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Newb grower, setting up first indoor/grow at all quick questions.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by lj2187, Jan 5, 2013.


    lj2187 Member

    [h=1]hi building my first ever grow indoor hydro dwc. my questions are relatively simple. keep in mind this is for 5 plants. will probably scrog but maybe not for my first setup.

    Aviditi PTU-67 Mylar Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent, 48-Inch Wide by 24-Inch Deep by 60-Inch High[/h]20 gal res tote
    Gh Flora line of nutes

    http://www.amazon.com/LEDwholesaler...UTF8&colid=E23ZY38EKSAR&coliid=I29N4TJ5XIT6G7 for intake fan to pull fresh air out of my window

    http://www.amazon.com/Hydropronic-I...pell&keywords=carbon+filter+incline+fan+combo for exhaust which will be on the outside of the tent.

    ill be be going 600 watt mh bulb for veg and 600 watt hps for flowering.

    my questions are should i get a smaller tote? i dont want to do pots. changing them singularly seems like alot more work than just doing basic math to find out nute amounts and changing one tote. should i be using 400 watt instead of 600 watt i dont want to burn up my plants and 600 watts in a 4 by 5 tents seems like a bit much. Thank you for any help you can provide.

    Oghazybread Member

    I like big totes, dont have the change nutes as much. BIgger lights the bigger buds and light spread, I go with 600w. Most efficicent light output.
    x iGrow x

    x iGrow x Active Member

    There is no difference of lumens per watt between 400w, 600w and 1000w.. Its whatever fits your grow.. if your in a 4x4 tent a 600w might be better for you, but a 1000w wont hurt, you cant have to much light.. And if this is your first grow, i would recommend starting with soil, or a soiless mixture.. Just to get your bearings, before jumping into Deep Water or Hydroponics.. This will be a learning expierence, and theres way more to fuck up in DWC or Hydro.. Just my 2 cents

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Agree with iGrow. Go big to grow big with lights and air. However, your short shopping list does not include a REAL pH meter or PPM/EC meter. Those you buy first - first - if going hydro. First. The rest ain't worth shit unless you can determine those 2 points before planting a single seed.

    Oh yeah - buy the damned calibration solutions for both meters at the same damned time you buy the actual meters. Then read the instructions thoroughly and learn to correctly use, store and calibrate each one as they aren't worth shit if they are out of calibration. Read the instructions twice and be sure to see the part about storing the pH probe wet. Again it isn't worth shit if the tip must be stored wet and you missed that part and it ends up dry and worthless and a lot of guys do.

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