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Nutrient Lockout Explained

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by mogie, Mar 21, 2007.


    mogie Well-Known Member

    Nutrient lockout happens when your plant can not access specific, or all nutrients in the growing medium, this is due to a chemical reaction within the medium/solution which prevents nutrients from being absorbed by the roots.

    Aged nutrients can precipitate in the bottle, causing some of the ingredients to become solids or even evaporate, the same problem may also occur in the growing medium.

    Lockout will display the same symptoms as nutrient deficiency; to help control this problem dispose of old liquid feed containers as you would old medicine and use fresh nutrients from a bottle that has been recently opened.

    The following points can also be responsible for nutrient lockout.

    • PH is incorrect or fluctuates.

    • Single pack hydroponic solutions.

    • Salt build up.

    • A chemical reaction between 2 or more nutrient
      solutions that are mixed together.

    For acute deficiency symptoms caused by toxicity and nutrient lockout a first Aid program should be immediately administered.

    Step 1)
    Leach the plants roots and growing medium using a professional leaching agent to thoroughly leach away metals, calcium, sodium, chlorides, sulphates and many other compounds, which can build up in the growing media.

    Step 2)
    Feed with 1/4 strength high quality complete plant food mix along with a high quality vitamin B-1 product such as Superthrive (1 drop per gallon).

    Step 3)
    Spray a professional stay green formula on the leaves. After 24hrs, spray the leaves with a quality vitamin B-1 product.
    Feed at 25% of recommended fertilizer dosage until first signs of growth.

    smoothforyou2 Active Member

    i cant believe no one has replied to this. great info i stumbled on this looking for information on lock out cause im pretty sure my untreated well water has caused me lockout on my last two grows now. i currently am losing all my fan leaves in my first 3 weeks of flowering. so anyways i switched over and am buying gallons of water at the store and am going so spray some stay green tomorrow.
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    potpimp Sector 5 Moderator

    Consider that there have been over 8,300 views and you're the first one to reply. ...and on a thread over 5 years old! I guess it shows that you actually used the Search button. :) +Rep for that.

    myscrizzlenizzle Active Member

    Can organic nutrients cause chemical reactions that cause nute lockout?

    potpimp Sector 5 Moderator

    Plants do *not* uptake organic compounds. "Organic" generally means that it's a stable, slow-release fertilizer. Without a doubt they can cause nute lockout if too much is given.

    longbeachallstar Member

    so i have a related question -

    cold temps - creates a phos lockout... makes your plants purple...
    what exactly will this do to your smoke (harsher/smoother/tastier/nontasty), thc/cbd content - otherwise potency, drying process etc...

    i've noticed that many people don't like how 'purple' herb gets you buzzin... or it doesn't 'hit' - its mostly a bag appeal thing... mostly...
    i'm trying to theorize if this has to do with the cold temp lockout... o

    was just curious if anyone has done any side by sides with purple strains that need 'help' with cold temps to be purple... versus true purple strains. what the difference is in the above mentioned.

    anyways - just thought i'd ask... anyone with EXPERIENCE? opinion is accepted but... experience is gold with this question.

    thanks RIU members.

    hovering Active Member

    Thanks Mogie!
    Widow Makers

    Widow Makers Member

    Greetings boys. OK, never thought id have to post an S.O.S in an internet forum, but here I go... lol

    Grow status- Week 4, Day 5 of BLOOM PHOTO PERIOD
    Gow Teqnique- Combination of Recirc DWC slowly progressing with root development into recirculating SWC almost NFT
    Strain- White Widow.
    Plants 12, all clones from one sacrificial mother plant.
    Sick plants- 4, but biggers ones handled the lock out better, or handled the Bud Candy OD better.


    Cause: I think the girls locked 'em out due to a massivly heavy dose of Bud Candy.

