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Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by psyfiend, Feb 5, 2007.


    psyfiend Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering about other people's experiences with overwatering
    Marijuana as it seems to be a common problem with new growers.

    Do plants recover?
    Will the final yield be affected if the plant has suffered earlier in it's life?
    Will growth resume at a normal rate after prolonged overwatering?
    What's the best course of action if overwatering occurs?

    Of course, anyone else's question are welcome.


    videoman40 Well-Known Member

    Its easy to over water, yes plants do recover. Is it affected? any and all mistakes take its toll in some form, however small it may be. All mistakes affect the outcome. Best course of action is to stop watering the plant,and wait.

    psyfiend Well-Known Member


    farmer.joe Well-Known Member

    hey there,
    maybe some magnesium deficiency on some of them and some nitrogen deficency on some too, doesnt look much like overwatering check out the post problems and cures. you will find fotos there that will most probibaly help and how to make it better.

    psyfiend Well-Known Member

    Thanks farmer,

    I think I'll water again now as the soil is dry. Don't think fertilising is a good idea yet as I've transplanted into Allmix, which is already fertilised.

    Is it possible to get deficiencies so early in such a fertile soil?

    ILoveUMaryJane Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't add nutes if your soil's enriched - I did and got nute burns! Only water when the soil's dry (actually DRY) about 2 inches down. That seems to be working for me anyway. Also make sure there's adequate drainage so they're not sitting in stagnant water. Give some more details and you'll get more help!
    Having looked at your pics, it actually looks similar to a prob I had. I wasn't sure if I was over watering, but I took measures as if I was and also as if I was overfertilising - seems to have stopped
    Good luck

    Wavels Well-Known Member

    If you use a soil mix, IMO you should try to wait as long as possible to water plants, and I mean just as they are beginning to droop a little from dry soil, that's when I water(feed)...IMO, you are better off letting plants dry out completely until watering...the plants like it!
    I read so many posts detailing daily or every other day watering.... Big mistake! If using soil with decent aeration (enough perlite) the plants will thrive under wet/dry cycle.
    I don’t like to use soil mixes with time release ferts, as I like to feed them myself when needed…

    When watering the containers make sure you get lots of run-off water pouring out of all openings on bottom....

    VictorVIcious Well-Known Member

    Are you flushing them or watering them?

    Wavels Well-Known Member

    When I water I want to make sure I don't leave any dry-pockets, so I like to see the water come out of the holes in bottom, making certain all areas of soil mix are saturated...I usually feed with each watering also...

    psyfiend Well-Known Member

    Hey, Thanks for all the response guys.

    Victor, I'm just watering. I'm using quite well aerated soil with some hydroton at the bottom to help drainage and I haven't watered for 4 days after presuming overwatering and transplanting to 3 gallon pots of Allmix. Before this, I'd been watering daily because I'd noticed some drooping which i presumed was because they needed more water being in only 1 gallon pots at the time. I fed also only 3 days apart with 25% 'cannabis' nutrients (I guess also a mistake). So I'm guessing I have a combination of overwatering and overfeeding. My plants are still on 24/0 photoperiod.

    Mary Jane, you say you had a similar situation. Did your growth appear to stop altogether? Mine has. So you think they will start growing again at all? How long does this take, I've been looking everyday now for 4 days and there's no change in plant size. Starting to wonder if I should save the power and stop the grow.

    The yellowing and dying leaf appearance seems to have stopped moving upwards and hasn't affected and secondary branching leaves, these seem really green but thin and not growing.

    It's been 4 days since I presumed overwatering and the soil is pretty much bone dry now. Is it time to water?

    I guess noobies just get a little overexcited and presume 'a little more water or nutrients can't do harm'

    Peace out, Psyfiend.

    farmer.joe Well-Known Member

    hey there
    I think they will be fine its not yet a life/death mater i was told its just a weed it will survive., varying degrees of perfectness but still. nature takes its course if you dont fuck with it too much.
    if you o.d with nutes dont worry flush it out with water and leave a week maybe just water as and when needed dont stick to a watering scedual as it might drink less water on a colder day or something.
    my plants didnt really need nutes till just before flowering although i gave it some and stopped and more and stopped, if you think something is wrong stop for a few days then carry on with care. also when you repot for the last time remember the new soil also has more nutes so lay off a week or two maybe start again diluted.(note} not time release feed you cant controll it)

    bigbudeddie Well-Known Member

    I have never overwatered. I dont seem to understand if you have correct drainage and your grow medium is of good quality why would there ever be such an issue?

    psyfiend Well-Known Member

    Hey big bud,

    I guess you can get into a habit of watering too often then signs of wilting may appear. I read that in some circumstances plants need daily watering. You can attribute the drooping to being thirsty and bam; you've overwatered.

    I've taken cuttings from my suffering plants two from each; a branch and a growing tip.

    Also I got some more skunk #1 seeds incase they don't root and I'm back to square 1.

    My propagator conditions are 25.5c and 99%humidity with vents fully closed. I assume this is fine for now but to open them a little in a few days and mist every few days.

    Peace! Psyfiend

    ofyork Member

    I believe I am in the same boat. Did your plants recover?

    OldManPot New Member

    water schedual pretty much depends on your size and choice of containers.of course, smaller containers always will dry out faster than larger containers. i always use and recommend at least a 5 gallon pot ( i use 5 gallon buckets. you can buy them very cheap at any walmart store in their paint department. the lids work for saucers under the "pots".

    drill multiple drainage holes in the bottom ( the walmart buckets aleady have indents in the bottom that are perfect placement for drain holes...go figure..lol), and fill with your usual soil mix. your plants will thrive, and your watering times will be cut down. as mentioned before, water when the soil gets dry ( not BONE dry, but not wet either) down to around 2-3 inches, and youll be fine.

    if your using enriched soil (I.E. miracle grow or something similar) dont add any nutes for the first month to 6 weeks. they say that soil fertilizes for up to 3 months, but in my experience, its usually time to add some nutes after about 30 days.

    riddleme Well-Known Member

    It's all about transpiration, the plants job when it comes to mother nature
    if your garden is set up properly and you water to get plenty of run off the plant will transpire faster which means you will water more often and this is exactly what you want to happen as it is ideal for the plant and good growth

    overwatering happens because most new growers do not understand this part of things and either water out of emotion (caring to much) or follow a schedule (big mistake) the plant will tell you if you learn how to read em :bigjoint:

    roadkingrich Member

    I planted outside in my garden and we got pounded with rain a week later that lasted for a week. The garden is finally drying out, but today my girls are wilted. It's June 1 tomorrow and they're 2.5 feet tall right now. I hope they recover in the next day or 2. I'm really worried.

    Finshaggy Well-Known Member

    I know this is an old thread, but there is no reason to let a thread that can help a bunch of people go to waste. I have personally had tons of people ask me about Overwatering, so I KNOW it's a problem... And sometimes it's a problem that goes unnoticed, which means people usually water MORE to try to fix it (when they aren't sure what's wrong) and this causes fungus and other problems like root rot. So look for signs of overwatering, here's my experience: [video=youtube;5AypYXJ0cKg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AypYXJ0cKg[/video]

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