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Nutramist Foggers?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by jaekriel, Aug 10, 2009.


    jaekriel Active Member

    I was thinking of getting a Nutramist Fogger and perhaps add it to my Aeroponics Cloner and/or Veg & Bloom systems......

    But I'm really not sure if its worth it.

    They're not real expensive but they're not real cheap either and don't want to spend the money if it's not going to really help

    Some people that sell them on Ebay remark on how much they double growth, but obviously they are trying to sell them

    I was hoping to get any and as much feedback from anyone that has used them and if they really do what some people claim they do -

    IE - increase growth with clones (especially cuttings and clones) as well as all stages of growth

    Please let me know if you've had experince with Foggers and as much info/details you can give

    I would be most greatful for any and all shared experience and advice

    Thanks in advance


    Treeth Well-Known Member

    i really didnt want to answer this query,
    but now that i'm high ill give it a go.

    I recently did a lot of reading into fog - aka true aeroponics, so itll help to start with some definitions.

    True aeroponics utilizes either: high pressure pumps lines and nozzles, which put out a spray of, optimally, 50 um (micro meter) water droplets... very small, very fine.

    This size is good for plants because, on the microscopic level, 50 microns in the size of the pores on roots- this is the scale, and the surface through which water and nutrients are drawn into the plant.

    -So this can also be accomplished with fog.

    Fog has its difficulties, just as high pressure aero does, Which is why its less common. The first problem is that the mister heads can give you trouble, when nutrient salts inevitably crust up on the 20,000 Hz transducer which makes the fog...


    not as many of the particles are close to th 50 um range... many are too small apparently...

    And 50's don't stay airborne for long, as they degrade into larger droplets and fall out of the fog.


    if you want to try fog,

    my first peice of advice is to more seriously consider true aero as a replacement to you current aero, which is really more like NFT if you think about it... The goal is an effective root system, not a giant one.

    But if you have the cash, and wanna try and run some experiments...
    I'd add it to you're flowering plants first, and then veg and so on. I think this because, the true aero roots degrade when they're use becomes superfluos... so they wont be helping yeild unless they're around to see flowering.

    Fog would be a nice compliment to your aero,

    in fact, you could try a recycle timer on your aero,

    run the fog a lot (start light with the nutes) and compliment as necessary with you faux aero sprinkler system.

    give the fog as much chance to work and the plants adopt to it... but save em with the sprinklers IF they can't get enough to drink.



    Atomizer Well-Known Member

    50 micron droplets begin to evaporate as soon as they form, at ~75F and 50%RH they have a 5 second lifespan.
    Some useful droplet info: http://www.dropdata.org/DD/definitions.htm

    jaekriel Active Member

    Thanks to Treeth and Atomizer for that info

    Honestly with regards to the 50 microns and root optimization of such, that is new info to me

    So now - my real concern is - what kind or AeroPonics misters/nozles and such are truly effective?

    I used the 360 degree sprayers after using a drip system initially - as many people seemed to use - for my Veg (to become mothers to clone) system

    They (the typical Green 360 Aero Sprayers) really didnt work that well at all - as they seemed to just dribble water out, and I was hoping for a fine mist or even flow of droplets

    Now I am going to try Misters (both for my mommys and for the Cloners Ive built) made of plastic (the ones used in a Misty Mate - but not made of Brass)

    But I don't know how to tell if they produce this 50 micron dealio

    Is there any way to know? or measure?

    Or are there any misters/sprayers that are know to definately meet this 50 micron requirement?

    Any and all help is greatly welcomed

    Thanks in advance

    (your humble type happy rookie)


    jaekriel Active Member


    Atomizer Well-Known Member

    A 50 micron droplet is almost invisible so its not possible to measure, you get about 3.5million droplets from 1ml of water. Most good quality nozzles come with a spec sheet although with most of them you`ll find the droplet size isnt listed.
    Look for a nozzle with the lowest flow rate at the highest pressure, its more likely to produce smaller droplets.

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