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Neem oil during flowering

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by delilahmaster, Feb 12, 2012.


    delilahmaster Member

    How long can you use neem oil into flowering? does it have any effect when it is sprayed onto the forming buds? obviously I wouldnt use it the last week at least but can you use it until then?

    AlmightyPapaC Member

    Use extreme caution with neem oil.. id only use it as needed, every 14 days.
    Unless you have a bad infestation, then every 7 days. REMEMBER! 1 FL OZ PER
    GALLON! Mix well while using.

    smokedup12 Active Member

    IMO i can always naste the neem oil if it is ever applied to any buds. asoon as u have some flowers stop using it. Ive also seen neem oil cause bud to burn black(ash)

    delilahmaster Member

    How would you suggest controlling spider mites during flowering if neem cannot be applied? i figured they would have poor effects on the buds but i was wondering if anyone had tried it. i just dont want to ruin them or lose them to mites if they come back during flowering
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    smokedup12 Active Member

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    AlmightyPapaC Member

    Or lady bugs. A safer, organic alternative.
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    Danielsgb Well-Known Member

    Dr. Doom Knock Out. You can use it weekly till 2 to 3 weeks from harvest.

    weedyGrin Member

    neem oil you should really hold off for the last 3 weeks of flowering and use it sparingly when you do use it. Or don't use it at all.

    for spidermites (which are a fucking bitch) make sure you cool that environment down as much as possible. Like 60 degrees if you can at night. That slows the mites way down.

    I use yellow sticky traps that you can find here: http://www.alternativeco2.com/Grow-Accessories-s/43.htm

    then nail them with some of this spicy, minty stuff that's at home depot and switch that off with some nasty smelling stuff from the grow store.

    I can't remember what either is called right now. But a lot of things work. The point is to use several methods so they don't get used to one. Hit them in waves so that you kill the eggs, newly hatched, and any random survivors from each wave.

    You have to be thorough. You won't get them all the first time. Don't give up just because some are still around. You have to be persistent.

    You'll never get rid of them all for the rest of the grow but you can still salvage it.

    Constantly keep an eye on them if you have spidermite problem. If you see one plant heavily infested try to use a little vacuum to suck them off.

    If you ever see a shitload of them on some plants move those plants into the shower and just hose those fuckers down so you wash all the mites off of the infected plants. Unless they're not worth saving. But if they already have decent buds and are healthy for the most part you probably want to try and save them.

    Constantly clip dead leaves so that you don't give them stuff to feed on or places to hide. Clip the bottom leaves even if they're healthy. These are mite breeding grounds. There should be no bushy little leaves at the bottom of each plant. It won't get you shit for bud and will just provide a breeding environment for mites and other bugs. As well as will take energy away from the plant producing growth where it matters.

    Light doesn't hit the bottom of the plant well enough anyway so make sure to trim the bottom of those plants well.

    Be looking for speckled leaves as these are places where they are getting crazy even if you think everything is going fine.

    Worst comes to worst bomb that room as long as it is less then 6 weeks of flowering.

    I hate spider mites. Good luck. But neem oil tastes nasty. I've always used different methods.

    People say ladybugs work but I've bought tens of thousands of ladybugs and had them flying around my place all over and I still had bad problems. In my opinion ladybugs don't work much at all and get to be a pain because now you have more bugs flying all over your house. Then they fly up to the lights and die and you have all these dead ladybugs to deal with.

    AlmightyPapaC Member

    Dr. Doom almost hit a knock out... I agree not to use anything but water for the last 2 weeks, BUT!
    I would follow the directions and use every 2 weeks AS NEEDED! Neem oil, though organic, still shocks
    your plants, I know this from experience...

    delilahmaster Member

    I definitely have seen a reduction from the first spray. but I removed all the eggs I could find and I am not seeing any new ones pop up. There does still seem to be some new leaf damage though. I am hoping the are slowly dying out. I still have two days left until I can spray again. They said at the store it would take at least two sprays so hopefully after this one it gets them. I am going to keep using it until buds start to form though just in case

    Jimmyjonestoo Well-Known Member

    I like the pepper spray method over neem oil that stuff is nasty. But as previously said its a good idea to switch tactics so they don't get used to any one method. Best of luck I fucking hate spider mites.
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    Shaunp New Member

    Diatomaceous Earth! It has worked really well for me in getting rid of all my pests! I'm not sure if you are able to use it during flowering though.

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