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Newbie StealthHydro Bubbleponics grow with CFLs step-by-step; Afgaani & Shiva strains

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by redfoxx, Sep 19, 2007.


    shortybighead Well-Known Member

    dude no offense but you gotta be doin something wrong i have the same set up and judgeing by the time you made this thread,i started my plants at the same time around 2 weeks ago i believe,i have been useing fox farms 3 pak with cal-mag and hydroguard and sensizyme,make sure u got the feed tube at the bottom of the cube,make sure your rez temps are cool and have no light leaks to the roots,as for ph its going to jump up a lil everyday,in fact i have made it a habbit to just toss a pinch of sh ph down every morning and i havent had a problem PSP 001.JPG

    PSP 002.JPG

    PSP 003.JPG

    PSP 004.JPG

    redfoxx Guest

    Well my temperature never go about 78F, usually 71-74, humidity @40-55%.

    I believe that it's the SH nutes. I'm getting new nutes this weekend. Foxfarm's makes your tank collect gunk.

    But yours definitely look great, good job. I will be killing these plants and starting over, growing in pure rockwool and later creating a spray system. pH goes up, but mine goes up drastically, from 5.8 to 7.2 every day.

    Also, what strain are you growing? Do you have a fan and how close do you keep the lights when they're just seedlings?

    nongreenthumb Well-Known Member

    Your plants seem to be doing ok so far, lets see what you say about stealth in a month. Plus you didn't use the stealth hydro nutes and ph up/down

    shortybighead Well-Known Member

    i have a fan about 3 ft away from them starting it on low when the first leaves pop up every rez change bump it up a notch low,medium,high its a osilateing fan.4 of the plants are nirvana's bubblelicious and 1 snow white.i am useing sh ph up/down. i have the 315 watt 20,000 lumens light reflecter that sh sells so i keep them about 3-4 inches above them.i also have 2 12 inch air stones added in there.i didnt add nutes till the leaves pop up,but first nutes the ppm was only like 350-370 then after 7 days i changed rez took the ppm up to 650-670,let that go for 7 days change the rez bumped it up to 920-950, i throw frozen 20 oz bottles of water in the rez every 6 hrs or so also,i also use distilled water sodium free from wal-mart, as for gunk the only thing i ever had gunk the system up was liquid karma but i think its because its a out dated bottle,i did have my first grow fail to some kinda crazy bacteria in the rez,and fungus gnats,at the same time that happened was the first time i used the liquid karma,i wasnt to where i am now with this one.

    shortybighead Well-Known Member

    i dont expect for all 5 plants to be female,so in a month there will be more space in it.

    redfoxx Guest

    Ok so here are the pics of the plants i pulled today...look at the roots...

    Journal 001.jpg

    Journal 003.jpg

    shortybighead Well-Known Member

    yeah dude thats some typ of bacteria when it happened my first grow my plants where almost as big as the ones in my pics,i had to pull them then i soaked the whole system in some bleach and water than ran h2o2 threw the pump and tubes then rewashed everything with h2o2 than rinsed it all real well,chances are you didnt have the tops covered with a plate with only a hole in it so it could sprout threw that,and your rez temps was probaly over 72 degrees,i read 68-72 degrees,plus that stuff feeds off of organic nutes from what i have read

    shortybighead Well-Known Member

    dude pick up some hydroguard and sensizyme i have been useing it so far on this and have had no problems,i also use distilled water and cal-mag,with fox farms 3 pak i havent burn them or had no problems at all,i over feed my other plants right off rip and it was down hill from there.

    shortybighead Well-Known Member

    and make sure your feed tube is butted next to the bottom of the rockwool cube,u wanna soak the roots not the cube

    redfoxx Guest

    This journal is closed. Please see the New beginning in Rockwool!!

    shortybighead Well-Known Member


    pencap Well-Known Member

    Host your pics at photobucket,
    Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
    after hosting them, copy the url into your new message / post..... I had a hard time figuring that out..........good luck!

    heyfordy Active Member

    yea i have a bubbleponic system to mine are fine but after a 9 days some have veryvery little yellow ends of the leaf dont no if thats ok or not and one plant has a leaf with a big almost yellow dried out spot no sure what to make of this did this happen to u too

    Bullethead21 Well-Known Member

    These systems are one of the best on the market. There nutes are pretty good to you just have to know how to mix certain types of nuts first off. Second you have to understand how the feed tubes work in relation with the position of the rock wool cubes and hydroton rocks.

