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New Cool Tube.

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Dr.Azura, Mar 22, 2013.


    Dr.Azura Member

    Just got my cool tube in the mail from iPower for my 400w HPS.
    I have the organic soil with a customized ph and now all I need is the seeds and some 5 gal grow bags from the local hydro store. I decided not to use this 18 gallon tote because I didn't want my plants to fight for root space.
    There's a temp range of 75-78. Hasn't gone into the 80s. But with humidity so damn low, there's no wonder.
    I know that as soon as I bring up the humidity, the temps will rise.
    Gotta do it though, no worries; I have a spare inline fan.
    Heres the pics of the room so far:

    The tent is 4 feet wide but only about 3 feet is showing, while the rest is tucked behind the wall in my closet. (Discreet ;) .....ish.)

    image.jpg image.jpg

    Now, there's only one 115 CFM fan bringing in air through one duct, and then out the other.
    but with this I can still feel the exhaust Coming out through my homemade scrubber. Who woulda thought, one small 4" fan has enough power to cycle air through a cool tube completely. In and out.

    Waitin on them seeds, as soon as I get em in about a week, check out our grow journal. My love and I are gonna grow some wicked autos mand. I just fuckin know it.


    Dr.Azura Member

    Somehow the cooltube pic is upside down.
    Heres a fixed one

    actont Active Member

    and question is??????

    Dr.Azura Member

    I'm sorry,
    Did I say I had a question?
    This was purely informational.
    For that kid somewhere who wants to know about results with a cool tube or is thinking of getting one.
    Get out of my thread ass.

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