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NL 12/12 from seed CFL

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by bpatpil, Jun 8, 2013.


    bpatpil Member

    Welcome to my grow Journal.
    Me and my brother will be starting 4 BullDog Northern Light seeds (fem) under CFL. Atm, we have planned 4 30w 6400k and 4 30w 2700k. Hopefully this will be enough to finish in about 11 weeks.

    For now we are doing this in a 1.5ft wide, 2ft long and 3ft high box. We will have 2 pc fans taking air in and out.

    For soil, we're using JI #2 with 30% perlite and we're not sure about fert yet so we are open to suggestions if anyone has any.

    We will most likely LST to try to keep a more or less level canopy for all the light to hit evenly.

    This is how much we have planned so far so please comment and make suggestions as we're both newbies.

    We will start germinating around 12th June.

    Slipon Well-Known Member

    sounds good, tho, use both PC fans as outtake ventilations (pulling air out at the top of the box) and make some passive intake holes at the bottom/near the plant,

    and 3ft is`t much space in hight if you Etc. have 1ft pots to begin with, so yes LST or some kind of training is necessary, maybe look in to scrog, also work perfectly with CFLs as they need to be 2-4 inch`s from the plants to provide strong light

    bpatpil Member

    Thanks Slipon, its a very Stealthy grow so intake/out take will be hard but it should work. Also, can anyone recommend any good fertilizers for veg and flower? We are using JI #2 all the way through so we will definitely need some fert once in flower.

    welshsmoker Well-Known Member

    bulldogs nl is the bollox mate, it fucking stinks, i got 2 on the go at the mo. good luck.

    bpatpil Member

    Hopefully the grow will be great and we will try to fix the smell with 1 or 2 ONA bloacks

    bpatpil Member

    Will now be moving to a 7ft high closet. The base is about 1.5ft wide and 2ft long. Only 2 pots will fit in it so will separate it vertically into 2 halfs (2 plants each side).

    bpatpil Member

    Will now be using a 250w hps for the 4 plants. Extractor fan should be coming soon and also some biobizz grow 500ml veg 500ml flower.

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