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Need some life advice.

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Tx69, Mar 23, 2012.


    Tx69 Member

    i feel like I'm going crazy, i feel overwhelmed, i feel empty inside and sad. Pretty much these last couple of days during spring break i have realized what a fuck up my life has become... let me explain

    I'm an 18 year old male finishing school this year. I don't have a job or a resume made to even get one, I don't have a car or my N license, I have no 'real' friends that live close to me, I haven't been in a relationship with a girl in almost 3 years now to top it off. I just feel so useless and lonely every single day. I smoke weed constantly because i have no self control on my use of it and because I'm so alone, I just sit at home all day and do nothing but sleep and sit around getting high which doesn't even make me feel better anymore. I keep trying to do things in order to improve my life but i just can't find the energy and motivation to do things anymore and i can't figure out why, i just get so stressed out with everything piling up and it just gets to be a bigger and bigger problem the longer i leave it, I feel so overwhelmed with everything i need to do. I'm sure i would be a lot happier and content with my life if i had somebody once in a while to talk to, like somebody that actually cared about me. That's why not having a girlfriend or even friends is so hard, because i know inside that I'm a nice, funny, smart, and outgoing person that can make a lot of people laugh, it's just that i don't have anyone anymore to experience the good times with and it depresses the shit out of me.. I don't even know what i want to study or do after i finish highschool.. I used to enjoy life, i don't know what happened to me.. I don't blame anything though but myself for what my life is today.

    I just feel so tired and.. unmotivated, is the only word i can think of.. I want all those things so badly but i can't do anything it seems..I'm desperate to change my life around before i lose my sanity, I am asking this here because i don't know where else to ask it and why not ask other fellow stoners for some advice? I appreciate any help i get.
    Stonerman Enoch

    Stonerman Enoch Active Member

    It's spring break? I must need to get with the times
    Stonerman Enoch

    Stonerman Enoch Active Member

    You could get a dog.

    cannabineer Ursus marijanus

    At eighteen, you have all your vitality. Find a hard physical job worth doing (like an oilfield job in North Dakota ... I hear they're hiring). It'll snap the purpose of your life into sharp focus, teach the value (at a high valuation) of self-reliance, and give you a toolset of skills and self-confidence that'll serve you well for the next 70 years. Jmo. cn

    420God Well-Known Member

    Start working out. You'll gain more energy and want to do stuff.

    neosapien Well-Known Member

    Stop smoking weed. You need a job. Then a hobby. Some direction in your life. A purpose. Then start smoking weed again after you don't suck anymore. Lol j/k with the last part...Don't smoke weed again. j/k again.

    Clonex Well-Known Member

    My god your 18 ffs ,
    Smoking in the day is not helping,
    You need to use it as a reward after your days work/chores,
    Like everything else , moderation ,
    18ffs ,
    Get off your uckin lazy ass!!!!!

    Grumpy' Active Member

    Wait, no nagging girl, get to sleep n smoke all day? Where's the issue? No bills no responsibilities, noone depending on you to make sure they make it through another day. Man the life!!
    The simple fact that you realize there is a problem (in your eyes, some would kill for a similar situation), shows motivation. If you think it to be a bit enough issue in your life, either get yourself motivated more (again, your were motivated enough to talk here), or seek professional help.

    JohnnyGreenfingers Well-Known Member

    C'mon guys. it's a

    Just joined today to make one post and it's that? Crypt, just try being less creepy and they'll come around.

    Sm00th0Perat0r Member

    You need balance in your life. That is all.

    JohnnyGreenfingers Well-Known Member

    Yup. Chemical balance. And some attention.

    cannabineer Ursus marijanus

    It's a spirit level? OK Johnny, you've got me scratching my head. cn

    420God Well-Known Member

    Lol, I was thinking Urca myself.

    JohnnyGreenfingers Well-Known Member

    FINALLLLY! I'm retiring right here and now, going out on top.

    JohnnyGreenfingers Well-Known Member

    Wish I could rep you again man. =)

    Clonex Well-Known Member

    Mr Miagi will give you balance ,
    Wax on wax off >.<

    Caligrower619 Member

    Hey Tx69,
    I know how you feel, I'm 19 and I feel the same a lot of time. Ever since I was 17 I have been on my own and it seems like since I have been on my own I am so lonely and depressed with no one to talk to. Lately I have tried some new things to kind of throw myself out there to find friends and people I want to be around. First, take things one at a time, it's better to start something and finish it then start a bunch of things and leave them unfinished... make a list of important things you need to get done and do them one at a time, when you finish one thing move on to the next one:-o Second, Find something that interest you like a hobby or something (mine is rc cars) and look online there should be other people in your area with the same interest that have a group or team that meet every month, go to the meetings you will be able to find people that hold the same interest as you which is a good start to making friends. Third, set goals for yourself, this can be a simple as to tell yourself to take a walk everyday around the block or if you like reading finishing a book, when you meet your daily goals it will motivate and uplift you. Finally exercise, Im not sure how your money is but I signed up to a gym and started working out everyday, 1 i got out of the house at least once a day and 2 I am more physically fit and better looking:hump: this will help your confidence for meeting girls. If you don't want a gym membership then exercise outside for an hour or two.

    Try some of these options for like 3 weeks to a month and I know you will feel better. I felt the same as you do and sometimes I still feel this way but I did these things and it helped me get my mind off of my problems for awhile.
    I hope you feel better soon:?

    and I hope I helped a little

    splitphilly Active Member

    I was gonna say the same thing, smoke at the end of your day. This is why I tell my nephews not to smoke until they're out of high school, weed should be a reward. Once your days have direction, then you can polish them off with some bud. Fuck fake friends too. Friends is a very loose word, I have 2 friends in my life, and plenty acquaintances. Look at it that way, you're better off.

    Other than that, wait until you go to college/university, follow what was said about weed being a reward, and everything will fall into place. Nobody's an outcast, you just haven't met each other yet.

    Clonex Well-Known Member

    ^^^ Wax on Wax off :joint:

    cannabineer Ursus marijanus

    Most 18-year-olds go straight to step two. Lather, rinse, repeat. cn

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