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    Blazerr Active Member

    Hey guys, I am starting a new grow this week. My past first grow only lasted about 2 months until I had to take it down just before the switch to flower for safety reasons. I guess this will be my official second grow.

    I will use this thread as a log and update with photos and info. weekly. Also, I will most likely have questions so feel free to help out!


    Grow room:
    - 19x27x62
    - PVC frame
    - Sealed with panda film
    - 100mm PC fan exhaust at the top
    - Air intake holes at the bottom
    - 2 small clip on fans for circulation
    **I originally designed the PVC frame to fit a closet. I am now considering adding on to make it either (2'x2'x62) or (2'x4'x62). I might go overboard and just do a 4'x4' setup but that might get a bit pricey:roll:

    - 150w LED
    - 2 gallon smart pot
    - Hefty aluminum tray for runoff
    - Kindsoil (subcool's all organic mix)
    - BlackGold potting soil for a base
    - Large heating pad to keep under the pots

    I started germinating 4 seeds yesterday.
    (2) AK48 females from Nirvana
    (2) Randoms from Nirvana

    My goal is to grow these (2) AK48 plants to the best that I can. I am looking to get the most out of these plants in about 3 months time (time is not a huge constraint for me). I plan on topping twice early on to start a 4-way LST on each of them. After a month or so, I will install a full SCROG and use this as the plants stretch through the flower phase. I am hoping to get many bud sites and keep an even canopy all around. All in all my goal is to get a decent yield (possibly a few O's?) of some quality organic bud.

    I will use the grow room for the AK48 plants. If the random seeds are female and look promising, I would consider extending my grow room to accommodate the other one or two randoms.

    As I said before, please feel free to chime in whenever if you have any advice or thoughts you would like to share. I am by no means an expert and am excited to learn new things throughout the grow.

    Here are some pics of the grow room and equipment I will be using.
    I still need to install the fans and finish some things up in the room.
    The plant in the room is actually a friends that was used only as a reference to size.

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    Blazerr Active Member

    Week 1: (I will be updating this post throughout the week)

    I started germinating 4 seeds yesterday.
    (2) AK48 females from Nirvana
    (2) Randoms from Nirvana

    Once the roots come out I will transfer the seedlings to a solo cup. I will follow the procedure linked below.

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    MrDangerYeild Active Member

    Just drop them in the big pots don't transfer . No reason too .

    Blazerr Active Member

    Honestly, I have been on the edge of either starting small and transferring or just going with the larger pots right away. I've read mixed reviews.

    Do you think a 2gal smart pot will be enough room or would I have to increase the size at some point? I've been rethinking my setup and might just ditch the custom PVC tent and buy a 3x3 grow tent. If I go with the new tent, I will throw all (4) plants in there with 2gal pots.

    I am also going to upgrade the light. I've been looking around and i'm probable going to go with the Lush Luminator 2x.

    Thanks for the reply!

    bf80255 Well-Known Member

    they arent autos, go ahead and start them in small containers if you want. starting small definitely has a lot of benefits and it lets you practice transplanting so id say just do what your doing lol

    plus your 150w LED will not be enough to properly flower 4 plants that your vegging forr over a month.... if your pots are that small and youve got a small light like that you may want to go 12/12 from seed bro. if you use 2 gallon pots this should still net you anywhere from 1/2oz-3oz per plant.

    get yourself an HID 400-600w LED's are expensive and not the best you can get atm

    Blazerr Active Member

    I've read that as well. It would probably make more sense for me to start small ATM. I only got one 2gal smart pot as I wasn't completely sure I what size pot I would end up using...If I go for the 3x3 tent, I'll order 3gal pots for the (4) plants.

    I understand my current LED won't be enough to grow the plants to their fullest. The light will be fine for the first few weeks until I transplant into larger pots. I really wanted to grab a quality Brand LED that will really maximize the potential of these girls. I've considered HID's although I prefer LED lights for a number of reasons.

    Let me know your thoughts.
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    bf80255 Well-Known Member

    yeah its kind of wasteful otherwise. sounds like a good plan

    okay just making sure you know. honestly bro I understand the allure of LED (reduced electric bills, reduced heat, ability to fine tune spectrums, having the newest gear , etc) but at the end of the day if you put an LED of the same wattage (not hypothetical but actual) next to an HId of similar wattage the HId will outperform the LED every time in the yield department and for about 1/4 or less the cost per unit, but its your grow and you can choose to do whatever you like im just stating facts to help you out.

