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One man and his bush - 1 plant SCROG in Stealth Cab - Chocolate Berry

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by lilindian, Aug 21, 2011.


    lilindian Well-Known Member

    Back once again with more blueberry genetics:

    Type: Mostly sativa
    Flowering time: 10-11 weeks
    Harvest: up to 600 gram/m2(indoor)
    Taste: powerful kush/berry
    Effect: Balanced combie from stoned and high
    Flowers: sativa dominant like buds
    THC: Percentage up to 20%
    Bred by Eskobar

    The first Female F1 hybrid is ready. A selected Cocoa Kush female clone was pollinated with FM True Blueberry pollen.

    This true female sativa F1 hybrid is developed with a innovative new method. Chocolate Berry is a easy growing octopus branched sativa like plant that flowers around 11 weeks. Like many of eskobars crosses/projekts, these plants like a low nute regime.

    Chocolate Berry can be growed in SOG but with sativa dominant hybrids like this she wont mind if you put here in SCROG, she is easy to handle.

    A must have for taste fanatics.


    Grow info:

    Pot: Germinated Seed was stuck in an airpot, then transplanted into a 25L bucket with holes drilled in the bottom and lined with pebbles for drainage after a couple weeks. Looking for a nice biiig root system.

    Soil: Canna Bio Terra Plus

    Nutes: Full Organic Canna line up, HESI's SuperVit (just like superthrive), Muscovado and Grandma's Mollasses.

    Lighting: Started off under a T5, now under 400W MH and will be put under a 400W HPS come flowering.

    Never done a proper SCROG before so this one's gona be a bit of an experiment. I don't plan to top or FIM or anything, instead i want to grow the main stalk horizontal in some crazy shape, twisting its way across the screen.

    At first i plan to use one screen underneath the canopy that the plant has grown through, and tie all the shoots/main stalk to this. Then when switching to flowering i'll add another screen on top and hopefully can train the stretch through the screen to get all the holes filled up and what not.

    No idea if this will work but nothing ventured nothing gained! So far so good anyway, plant it growing well, and has bounced back from her transplant.

    (1 Week)


    (3ish Weeks)




    (4ish weeks)




    More k'nex for all u fans

    If anyone wants to chime in feel free.
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    lilindian Well-Known Member

    • Only being watered once a week. Had only one 1/4 strength feeding of rhizo and the other one, and was fed plain water a couple days ago. Next feeding will be half strength.

    • Either there's a fly in the cab eating my leaves or the plant isn't tooo happy for some reason. Got quite a few small holes and a few shrivelled leaves.

    • Big fan leaves are getting tucked in to allow branching sites more light.

    • The other plant my nan gave me to grow for her. Have no idea how she's gona react to the veg nutes i've been feeding her, but i transplanted her the other day into an air pot and she's on a strict 18/6 schedule, so lets hope she hangs in there! The plant is called Polianthes Tuberosa, meant to smell insaaane when flowering.



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    mears220 Well-Known Member

    k'nex lol i love it looking good mate:eyesmoke:

    Hoenhiem Active Member

    interesting screen you have there. im not a scrog guy but i thought the plant was supposed to grow into the screen. why put it so low? just asking for info's sake.

    lilindian Well-Known Member

    Cheers, lets hope this works!

    I'm experimenting here with a weird idea i came up with which i havn't really given much thought. I'm trying to train her through 2 screens. The first screen is the one ive got in place now, and i'm gona use it to get the general shape of the scrog. I'm tying the plant down to it, instead of tucking under like you normally would. Once thats filled i'll train the vertical branches to grow through a second screen 1-2ft above so i can get the whole canopy even and full during the stretch. Prune throughout. Probably should've left a gap between the top of the bucket and the screen for watering and air, but hopefully by the end of the stretch/prune there should be a decent amount of space between the canopy and the bucket to make life easier.

    I just want a crazy looking plant at the end of this with mad branching.

    Greenfisky Member

    That's an interesting scrog setup..i'm anxious to see how it ends up, subbed

    lee6 Well-Known Member

    lol i had to laugh at the fact you used k-nex , shame the plant is wob sided tho :/

    lilindian Well-Known Member


    Worked a treat as a drying rack too, check the end of the grow in my sig. I'm jus using whatever i got lyin around. K'nex makes it easy to adjust the screen, take it apart, add to ect, lost to tie too as well. Wont be a shame come flowering if all goes to plan!

    lilindian Well-Known Member

    • Did a decent trim on wednesday before watering on thursday. They were given half strength Rhizo and Vega + some SuperVit. Hopefully she'll take off a little this week. All big fan leaves are being tucked under the screen to allow new branching sites more light.

