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Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by bgold420, May 17, 2010.


    bgold420 Active Member

    Ok so I am in my first grow(soil) and I realized that the first 2 times i fed my plants I over watered ... my plants are looking healthy and i fed a 3rd time on wednesday (4 days) ago I normally use my finger to tell if the medium is dry or not but i used a hydrometer to check it ... its 4 days later and the soil is still wet ...

    What should i do ? its clearly time to feed again but the soil is still wet ... should i just wait it out until the soil dries a bit more ... ?

    Is it possible to re pot the plants in dry soil ?

    the plants are in 1 gallon pots , first feeding was about 600 ml 2nd feeding was about 500 ml third feeding was about 250ml .... 250 seems to be the right amount of water...

    should i feed again today or wait ?

    Also i noticed the fan leaves are curling up , not dieing but are U shaped almost like they are reaching for light .... has this ever happend to any one ... other that this , plants are looking heathy and showing alot of growth ...

    LorDeMO Active Member

    Wait until the soil is dry - curling up as in cupping? if so then that's heat stress
    robert 14617

    robert 14617 Well-Known Member

    JoNny Pot sMokeR

    JoNny Pot sMokeR Active Member

    Slow down bro, if the soil is damp at all dont water you will rot your roots, stick your finger in to the second knuckle if you feel moisture dont water. you soil should be dry dry dry before you water agian. your leaves are curlin up like the edges or the tips. if its the edges you my have high temps if its the tips pointing toward the light thats normal. as long as your stems arent long and stretchy then you are getting good light.

    CLOSETGROWTH Well-Known Member

    Wait until the soil dries out, and then water or fert.

    Normally in soil grows you fert after the third water..

    But, I know some organic manufacturers want you to do it weekly.

    Make sure your room temps are past 70 degrees,..

    Good luck.

    bgold420 Active Member

    Hey guys , thanks for your help ... my room temp is always between 72-80 normally always around 75 degrees ... humidity is around 40%

    the sides of the blades are slighty curled up ....i have a 1000watt MH on em about 8 inches from the top ... but its air cooled and it might be alil warm but not hot by any means .... ill raise the light a bit tonight ...

    So its ok not to water ...? if the soil is wet ? im just affraid the plants arent going to get the nutes they need....

    KlosetKing Well-Known Member

    i wont give you a guarentee, cuz i went though a similar issue recently. but, if you find that it isnt a water or heat issue (sounds like your RH is fine), there is a small chance it can be either a pH issue, either in your water or soil, or it just MIGHT be a Mag Deficiency, causing the curling (also known as Praying for Mag). just throwin it out there.

    bgold420 Active Member

    water ph is 6.1
    soil ph is btw 6-7

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