.
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