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Orchid potting pellets

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by scooby doo, Jan 13, 2007.

    scooby doo

    scooby doo Active Member

    Hi all, just been watching the grow video in the Newbie Central forum. ive just hear him mention Orchid potting pellets these pellets are use with rock wool am i correct in saying this , how much money they are and were i can get them in the uk or anywere on the net (trusted sites only please) obversley ive looked but not to sure
    Nelson Mutz

    Nelson Mutz Well-Known Member

    Lots of auctions on eBay for them. Google "garden shops UK [your city/area]", and I'm sure you'll get some "hits"...

    TokinSmoke Active Member

    I saw these pellets at Walmsrt today complete with greenhouse set up etc etc. Anyone know if these will work well with clones??

    420penguin Well-Known Member

    I use hydroton. Look just like the potting pellets from I Grow Chronic plus my local hydro shop recommends them.

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