    MrDangerYeild Active Member

    2 gallon pots, are going to cause you problems 3gallon pots+ 2 gallons would be ok for an 3 month auto I would suppose.

    Blazerr Active Member

    Cool....As of now, I'm going to order a 32"x32"x62" (Found a great deal) for the 4 plants. Im sure this will be enough room whether I decide to use 3gal pots or 2gal pots. I am still considering all my options at this point in time.

    I appreciate your input but unfortunately, I don't have many options except LED. For me, keeping the electric bill down is a MUST. I also really do like the simplicity of LED's although I am not saying other types of lighting require that much extra work.

    Blazerr Active Member

    For now, each seedling will be planted into a solo cup. I have a few weeks to decide what size pots I am going to use. Also, these are not auto strains. I plan to put all 4 plants into the 32"x32"x62" tent. As I said earlier, my goal is to maximize the potential of these plants.

    If I go with the 2gal pots, Do you think I will be restricting the plants growth a lot?
    If I go with the 3gal pots, Do you think the plants will outgrow the 32"x32'x62" space too quick? I will be using a scrog to even everything out.

    I still have time to consider all my options. Most of the seeds have germinated already. I assume they will all be sprouted in the solo cups by Sunday.

    Thanks for the help so far!

    bf80255 Well-Known Member

    its cool bro at the end of the day its your grow u can do whatever the hell u want lol fuck what we say these are all just suggestions.

    yeah itd be a bit restrictive in a 2 gallon.
    naw they wont get much bigger than theyd be in a 2gal just a lot more comfortable

    westbmorekush Well-Known Member

    There are so many video on led for autos and photos, . Make an educated decision instead of someone else's opinion. Very much worth it for myself. I debate at times which light I want to run. Hid is the best for me from November till late February and Led the rest of the way. Sometimes I run both. Led will always have a home in my grow.

    If I don't fly imma die anyway
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    Blazerr Active Member

    Week 1 Update (Seedlings)

    Hey guys, just wanted to give a quick update to the thread. Both AK48 seeds germinated, the 2 randoms never made it :( no biggy. As of now I will continue the grow with the (2) AK plants. I may decide later on to germ another random.

    The first AK germinated a day before the second. As you can see, the first one sprouted and the second one actually just began to sprout earlier today.

    I had both cups in my friends CFL veg. room for the last two days. I noticed the first plant really stretched a lot. I just moved everything over to the PVC tent with the small LED. I'm sure everything will work itself out in the next day or so, these things are only baby's!

    I added an exhaust fan to the tent as well as a small fan for airflow. The entire tent is sealed except for the bottom to let air in.

    At the moment, I have the light about 8" from the top of the first seedling, hopefully this will slow the stretch.

    I'll let these guys go for the next few weeks. I water them almost every day with natural spring water.

    Do you guys cut drainage holes on the solo cups?

    Will be updating frequently!

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    Tim Fox

    Tim Fox Well-Known Member

    totally diggin your grow man

    Stonironi Well-Known Member

    Looking good man . Hope the kind soil works out for you :bigjoint:

    Blazerr Active Member

    Thanks guys! I'm pretty new to this, I've done my homework and now I'm hoping for the best! Stay tuned, this will definitely be an interesting grow. I'm very excited to try the kind soil as well, looking forward to not having to deal with nutrients and deficiencies!

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    Blazerr Active Member

    End of Week 1:

    Hey guys, just wanted to give a quick update on the grow. I had successfully germinated two AK48 seeds and planted each into soil in a solo cup. Unfortunately, the second AK seed did not survive being planted. I haven't seen any growth really in the past 3 days.

    I just started germinating another random to replace the 2nd AK plant with. I think I'm going to stick with the tent that I built for now. I don't need anything bigger. I'm going to keep this grow small and go for 2 plants under a scrog setup in 3 gal. pots. I will also be upgrading my LED light soon. If everything goes well, I'll purchase a larger tent for the next grow.

    Here are some photos that I took tonight. Stay tuned!

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    Custom420 Well-Known Member

    Looks like your haven a bit of heat stress what's the temp

    Blazerr Active Member

    They range from (77-82F). Humidity is anywhere from 30-45%. It's been warmer than usual the past two days, usually the temps are in the mid 70's. Hopefully it will survive the week. I do have a fan circulating the air in the tent, I will try my best to cool things down.

    Custom420 Well-Known Member

    Is ur light to close 70 is good

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