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Old School, Power Hitter! Using Sport Bottle.

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Humboldt, Sep 26, 2007.


    Humboldt Well-Known Member

    Old School, Power Hitter!


    I was at the thrift store today and saw an old sport bottle, boy did it bring back memories, we used to make power hitters out of them, I just had to buy it.

    I'm going to show you how you can make your own power hitter the best I can, I had to resort back to my web cam but it still should do the trick.

    What You Will Need, find or Pilfer,

    1. At Least Quarter Of A Brain.

    2. An old sport bottle with lid/straw (bigger the bottle the better) make sure it's an old squeezable bottle, most sports bottles today are hard and has no straw, only a popup cap.

    3. Tape - Electrical - Duct Tape, what ever works for you.

    4. Connecter - I use big wooden beads, use what ever you can find something that can be manipulated to fit in the straw and can fit a joint in adjacent end (something that won't melt the straw) Examples: wood, soap stone, pipe stone, some thick metals such as a socket from your socket & racket set, thick alloy or brass, try to avoid thin metals such as aluminum, aluminum foil.

    5. Knife, razor blade, file, sand paper, depending on what materials you use, I used knife and wood.

    6. Lot's of weed, rolling papers and lungs.

    Ok Here We Go,

    Take a piece of tape and cover the straw hole on the front of the lid.


    Do the same on the other side of lid, after doing so take your knife/razorblade and cut a slit in the tape through the hole, this will help seal the straw, also you could put a strip of tape on the straw inside the lid.


    Seal the top of bottle with some tape, where the lid fits , this will help make it air tight.


    Take your bead, or what ever you plan on using and make one end fit in straw snug, I just carved one end of bead with knife, until I got a tight fit.


    Carve out other end so that an average joint will fit nicely.


    Fit joint in connecter and connect to straw.


    Light the joint, take a hit to make sure it's going, screw on lid, squeeze and inhale.


    Click Here to see it in action!

    Hope you will enjoy as much as I do!

    Humboldt Well-Known Member

    Has anybody ever heard of this type of power hitter? I'm curious to know if this technique is well known or not, I often wonder how many people have actually tried and liked this method.

    akramtona Well-Known Member

    I have never seen one like that. I used to have a friend that would put his blunts in the bong stem when they got short and hit it that way. Hit hard as hell. I will make one of those when I have enough to roll one. I have the bottle even. I also love making my own smoking devices. Good work.:joint:

    Humboldt Well-Known Member

    Thanks akramtona, sorry for the late response, I didn't think anybody visited this thread anymore..lol.. the power hitter is bad ass actually, for sure try it sometime, you won't regret it, however it's best when you have plenty of weed/joints as they burn pretty quick but you get nice big hits....


    SuperSilver Active Member

    We used to put a hose on it with a mask. The guy in the backseat was responsible for squeezing it. So we passed the mask around while out driving around. Seriously looking for one. Mine glowed in the dark. Yeah, yeah, I know, I can make one but I am looking for an original.

    bongspit New Member

    humboldt...I used to use this type of thing back years ago, they were shaped sort of like a nerf football. I had one that was called the shotgun, in a recent thread about smoking devices I asked if anyone had ever heard of these, but nobody had....

    email468 Well-Known Member

    used to make something similar out of a 2 liter bottle. that was back in the "can make a way to smoke weed out of anything" days! that brought back some fond memories - thanks Humboldt!

    bigbudeddie Well-Known Member

    Never seen anything like it. Its awesome man. Im gunna make one.

    bfq Well-Known Member

    French's yellow mustard bottles work perfectly, no extra parts needed cause the joint fits right in the squeeze top on the inside... pop a hole in the bottle for an air intake and you are done :)

    PS: sorry to bump and old thread, I just thought I had something to contribute that was worthwhile... pardon me if I am wrong ;)

    tspimpin1118 Active Member

    pretty cool although im not sure i understand how to hit it with like squeezing or something idk but @email who said hte days of smoke weed out of anything are over man im a younger generation then you im sure and im kinda unique in my smoking methods amoung my peers but i def make lots of bongs and smoking devices its kinda a hobbie of mine

    Humboldt Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys, tspimpin1118 yes it's a squeezing method, try it sometime, it's great.

    Larrs Active Member

    Well here you go this is my power hitter that I've had since the early 70's!Larrs


    SuperSilver Active Member

    YES!!!!! That is the one!! I have been searching high and low for one of those. Mine was glow in the dark. At least I now have a pic when trying to describe this. Thanks for the pic and I will continue my search........

    gardenandcats Well-Known Member

    We where just talking about the power hitters we used to use back in the 70's. I actually went on line looking for them to buy!

    theDIYcoastguardguy Well-Known Member

    I have a rockets sports bottle like that!! im makin one. Great post

    CrackerJax New Member

    I also have a power hitter form even earlier, the original one with one of the Freak Bros. on the label.... "Onward thru the fog" LOL, I'll dig it up and post a pic ltr. The first gen of power hitters were in black only.

    Taking me back, lol...

    out. :blsmoke:

    sueupstny Active Member

    did anyone find a power hitter online? i've been looking want one for christmas, please help me!!!!!:wall:

    SuperSilver Active Member

    Is there a brand name on any of these? I have had ZERO luck finding one......

    JonKollar Well-Known Member

    this is awesome i call that a joint-a-lizer... personally the best thing i have found to hold the joint is the ends from the oxygen mask hose they use at hospitals it is a sterile tapered end that easily creates a tight seall into the bottle and the joint... ill post some pics of my joint-a-lizer tonight after work.... just hilarious i made my first jointalizer when i was like 14 i found an oxygen mask/tank/hoses in the local hockey arena and borrowed the hoses right away... then some arsehole stole my jointalizer and i havent got my hands on another oxygen hose since. but me and the wife just had a little boy and sure enough there was two sets of oxygen hose fittings in our room... so daddy snagged em both !!!!!!! Victory I have my jointalizer back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    no blunts allowed

    no blunts allowed Active Member

    I have a blue one like in the picture. On the front it has a yellow and red round sticker. It reads Power Hitter., in the center there's a guy(?) with a baseball bat and a ball with a pot leak on it. Under the pic are the following:
    "Onward Through the Fog
    Mfg by Dat Willie's Austin, Texas 78744
    TM 1977.

    Hope that helps to find one.... I love mine..... self administered shotgun.... the best.

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