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Next and last state to legalize mmj?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana News' started by mickeygrower, Aug 7, 2010.


    stealthreaper Member

    north carolina-next
    Mississippi-last (lived there MOVED VERY SOON after discovering laws)

    vivalaboss Well-Known Member

    ive just started sending our congressmen and all the government people for our state of South Carolina letters regarding bills for Marijuana legalization from Norml and even personal letters of our beliefs on marijuana and sadly this is the only letter ive gotten back so far, and from what ive heard its a pretty common letter he just sends out when he gets questioned about Cannabis.....i wish these people would actually take the time and answer these letters personally and actually intelligently answer the questions asked in the letters instead of using a damn generic response cause he saw the word marijuana.....whens it all gonna change!!!!!!!

    Heres the letter i got from Henry Brown our congressman

    Dear Mr. Gresh:
    Thank you for contacting me in regard to marijuana. I understand your viewpoint that we should decriminalize marijuana. However, I believe that marijuana is a gateway drug -- one of the most commonly abused illicit drugs in our country – and I feel that legalizing marijuana would be harmful to our society, and that doing so would put more people at risk.

    Marijuana use can result in significant health problems, and I do not agree with the viewpoint that marijuana users are not part of the problem. I also do not agree with the statement that our law enforcement should be targeting more serious crimes. Drug use, I believe, is a serious issue that we must address to prevent our future generations from ending up in jail on drug-related offenses. People that use this drug are breaking the law and they should be held accountable.

    Again, I want to thank you for contacting me. While we do not agree on this issue, please know that I appreciate hearing from you and all of my constituents on matters that are important to them. To get regular updates from my office sent to you by e-mail, please visit http://brown.house.gov/updates.

    Henry E. Brown, Jr.
    Member of Congress

    Zcomfort Active Member

    Not only will Mississippi be the last state to leagalize it, but when ever it becomes leagal Mississippi will be the opposite of Cali. for at least ten years if ever.

    superbak3d Well-Known Member

    New Hampshire's bill goes to voting again this november.

    It fell short TWO votes in 09 because of the governer threatening to vito the bill entirely if something wasnt changed.

    Everything has been fixed, and NH should be legal jan 2011.

    mconn333 Well-Known Member

    IDK about next, but last if they do it at all would be the Gunshine state..........FLORIDA

    kricket53 Active Member

    i have an answer to the question in your signature...YES!

    vivalaboss Well-Known Member

    actually i think the answer to mconn333's question is heeelllll yaaaa it would be an ass ton more fun, and i guarantee it would cut down on damn near all the paranoia and stupid shit like that you get now a days!!! weed dont make me paranoid the damn overactive government and police make me paranoid!!! Hopefully SC will be get on the ball with this long overdue issue....

    psychedelictripper Well-Known Member

    The medical MJ question will be on some of the ballots in Massachusetts. Masscann had the list updated from July I think. Pretty pathetic showing though. Still there is a governor's race gong on right now. It takes one of those to sign a bill into law. Massachusetts legislature has a few options on the table. They can write a bill to tax and regulate and or they could pass a medical MJ bill. Any of these things can be passed at anytime but they may be waiting on California as some say. The medical MJ bill is a tricky one because certain law makers are probably going to restrict access only to those who have cancer and other life threatening conditions. Will it really come down to a patient and a doctor discussing the patient's health and the pro's and cons of MJ? What are doctor's saying? Don't they get kick back from drug companies for prescribing their narcotics? To me the medical MJ proposals are sounding too restrictive. Mass isn't a laid back state like Cal. why it's more of an uptight state. It's liberal on many issues but very uptight on others including MJ. Towns are starting to override the $100 fine law. There is opposition in the legislature or it would have passed a long time ago. That why you need to find out where candidates stand on issues. Some are probably too afraid to answer. I'd totally live in California for numerous reasons.

    djRuKuS Active Member

    Have to disagree... Mississippi is the only state in the good ol' that has somewhat decriminalized marijuana.
    From Norml.org:
    30 g or less (first offense) misdemeanor (summons only, no arrest) no incarceration
    Fine-$100 - $250
    & don't forget about Ole Miss...
    "The University of Mississippi Marijuana Project provides marijuana by the bale to licensed researchers throughout the nation. They study the drug through a federal contract with the National Institute on Drug Abuse."