    Its very easy to set up if you follow the way the system was designed and set up to run,

    Most people that have problems simply made a mistake..usually right off the bat by using whacked out PH'd water, not having the right tools to measure PPM correctly..ect..ect...

    It works, and works well! This is not really a new design in hydroponics and this basic method has been PROVEN to work time and time again for years and years....

    redfoxx Guest


    I've met 100s of newbies here over the past 2 years claiming that including myself.

    Show me YOUR results, don't just say it's one of the best.
    Best = manually made custom systems, not 300$ excuse for what you can make over the weekend for <100$ with lights.

    You say their nutes are pretty good. What are they? What is the brand? You wanna tell me they make their own nutes? And stop calling them nuts. Nuts are what squirrels consume, not used in cannabis cultivation FYI.

    Whacked out ph water? Not having the right tools? But SH CLAIMS that it ships good PH strips, do they not? Their strips are garbage, I went out and shortly bought a Milwaukee PH/EC combo meter, so what you say has nothing to do with my problem.

    Again you say years and years. Show me some pics you got from SH. You sound like a fanboy with 0 evidence to back your claims up.

    My proof is in my signature!! Also go and ask the admin Chiceh, she started growing when I did and she used the same crap bubble system, it failed, she's using rockwool and Dutch leech trays now with top feed drip system.

    Their air stone is tiny, they give only 1 when for 3$ you can get excellent 12" air stones at any aquarium shop. Their pump is the cheapest crap you can find, it failed within 1 month on me. The reservoir it comes with costs <3$ at Home depot and is WAY too small to grow cannabis. Their valve is purchased for 5$ at a hydro store. The clay stones are equally worthless. The only thing that leaves you is their 150W fluorescents, but let me tell you EXACTLY how much that's worth.

    Here are their spirals straight from them for 29.99$ each
    SH Hydroponics, Inc. > Replacement Light Bulbs

    Here's their 105W from ebay for 29$
    105W GROW LIGHTS 5000K COMPACT FLUORESCENT LIGHT BULBS - eBay (item 380074508264 end time Nov-19-08 07:30:27 PST)

    So their Multi Spectrum Bubbleponics™ Complete Kit comes with 2 spirals and 1 tube fluo at the prices I mentioned, you can get them cheaper, I don't have the time to google, but here's an estimate for you: 29$ x 3 = $87

    So I still stand by my claim that I can build their system for <$100.....where does the other $200 come from? It doesn't exactly require rocket science to assemble! In the end it's still a POS b/c it does not hold a candle to the rockwool tray system I can build for that price.

    $kingpin420 Member

    sounds like someone is a lil chonie chapped

    myladysmokesme Active Member

    i heard when u air dry them only do it for 5 10 minutes dont want to dry them out
    OxyHydro Man

    OxyHydro Man Member

    For quality systems at more affordable prices go to Bountiful Hydroponics.
    Stealth Hydro rips. so everyone says.
    OxyHydro Man

    OxyHydro Man Member

    Anyone looking for systems should see Bountiful Hydroponics web site. Quality systems at affordable prices.
    Ray Fox

    Ray Fox Well-Known Member

    Redfoxx, my name is Ray Fox. Looks good so far, what is that, 3 plants?

    I also grow in Stealth Hydro. Check out my grow ops below if you haven't already. You'll thank me :joint:.

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