    • Damage to leaves is definitely due to flies coming in through the intake, added a few sticky traps around.

    • I've decided to flower this under a 600W, and will be upgrading my ballast soon! Will get a digital one which allows me to switch between 400W (summer use) and 600W (winter use).

    • I'm hopin to get her to roughly twice this size before i stick her into flower, but i might be forced to switch to 12/12 at the end of the month. Depends which comes first.



    OGPanda Active Member

    wow.... looks real nice. where did you get the seeds from? Sub'ed.

    crazytrain14 Well-Known Member

    Damn dude that's awesome what does the outside of the can look like ?

    lilindian Well-Known Member

    Seeds are from Sannies, do a quick google, should find em.

    Outside looks a lil sumthin like this:



    My room's pretty brown so it fits right in, tucks nicely into the alcove so its flush with the wall. Doesn't exactly look like ur ordinary bedroom furniture... then again it doesn't look like what it actually is either.... so its all good!

    theinhibitor Well-Known Member

    In college, I had a grow tent taking up about half the room (cause it was small), and, on top of this, my gf was living with me cause of financial problems haha! So here we were, crammed into this tiny room, grow stuff on top of the cabinet, 400w MH causing the room temps to rise to 80 and inside the tent it was a good 90 throughout flowering. I never used the HPS from the fear that it would burn us down.
    We never had anyone in the room, but once, a friend of my gf came over. I desperately tried to cover it up, but the light was on, and I knew that if I covered up the holes, it would undoubtedly kill the plants, maybe start a fire. So this guy walks in, takes a look at the grow tent with its neon green strips around the edges, and says, "Wow nice, is that a traveling cabinet?" My gf goes "Yeah, had to put my clothes somewhere" But of course, he sees the light, and i srsly thought, oh shit here we go, but he mustve been either retarded to drunk because he goes "Wow its got a light in it? Sweet".
    Moral of the story is: dont ever underestimate the stupidity of others hahaha! Oh, and dont grow in your dorm room :)

    lilindian Well-Known Member

    Haha, ive been there, sort of. When i first built this cab, extraction was poor and temps were reaching 35C+ so i used to leave the doors open which turned my room into an oven, a really really bright one, so sleeping was always a challenge. I was also HUGELY paro about causing a fire.

    As for the whole traveling tent thing, i reckon i might just be able to top that for sheer stupidity. One person i showed the INSIDE of my cab to.... thought it was a .... wait for it...... a TANNING BOOTH..... come on....

    crazytrain14 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for posting the pics I will be building a stealth dresser in a fee months, might look at your ventilation for ideas. What are your temps like and do you have a carbon filter?

    lilindian Well-Known Member

    No worries, and good luck! More hassle than buyin a tent but stealthy set-ups are worth the effort. Originally i had a cheap reflector, a bathroom extractor and 2 desk fans. This wasn't working and now i have an air cooled hood, a 5" RVK for extraction, a 5" inline to blow air over the bulb, a silencer, and no carbon filter (don't need one). I've also got 2 intake fans, one's a 4" inline fan, and the other is a big computer fan. And.... 2 6" fans for circulation. Lots of air movement. Temps at canopy level are 22C lights off and 27C lights on, average. All ducting outside the cab is acoustic and the RVK is insulated to make it silent. In fact the whole cabinet is heavily insulated so it pretty much runs silently.

    crazytrain14 Well-Known Member

    awesome. i will be building a 3 drawer dresser with a cooltubed 150hps in it. my last one plant really stunk up the house so carbon filter is a must for me. ill keep ya posted when i build it
    313 Kronix

    313 Kronix Active Member

    lol Ok dude, first you got me laughing at the whole "One man and his bush" thing then I see your using K'Nex as your SCroG. You're a funny mofo bro. But on the real, nice hidden tent you got there. And I am pretty interested in your dual SCroG idea. Subbed. She is looking pretty damn good so far, good luck with the rest of her grow. I know I'll be watching this one play out for sure.

    lilindian Well-Known Member

    Sounds good, 3 drawer dresser sounds about the same size as my Veg/Drying Cab. Got a T5 in there, perfect cos i aint got much height to play with/wana keep costs low. Anyway yeh keep me updated with the build, post a link if ur making a thread for pictures/ideas ect.

    Thanks maaaan, this dual scrog idea could work but it's a lot of work! Having to tie down branches and tuck growing leaves on a daily basis, lookin to get a really dense scrog going on though. Filling this screen is hard, trying to plan out how branches will grow and which direction they need to be tied in ect. Then you've got new branches growing everywhere.... this better work! Training her through the next screen is gona be a challenge and a half i reckon.

    mike91sr Well-Known Member

    Excited to see what happens. Subb'd

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