    I'm still saying Louisiana... This year they passed a law that makes first offense marijuana possession punishments even harsher... Not only do you get a criminal record, & one year suspended sentence (supervised probation), now they include a mandatory minimum fine of at least $250 and 48 hours in jail. They even increased the penalty for second-offense marijuana possession and that was already a felony with 5 years max. 3rd Offense... You don't even want to know. Believe it or not, it can get worse... I'm glad it failed but they actually tried to pass "a ridiculous bill that would brand repeat drug offenders with a "scarlet letter," mandating that they carry special driver’s licenses that say "DRUG OFFENDER" on them."(MPP.org) That's the 2nd offense.

    mrboots Active Member

    ^^^thats some crazy shit about Louisiana. I was in New Orleans a few years ago (before Katrina) and saw a dude roll a blunt and spark it up right in the French Quarter on the street. I figured they were kind of cool down there.
    Anyways, if Cali goes legal in November, I think Nevada will be close behind. We had a ballot intiative a few years ago for legal posession of up to an oz. It got 45% of the vote, but maybe next time will be better.
    As for last, Utah come to mind, you can't even buy regular beer up there, it's 3.2% alcohol max. It will take a while for them to come around.

    psychedelictripper Well-Known Member

    Didn't Joseph Smith(think that was his name)smoke? ;)
    3.2% alcohol? I'm trying to cut back myself...if that's all they had I wouldn't have much problem. Old Milwaukee light? ot Tabernacle Ale?

    Schotzky Active Member

    kansas will be dead last, tons of old republicans trust me :(

    was one of the first states to start prohibition of alcohol back in the day, and one of the last state to repeal it.

    1gamma45 Active Member

    N.Y. wont see it till we Ditch Paterson. And thats not till November. True we are close but untill the most hated man in NYS government is outed it wont pass.

    Unnk Well-Known Member

    the ballot to vote for bills in ny should be in november i beleive as well make me a happy camper id say that

    growone Well-Known Member

    not sure what you hoping for here, NY doesn't have voter propositions, not like other states(like cali) anyways
    there is no MMJ proposition on the NY in this election, we're stuck with the legislature/governor

    wyteberrywidow Global

    Damn september is over and still nothing about legalization over here.

    growone Well-Known Member

    ^^^ nothing gets down now, it's campaign/reelection time, so don't expect any activity until january at the earliest

    fourtwentychat Well-Known Member

    Hey, if anyone in "the know" would be able to comment, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm at a crossroads of exactly where to move to (although, the decision to move to a Medical Marijuana state has been made). At this point, I'm leaning towards Michigan, but to be honest, I would love to choose North Carolina (and I remember reading that the laws were quite favorable). So, the problem is whether to make the move to MI right away, or "wait and see" if North Carolina passes it's law this year. Would anyone who knows politics well be able to give a percentage guess (with some accuracy) as to whether or not the law will pass this year?

    Also, if a law passes at the end of the year (assuming that's what on the ballot means), does it go into effect on Jan 1, 2011?
    Probably asking a bit much with another question, but was curious as to whether or not it will be as relatively "easy" as other states to acquire a card?

    tman1092 Member

    illinois house votes in nov. senate has already passed

    OddsFTW Member

    Ok a Few things with this.

    1. Yes you can possess 1 ounce of weed,but that is in public. You can keep as much as you can harvest, just don't carry more than one ounce.

    2 prop 215 is still in effect,so if you play the same song and dance and see a MM Doc you can get a recommendation to grow more plants that can fit in a 5x5 or a 25 sq ft area.

    3 I live in Florida and it kills me to see some of the harshest Marijuana policies, if anyone is a ron white fan i'm sure you heard what happened in Miami. Anyways as to the post itself I not sure what or when the next state to pass MMJ Laws would be but probably be more than one, and the last state to pass MMJ Laws will ironically would be more than one because when enough states accept Medical Marijuana (probably around 26 to 30 states) that would Officially be the Majority of the United States as a Whole and the would get National Recognition and hopefully be put up to vote. We have 14 States that support it now and another 15 stated at least petitioning it and in my opinion, we average one state a year, but have dramatically picked up in the past 5 years, so I believe that in only a few years time at most 3 we will have some sort of National Reform.Like I said I live in Florida one of the absolute worse states and ill go as far as saying to consume marijuana in terms of potency to cost and the risk of getting cough, but besides all that even us way out here in Florida care about prop 19 :) go California go! Lead the way for us all after all prohibition never worked and as we know now mexico is basically a death sentence due to the violent cartels running it, and guess who is right next to mexico?? The sooner we Legalize the Marijuana Plant the sooner we start a New Industry which I plan on bieng a part of good luck everyone and be safe :)

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