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    Hi all

    My 2 week old cutting seems to have stopped growing it's only a foot tall & seems to be flowering already??? its been on 12/12 under a 600w light using the feeds pictured,1st week 30 ml bloom,2nd week 40 ml bloom 10 ml boost.i gave it 5ml of some liquid oxygen stuff my pal gave me about a week & a half in but that turned a few leaves crispy & brown so i flushed it's also looking a little pale now.
    my friends got a 3 week old cutting growing from the same motherplant & its 3 foot tall & looking healthy. .

    so..any ideas whats up with it ? Damn thing looks like a bonsi tree :mrgreen:

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    Hairy Bob

    Hairy Bob Well-Known Member

    The plant is flowering because your giving it 12/12 light/dark, which promotes flowering as it simulates the shorter days of autumn, so the plant produces flowers to reproduce before winter sets in and kills it. For vegetative growth you need either 18/6 or just 24 hours of light. There's some debate over whether plants actually need the dark period during their vegetative cycle, but they do need 18+ hours of light a day to keep 'em believing its summer.
    Also you say you are using bloom nutes. They are for flowering plants and contain less nitrogen, which might explain the stunted growth.
    Check out the GROWFAQ, that should point you in the right direction.

    Sears&Roebuck Active Member

    it looks root bound, try putting it in a bigger pot

    d4rksid3 Active Member

    Ok thank for the info hairy bob ill have a look at the GROWFAQ

    @ Sears&Roebuck it's in a hydro deck not a pot.

    ill post a pic when it's ready to chop & let y'all know how it went.

    d4rksid3 Active Member

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    juststartin Well-Known Member

    very nice indeed!

    camaro630hp Well-Known Member


    iamthatguy Well-Known Member

    Nice! I wouldn't complain!
    Hairy Bob

    Hairy Bob Well-Known Member

    Those are some quality buds you got there! Make sure you dry and cure it properly, it's hard to wait for it but it makes for a much better smoke. Got your next crop started yet?

    d4rksid3 Active Member

    No not yet bob.Got 4 cuttings coming at the weekend though :)

    matthew1 Member

    ya you cant be disappointed with that! next time give it more space and really watch it get big. Remember with the 18 hr lighting it will eat up a lot more nutes and water so feed them more the the 12 hr light schedule

    cbtwohundread Well-Known Member

    Ure dissopointed?lol lovely buds,ke3p up the go0d work accidental work

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