    Fist time (Serious) grow.
    Water: Reverse Osmosis

    Nutrient#1 Primary DNF Bloom A and B @ 5ml/L on a 100 Liter main res and 4 satilite "Grow res's" for a total of 120 liters of recirculating nutrient soloution.

    #2- Pro Silicate - 1ml/l
    #3- B1-1ml/l
    #4- Multi-Zen-1ml/l
    #5- Big Bud-2ml/l
    #6- Bud Candy-------------- 5ml/l! Accidental OD do to retarded hydroponic store guy's nuirent chart im following. Didnt realize till i saw the leace and read the bottle AGAIN... this time seeing the max dose. Thought my guy knew what he was doing.


    120 liters of cool, fresh water was circulated for 2 hours while another res was prepared and stablilized

    Nutrients in CURRENT RES

    DNF BLOOM a and b in 120 liters. 5ml\l
    Multi-zen 1ml/l
    b1 - 1ml/l
    REVIVE 5ml/l

    eS reading of 2.27 last night with a stead pH of 6.02 on the money.
    Soloution diluted to 2.09 with ph'ed RO water


    RES TEMP : 22.5 DEGREES c- cooling with water chiller. Usually stays about 3 degrees cooler than room temp at lights on.

    eS READING 2.09
    Ph 6.01
    room temp 25 c

    dray86man Active Member

    Killer Vanilla

    Killer Vanilla Well-Known Member


    dray86man Active Member

    The information about "chemical reactions in the soil" is a bit off. I don't understand just WHAT chemical reactions are being referred to here.

    "Nute lock" is fairly simple; it's mainly a mechanical problem, one where the root pores are physically blocked by an excess amount of solids. pH has some effect on this, and the solution is simple.

    Wash the stuff that's blocking the roots off the roots.

    The Flora Kleen and other flush products contain some type of anion (negatively charged ion) that pulls the cations (positively charged ions) off the roots.

    With a bit of research, one could probably make up a simple flushing solution from water and a common salt, it's just easier to use the commercial stuff for me.

    jollyboyjohn Member

    thanks for the info man could prove to be very useful

    DonaldJTrump Active Member

    if the flowers jhust seem to be stuck but no signs of nute def in plants. could it be nute lock. im about to end week 5 my plants and stems are bigger than anything ive seen or done in the past. but the flowers are barely as big as by thumbs (size of a qtr or large marble)

    im wondering if stunded flowers could mean lock? been flushing..
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    NO! It's NOT any lock and due to your name - keep flushing till it clears your big ass head! :fire: TRUMP :dunce:!!

    (ditch the fucking name dude! Your going to get nothing but GRIEF here for that!)

    In reality kid, stop the flushing! Your only fucking it up!

    Flowering is a long process. The buds take time to start, then time to grow, and lastly. Time to bulk up!

    Feeding correctly and being patient - Will be your best friend!

    Start the feeding back up and be sure to pH to 6.5 in soil
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    DonaldJTrump Active Member

    I am running aero. Feeding is still at 1600ppm. only flushed res once in 6 weeks just for a few hours to clear system. Thanks for the info. I thought the same and am excited to see them explode. Will continue to post pics. Checkout my other thread. No kids here.
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    Logan Burke

    Logan Burke Well-Known Member

    Yes I think, assuming we are here to help eachother grow, we can converse without regard to our political beliefs...I did not even recognize his name until it was pointed out. He is right, unless you are seeing deficient symptoms in your leaves, i.e leaves changing colors, stomata's turning purple, etc, it is not a nute lock out. In all propability it is either your plant responding to recent stress or responding to the general stress they undergo while in the preflowering stages, which at week 5 of your grow I can't imagine you would be out of unless you mean week 5 of 12/12. If this is the case, your plants may be waiting for another bump up in ppm's (maybe, just opinion)....this is obviously too late for your needs, but it may serve someone having the same problem whom may be searching RIU...happy growing to all and I hope you had a good, successful crop Donald. :)

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