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New, Better, Faster Way to Make Your Own Spice!

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by wtlndwarrior13, Apr 23, 2010.


    wtlndwarrior13 Active Member

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Recipe for 1oz of Spice

    This is for a strong batch, the amount of JWH used can be changed up.

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Materials Needed:

    -Can of acetone
    -Metal or glass dish/pan
    -1G JWH-018
    -0.2OZ mullien
    -0.8OZ Damiana
    -Metal or glass cup


    1. Take the Damiana and Mullein and combine them in an appropriate sized dish or pan (big enough to mix all the herbs around in without herbs falling everywhere)
    2. Take 1g of JWH-018 and pour it into a metal or glass cup, then fill the cup up with around 25ml of acetone, or until the jwh has been fully dissolved
    3. Make sure 90-95% of the jwh has been dissolved before continuing
    4. Slowly pour a little acetone/jwh mixture evenly over the top for 2-3 seconds, mix herbs around with your hands for 60-90 seconds ( MIX THEM EVENLY AND GOOD)
    5. Repeat the above process 5+ times until all of the mixture is gone
    6. Put some herbs into the cup the jwh/acetone was in to make sure you get all of the jwh out and then put it back into the herbs again
    7. Mix the herbs EVENLY for 5 minutes, rubbing the herbal mixture between your hands as if it were Plato
    8. Spread the herbs out evenly on a large pan
    9. Let acetone evaporate and herbs dry for 6+ hours (every 60 minutes, thoroughly mix the herbs around)
    10. After the 6 hours have passed, smell the herbs and make sure it has no acetone smell
    11. Test a bowl out
    12. Enjoy :)


    Altecresearch.com- 20g of JWH-018 for 325.00!

    he is a legitimate supplier, and i use him almost daily.

    he only accepts cash in mail/money orders or western union/moneygram.



    tebor Well-Known Member

    I'll just smoke my jwh's in a traditional meth pipe.
    no need for burning extra material.
    the less smoke in my lungs the better.

    Syke1 Active Member

    please remove that vendor, no need for that, we all know how/where to get it, all that is doing is possibly getting that guy pinched, and it takes away from your AND his credibility cuz it looks like your spamming a message board which is a common practice for scammers.

    boseke420 Active Member

    hes not spamming hes not getting guy pinched as u call it??
    he is simply tring to inform u on were and how to get if you dont wanna go through all the hassel mof looking so dont hate plz

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    This is good accept for you sourcing a vendor.. that is not cool at all.

    Cakk Member

    Good info but I wouldn't link the source.

    Syke1 Active Member

    I'm def not hating, but if he just wanted to spread info and help us out on our search for JWH then there are better ways to do it like just saying " pm me, i have a great source",. or something like that...

    any one else think 25 ml poured on an oz of herb is not evenly spread enough? I still think a spray bottle works best.

    I do appologize tho, my posts from earlier today are a lil more harsh than i would like, and I blame it on me not having ciggs earlier, so my baaaaad :)

    d.s.m. Well-Known Member

    I've never rubbed Plato between my hands.

    Syke1 Active Member

    LOL I rubbed Socrates between my hands but never Plato haha

    Squeeky4711 Active Member

    I currently have my first G for research in the mail. I've been curious about how to evenly distribute across 1.2oz, as I would prefer a little weaker blend. I realize you can use as much acetone as needed as long as you give it time to evaporate. For those that use a spray bottle I have a few questions.

    1. How do you get all the acetone out, usually when using a spray bottle you end up with some at the bottom that does not get sucked up?
    2. How do you keep it even as I would assume the center of the spray would be more concentrated?
    3. Has anyone added flavoring to the acetone in order to increase taste (seen idea in other forums but no yes/no results)?

    wtlndwarrior13 Active Member

    lol no offense, but i was the one wo posted the first HOW TO MAKE SPICE thread, i am not spamming.. i am simply telling you a cheap source for jwh, but if you guys have a problem with it then go ahead and pay 60 a gram for your shit.
    heinz57 likes this.

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    The point is, sourcing a RC vendor in the open is a potential way to get it shut down. Then you look like a dumbshit because you lost your source and you're back to $60/g.

    wtlndwarrior13 Active Member

    lol he sells openly on legalhighguides.com, he doesnt mind.

    but whatever, if a mod wants they can edit my post.. it wouldnt let me.

    heinz57 Member

    How long did the effect of your batch last i used 56ml of pure acetone and 1 g jwh-018 on 56g of damaina effect very good but only lasts 30 min i'm going to try less lesf next time to see if effect is longer

    j08 Member

    Can someone please PM me with any ideas on where to buy JWH-018 that is safe? I've emailed what look like the top 10 retailers online, but none have been able to provide third party testing on purity and so I don't trust them and figure the next best thing is a recommendation from a satisfied customer.
    jahjah kush

    jahjah kush Member

    is this mixture truley similar to marijuana or will i be disapointed after spending my money to find it is not pleasurable

    j08 Member

    It is very similar to MJ. I've done hours of research on it, but others here will be much more knowledgeable than I am. Some people claim it lasts longer than MJ while others claim not as long. Some claim the effects come on faster than MJ. Some people experience headaches as a side-effect more than MJ. Most people claim it doesn't give the sense of euphoria the way MJ does. Many people say it causes less paranoia.

    j08 Member

    Altecresearch.com no longer sells JWH-018. Could you please PM me with whatever alternate source you'd recommend?

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    Fuck you. Is that a good source?

    cdrippper2 Active Member

    Why do "people" keep constantly asking for sources...Christ, does no one listen around here? Shepj, you seem to be gettin quite irritated and rightfully so. hey j08, if a random person just walked up to you and was like, hey man, know where i can get (whatever), would you be willing to spill da beans? Loose lips sink ships man. Google that shit if you really want to find it, just like every other mother fucker around here did to find their legit, legal suppliers

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