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OmegaGarden's VolksGarden rotary garden round 2

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by maximusbudicus, Jan 13, 2009.

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    maximusbudicus Well-Known Member

    thought i would start a new thread with the second round.

    these are at the end of week one of flowering cycle and 5 days of veg.

    will have more details later must still make a living
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    panhead Well-Known Member

    Im suprised this thread hasnt sparked buko interest.


    Eharmony420 Well-Known Member

    awesome! reps, you mus tbe a happy man at work. I beam all day over my 3 plants in flower on my Botanicare table. Botanicare i chant as I walk around. If I had your garden, lol.

    Cheshireplant Well-Known Member

    what strain this time?

    maximusbudicus Well-Known Member

    the strain I am running is Blackberry Kush. It is a 7 week indica
    strain that has a strong berry flavor, lots of chrystals, and is
    the lowest yielder I have ever seen! Even lower than OG. Sigh. I
    only ran her because it was the one mom I had that was big enough
    to spit out enough clones. 60 this time

    proheto8008 Well-Known Member

    Yes, what strain are you growing. Im gonna be starting a volksgarden grow soon and im trying to find an ideal strain.

    Were counting on you to keep a decent journal with pics man. There are alot of people out there who NEED to see that this thing isnt just hype.

    maximusbudicus Well-Known Member

    I am using Botanicare's CNS (commercial nutrient system) 17 veg formula and their flower formula as well. I used to use all Canna nutrients but they are insanely expensive and weren't what I was looking for. I felt that the Canna food emphasized red hair growth and taste. Two things I don't care about very much. The CNS 17 (in my opinion) promotes size, resin, and hardness. On top of that the CNS is 1/4 the price and it is a simple one part formula unlike Canna. I keep the nutrient mixture light (800 PPM) for veg since they are new to the Volksgarden at that point. In flower in the first week I give them 1000 - 1200 ppms for the first week, after that 1500.

    funkdocKT Well-Known Member


    to go vert or round...that is the question...your grow will help me answer it

    Thundercat Well-Known Member

    Very nice man, you got all my previous questions from the last thread!!! Sounds like you are getting this thing into gear. I bet those bitchs will be beautiful in no time.

    maximusbudicus Well-Known Member

    which vert system are you looking at?

    GrowTech stays relevant.


    funkdocKT Well-Known Member

    it'll be a DIY 4 tier octagon (16 plants per tier & 15 on the floor) i saw on CC being used by "Duckhead"...it'll use 3 bulbs (600Ws or 1000Ws) totaling either 1800W or 3000W...soil and handwatering

    "Duckhead" was managing to get 6.25LBS. per grow using 79 plants...i was planning on running the almost exact set up as him, but minus the 15 plants on the floor and i plan on going perpetual which would harvest me 16 plants bi-weekly

    another possibility is constructing a replica of our own FloJo's vertical constant drip grow (which is probably what i'll go with but with hand watering) from the inside of a DR300W

    holmes Well-Known Member

    I was thinking that i dont like rockwool, i think its nasty.
    maybe youll like to try using a coco block, or a fluffy cotton looking block from "sure to grow"
    i think either one would produce better than rockwool, and perhaps you could get more than one feeding in daily.

    maximusbudicus Well-Known Member

    i am interested in alternatives to rockwool but at the moment i dont have the inclination to try anything else till i have what i am doing at the moment dialed in.

    i agree that rw is nasty though it has good capillary action and all you need to do to get the watering right with it is to water to a 1/4 inch depth and you have no driping. i will have to test the alternatives before i take them on

    maximusbudicus Well-Known Member

    i must admit that i am excited to see how things turn out this time. you get a look at what the stems look like already?

    maximusbudicus Well-Known Member

    was the 6.25 from 1800 watts or 3000 watts?

    proheto8008 Well-Known Member

    Maximus, did you tell us what strain you were using

    macdadyabc Well-Known Member

    yay, round two! Hmm, where did fdd go? oh well. im glad to see you are still pushing forward.

    stiffer Well-Known Member

    few questions,

    what light/lights are you using in the middle of the wheel?

    what happened to round one? did you get any yeild?

    how much do you hope to yeild?

    funkdocKT Well-Known Member

    the 6.25 was from 3000W...and he had his plants in soil in 3 gallon containers
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