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New grow!!!! some auto's, some regs. Any advice PLEASE!!!!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by bjohns01, Dec 29, 2012.


    bjohns01 Member

    I just recently placed a new order of seeds from seaofseeds.com. I ordered 3 mig-29 autos, 2x Sleetstack x Skunk1 Re,1x White Widow x White Widow Fem, 1x Auto Sweet Tooth Fem, 1x Auto Somango Fem, 1x Black Domina x Bubblegum Fe. PLEASE give any info on growing, pruning, pot size, light hours, tying etc. Also any info on the strains would be nice. I have a 6000 watt hps light. how high should the light be from the plants? My grow room is kept between 72-78 degrees. what kind, how much, and when should nuts. be applied? watering schedule? Any tips on growing highest potency and yield with each individual strain. Ive got 30 early girl (sensi seeds) at about 10 to 12 inches in height. about to cut the lights to 12 and 12. Im going to start the seeds as soon as the early girl finishes. about 6 weeks. This will be my first attempt at growing the auto strains, ANY TIPS will be greatly appreciated. Any info on the strains ive ordered? ANY INPUT IS GREATLY APRECIATED!!!!!!!!!

    zem Well-Known Member

    is this spam? lol
    E M

    E M Active Member

    Hi Zem

    please note i am the only rep from sos on here the only spam/ads from us would be promotions :)

    Many thanks

    SeeRockCity Active Member

    I got some similar freebies.... I know the auto strains prefer an 18/6 light schedule in veg.... (or anything that isnt 24/0)
    apparently it slows the growth down...which is why my Bubblegum is only like 8" tall at 3 weeks old....I was running 24hr light in veg till I learned that little tidbit

    the WWxWW is friggin AMAZING! one of the biggest strongest plants in my grow right now.

    cant wait to get through this batch of seeds so I can order more!!
    no clue

    no clue Well-Known Member

    Most of the fucked up plants you will see here are given nutrients to early, too frequently or in to strong of a concentration. So don't do that. Learn the proper ways of watering. Make sure your pots have drainage. Make sure the first pots your seeds go in are more than four and one half inches deep so the tap root has room to do it's thing. Pay attention when you are dealing with your plants and don't baby them too much. Growing is living..
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