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Need help with Co2 (vinegar & baking soda)

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Claytronics, Mar 18, 2007.


    Claytronics Well-Known Member

    I was just wondering if anyone has some pics for there system or a system that uses vinegar & baking soda. So post them up and let me know mmmkay kids.

    shunkan Active Member

    don't use vinegar/baking soda as it can be one of those school projects that blows up-----have you considered yeast and sugar in soda bottle. works pretty good in a six plant grow.

    CellZero Active Member

    are you serious...?

    bigbudeddie Well-Known Member

    i have used vinegar and baking soda and have never had an explosion lol i put mine into a 2 litre container with a hole in the lid and shake it up a few times a day. This does require alot of effort. I have heard of drip systems but i could never be botherd. Peace

    Spittn4cash Well-Known Member

    i had the drip vinegar & baking soda setup, but it became a huge hassle trying to regulate the drips. I switched over to the sugar-yeast-water co2 system bcuz it last longer, (like 2-3 weeks and the vinegar and baking soda only last until the fizz goes away like 2-3 hours.) and its a higher, more dense concentration of co2

    and the vinegar & baking soda is actually safer than sugar-yeast-water method IMO..google video search it, ppl make bombs outta bottles filled with sugar, water, and yeast..worse that could happen with baking soda & vinegar is what..it'll fizz over on your hands..?
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    Claytronics Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replys I got a little system that is kinda working. I just took 2 powerade bottles took the top off one and put the bakin soda in that one. Then on the other i just made a needle hole in the cap and put the vinegar in. Here is a pic


    ray_say Active Member

    Thanks for the pic after that what is the next step Clytronics....

    Claytronics Well-Known Member

    Fill a little in both end then tape them together. The one with vinegar has the cap. The one with baking soda doesnt. Then I put a bunch of holes around the top of the one with baking soda. Be careful though if you mix to much at once you will get a explosion of that shit. Well not a big one or anything it will just shot out everywhere. Um what else the one with vinegar goes on top and the one with baking soda goes on bottom. here are some pics

    2 Bottles one with a cap one without
    The one with a cap put a needle size hole in the center of it
    Then put some holes along the top of the other bottle
    Then fill both and tape together and that should work.

    ray_say Active Member

    I realy appret this then u just put it in the closet the why it is Claytronic....thanks

    Claytronics Well-Known Member

    Yea I mix it in my closet most of the time so none is wasted.

    ray_say Active Member

    as soon as the viniger is over means u need to re do the operation again Claytronic. and if so how offen u re do .thanks

    Claytronics Well-Known Member

    Well what I will do is let it drip til its all gone out of the top bottle. Then give it a little shake not to much cause you will mix it to much and it will spew all over the place (trust me had it happen). I do it like once a day. Im sure you could do it more cause it only last about 4 hours if you do it right. Once you dont see anymore bubbles coming up and you shake it and still no bubbles then its out.

    ray_say Active Member

    thanks again Claytronic.

    Claytronics Well-Known Member

    No problem.

    trusten Well-Known Member

    have u ever noticed it actually help your plants tho?

    Hillbilly420 Well-Known Member

    Why go through all the trouble? You can get a bucket, sit it in your grow space, and just throw Dry Ice in there as often as u can think to pick some up from the store. Its only 99 cents a lb. Its cheaper, cleaner, and safer for your plants. Not to mention it will help cool your room if you are using HPS, and add that night time cool down for your flowering ladies while increasing your yields...

    markman12 Active Member

    i dont understand what do you do with the co2 that is captured..just leave it next to the plant??

    Kingb420 Well-Known Member

    wtf.................. bongsmilie

    markman12 Active Member

    thats a legit question..!!

    anotherchance New Member

    dont think you will get much co2 with the baking soda thing

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