Noobist grow, NL#5 x haze & w/e free (+ intro)

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    Hi. I've been on here for about 3 months, tons of info, great site, probably the best site thus far IMO. I am currently on my 2nd year in college with no job with my own house, my wife works to pay the mortgage, and 2 small boys. Anyways I started my seeds two weekends ago, most later.
    Did my own electrical off youtube (try at own risk). I'm no expert, this is my firs grow. There's a ton of info on board and lots of other journals have helped me determine which route I wanted to go, t8, t5, led (too expensive) to organic, soilless, DWC, aero, so on with mix option to how much I wanted to spend on my budget. So far I am loving it.

    I order most of stuff online. I did pay the local hydro a visit, put for the prices, online is still cheaper including shipping. I will continue to order online for the best prices.

    First weekend spent a lot of time reading to my seeds and seedlings. Almost every seed sprouted with 24-48 hours. No paper towel or dropping water. The dom does help. I kept the dom until the seed cover is off.

    I'm using 400w mh and 600 hps. For nuts, I'm using GH three part, CalMag, superthrive, and silica blast. I use tap water. My tap, pH 8.2 and 180ppm.

    1 block coco, 1 bag perlite, 3/4 bag hydroton. Flush with tap until pH~6.5, flush with mix water and pH~4.0 until run off is ~5.7-6.0. Plant and grow.

    This NL is 14 days old. I started it in the feeding at 1/4 hydro recommended divide by 2 in soilless about a week now. As long as it has two leaves I feed (there I said it). This is my mother plant. I'm feeding, water for 2 week, flush and start all over.

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    My two other NL in aero. Running 24/7. I'm going with scrog since I like to be free from time vs maintaining everyday. They are ~1week old. The smaller one is -3 days. I've been running 1/4 GH plus CalMag mix for a week. Make my life easier. 500ppm (tap water).
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    They are both the outer one. The inner is a sleestack x shunk, free. That block of buuble wrap is where I add water, drain (with fish tank hose), test pH etc.
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    older sleestack, 14 days
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    Always I am keeping my focus on the NL. I will be scrog both, one with a 4x4 screen. The other w/e space I have. The rest of the pot I will be just leaving it there and feed, water, drain, etc. with less focus. Here's my room so far, it's small but does the job.
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    Here a pic of my grow room. I plan to build a bigger grow room and move my veg room here when I have funds. Had to run new electrical to this room. Should be enough to power 2x600w and accessories in the future.

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    So here is an update.

    I'm building a 12x14' flower room this weekend and moving my veg room. I switched over to DWC because I felt if I was doing aero, the plant would be too big. I'm trying to aim for 1 pound per 600w. I'm will be flowering with 2 x 600w lights for now. When these are in flower I will veg the next grow for 2 month.

    I don't have a style but doing scrog to keep plant count down plus I don't want to care for 20+ plants. I start with FIM on the the 3 node when they were small. I stunt the grow but maybe to the transplant to dwc. Lost 2 weeks or so from the stress. I'm using tap water so I had a bit of nut deficiency. Oh well first grow. 2 weeks ago I started LST but I slit one of the plants in half, lol. It recovered but I liked it tho because the plant is lower now. I wouldn't try it again. This week I FIM all the tip, lol. OMG, I hope it will recover but it seems to be doing well right now. Would I do it again? IDK, well see the outcome. I'm just trying new ideas that people on here had and collecting my data to see what works and what don't. I use fishing weight to try the stem since it kind of in a tight spot. But next time will be better I hope. I've been supercropping here and there also.

    I foil feed when the light was low so I had some holes and I thought I had bugs. Yeah that sucks, no more foil feeding when the lights are on.

    I will be flowering in about 10 more days. No more FIM just super cropping.

    Anyways here is my mother plant. Ready to clone this weekend with a one week start before the other one moves out to flowering.

    Here is Seedsman WW. I just supercrop. I don't know if I want to keep a mother. I've heard good stuff about it tho.

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    SleeStack x Shunk, I won't be keeping these. Just growing to to grow them.

    Here are the two NL x Haze. Can't find much info on them from Sensi Seed. Folks like them but had low germ rate. I think these seeds are the shit. No complaint here for a noob. 100% germ, I help plead a seed cover and snatched the head off, oh well. 4 out of 4 germ.
    NL 1.jpg NL.jpg

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    Here is some closer pictures of one I split the main stem and FIM all ends (last friday night). Using fishing weight to LST.
    LST.jpg LST (2).jpg

    So next time, FIM or top once (5-6 node vs 3rd), train the shit out of it and supercrop.

    If anyone has any suggestion let me know. I'm on my 2nd week of the same solution. It doesn't smell so I'm not worry about changing out my nuts. Currently at 1200ppm total, hard water (180ppm) with GH solution (3-2-1), 200ppm of it SM90, 150 CalMag, 150pmm espon salt, 250ppm silica blast, ested. No more blend tea, it turns the water like shit.

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    I finally got the room finish and wired up. I haven't switched to 12/12 but I did switch nuts, 620ppm right now (tap water 180ppm, silica blast, and SM-90), 600w per plant.
    I've been thinking about BB x NL.
    Plant #1 NL x Haze

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    Plant #2 NL x Haze

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    This is my first grow. Here is my new plan. Clones ready maybe next week.

    -Taller plants at 24" away (400w mh)
    -Let it grow with 8-10 nodes and top it vs FIM (FIM is ok I like topping more, FIM works but at the same time I'm trying to fill a scrog of 4.5', I think top is more consistent)
    -FIM if needed after topping, supercrop, less LST
    -Veg for 2.5 month, whenever the other NL x Haze is finish

    I plan to grow them 24+" before I put the net on @ 12' from pot to net, Lights 22" away from net.

    Any thoughts?

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    First plant just FIM x 2 or 3 times off the main stem. Plant #2 FIM and split the stem in half during lst, lol. More like a top now, main cola split in half during the split and disappeared.

    Now I was also thinking, I might try something else. I like how the plant is split in half, making the two lower branches thicker. I might top it at node 4-6, let it grow for 2 weeks, use a knife and split where I topped in-half to the lower node.

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    I went through some Mg defect when I switch them to these big bucket. I am thinking it's due to the HPS light that makes them need so much Mg. I've been giving them 150ppm of salt. Even my mother needed it under HPS lighting (same coco bucket, turned off mh light to save light since I didn't flip the flower room yet). I lost a week to that, another week to recover. I flipped it last Friday. The Sleestack was all male so I killed it, sad day.

    I'm just a little afraid it might be too compact once everything starts flowering since it's not stretching out. I have another week of scrogging before I hit 14 days of flower. It doesn't look like it's going to be growing out more. It's growing in bushiness and by next week it might double+ in size by that way (it might be closer to x2 in bushiness already). I'm going to take some clones at day 21 and veg them again comparing the data for myself since I have room to experiment.

    Taken yesterday.
    View attachment 3022871

    View attachment 3022872

    I'll take some pictures later with the dlsr.

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    Day 47 in flowering. I'm hoping it will swell more.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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