Organic better flavor?

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    crispypb840 Active Member

    Another well thought point. Thanks. I also like how organic compost tea's can prevent disease and pests to help the plant naturally grow healthier.

    crispypb840 Active Member

    Maybe he grows organic because he has been around long enough to know it does have something to do w/ it. Just a wild guess. I don't mean to be a dick but you kind of contradicted your point.

    qroox Well-Known Member

    Both produce healthy plants. Organics are to be dissolved and chems to be absorbed immediatly. Do you "flush" as well?

    crispypb840 Active Member

    Yes, normally I use technaflora nutrients so I flush about a week before harvest. This time I don't think I will need to from what I hear. I'm still debating it.

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    Theres always going to be debate against synthetic and natural, but i'll stick with sythentic 9 times out of 10. Its easier especially in smaller spaces and less stinky. My taste buds aren't nearly that good to tell the difference in taste between fire organic and hydro. Not like the taste matters all that much anyway its not like im fuckin eating it. It is cool to say your weed is organic though, it definitely makes it have more sell appeal.

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    Does anyone ever see a trend between where people live/are from, and what they think works - as far as growing good tasting weed?

    How come it always seems 'most' the people preaching good grow methods, organics, proper light sprectrums, harvesting & curing correctly, etc, etc, etc - are always from an area known for having great buds?

    sorry, but I think some people's opinions are just fucking worthless. IMO, hahaha - yeah, i know.

    Orlandocb Active Member

    Nope, and i've been around pot forums for years. Just because one good grower lives in a city doesn't mean theres no shitty ones, what kind of logic is that? infact theres probably 3 shitty growers for every good one, no matter where the fuck you live.

    Maybe 20 years ago, but this is the internet. Theres no space or time to slow you down, everybody has the same information potential as everybody else

    dubcoastOGs New Member

    that makes sense. But perhaps you misunderstood what I was saying a bit.

    SpicySativa Well-Known Member

    When your nutrients are already IN the soil (stuck to cation and anion exchange sites), flushing doesn't do much at all. Yes, you will leach out some of the more soil-mobile compounds like nitrate, but overall, you aren't doing much at all... In healthy soil, the plant is in control of it's nutrient supply and uptake, not the grower. When the plant needs nutrition, it releases H+ and/or OH- ions into the soil solution from it's root tips. These ions released by the roots then "bump" the appropriate nutrient ion off of it's cation or anion exchange site so that it can be taken up by the plant.

    This is how plants grow in nature. When you bombard the soil with conventional fertilizer, the salts will eventually build up as water evaporates leaving the salt residue behind. In this situation, flushing can be helpful. In organic gardening, these salt residues never form in the first place.

    You will find that with organics, the plant will fade to "fall colors" as it nears peak maturity. This isn't because the soil is "depleted", it's because the plant does not need as much nutrition so it is releasing fewer H+ and OH- ions.

    foreverflyhi Well-Known Member

    Well said!!!

    plaguedog Active Member

    Just a small sample size here, but I had a 5 of my friends sample the same plant strain, cured for the same time. One was grown with "non-organic" salts, the other was grown with organically amended soil.

    2 liked the non organic better, 2 liked the soil mix plants, 1 couldn't tell the difference.

    Take it for what it's worth....

    Trousers Well-Known Member

    I just like to be able to look down my nose and say, "It's orgaaanic, Brah."

    SpicySativa Well-Known Member

    Dude, brah... It's that organic OG shit, mang! Funny shit...

    For me, it just makes sense to grow organically. You can debate the quality/flavor thing until you're blue in the face, but I feel the reasons to grow organically go WAY beyond that.

    Every day, we are given many opportunities to vote with our wallets. We vote on whether mega-corporations like Monsanto continue to dominate our food supply. We vote on whether thousands and thousands of plastic bottles end up in landfills (or floating in the giant plastic island in the Pacific Ocean). We vote on whether our food is produced using byproducts of the petrochemical industry or by age-old, sustainable organic practices.

    It's simple supply and demand. If we stop buying overpriced bottles of oil industry byproducts, the companies producing them will be forced to reconsider.

    Here's a link to a quick lecture by Elaine Ingham. Check it out if this kind of thing is important to you.

    Bugeye Well-Known Member

    Hey Spicy, I love what you have to say!

    This past season I added organic teas to my grow and with 2 weeks until harvest I still had shiny dark green leaves. Figured they would smoke lousy. Sure enough they faded as if on cue to those beautiful fall tones and they smoked like a dream. Your earlier post in this thread really connected with me having had this experience and not really understanding it at the time.

    ThaProdiG Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of being able to eat most of the things i put in my soil and feed.... the fact that the stuff in the bottles seems likes it poisonous to humans to consume is enough for me really... i have seen quite a difference actually and u usually can when u see an organically farmed plant vs a chem'd plant.. one looks more unique most times.. i only say this cause me and my buddy used to look at posts upon posts of harvests and grows n sht and we always see a plant like "Damn!, wtf is that" and its usually organic// not to mention i think that the issues with the cure and flushing is real as well.. sure the chem bud is goinng to taste n prob burn fine but.. its a lot more effort to do so than the organic bud... dnt get me wrong... its like tuner vs muscle cars.. tuners can b sweet if they are suped up but muscle cars are naturally faster...<automatic vs stick shift.>

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    My 6 speed automatic with a nifty extra clutch.. shifts faster than manual
    So suck it, you old geezer of a metaphor

    foreverflyhi Well-Known Member

    ... We talking about organics or cars?

    illegalscheaplabor New Member

    I know a guy who brags about his organic BHO rofl

    lilroach Well-Known Member

    I didn't even bother reading all the replies.

    I grew some weed in Miracle wife....the tree hugging vegetarian, always buying organic this or that was my test subject.

    She knows I've grown organically in the I rolled two joints and had her take hits of each. I asked her which one was the organic, and which was grown in MG? She said that one definitely could tell the difference....smoother....better tasting.

    The thing is....both were joints grown in MG.

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