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Naming a new strain

Discussion in 'Breeders Paradise' started by shishkaboy, Dec 17, 2010.


    shishkaboy Well-Known Member

    lets say you had some pot. it is good pot u like everthing about it. you find 1 seed in it. you plant it it grows nice. its a girl. it smells like lemon sour diesel/og kush. i would guess that this was a lsd or a og female that selfed to produce a seed or it was some rouge pollen. but in either case this would be a new strain all together either a backcross or a hybrid. even if it was grown for seeds its still a hybrid or a backcross. would it be cool to just name the strain sour lemon kush. lets say that the actual breeder was trying to cross lsd and og kush to create lemon kush. since i have a copy of his lemon kush. whos to say that i could not have a dif phenotype that i call sour lemon kush.

    sike89 Active Member

    you can call your weed anything you want i guess, IMO if its bag seed (comes from a hermi bud) call it what ever makes you laugh.
    BUT i do not recommend giving it such a powerful name only because people may call bull shit lol.

    but example i grew a bag seed and it smelled like pineapple so i named it "pineapple pie"

    but hey.. if it gets you retarded high call it sour lemon kush or what ever you want.

    again all this is just my opinion.

    SCCA Active Member

    call it whatever you want, there are many clone only strains. however i suggest you dont call it any thin that denotes a different strain unless you are fairly sure of the heritage. calling unknown bag seed by any known name would only complicate the already confusing cannabis gene pool.

    bobbypyn Well-Known Member

    or you could call it Ball-sweat Kush... and then laugh at your friends for wanting to taste your ball-sweat. it's every bit as fun as it sounds.... trust me.

    bobbypyn Well-Known Member

    ...yeah, the options are wide open for that. I stole the idea from gucci mane, cuz of that song Armpit Kush. my first thought was "I don't wanna try THAT weed!" thats nasty...

    dababydroman Well-Known Member

    gucci maN WACK. you should call it lemonade.

    Tym Active Member

    I say unless you're %100 sure it's a new strain you're just renaming someones strain. But by all means, call it whatever you want :)

    MuntantLizzard Well-Known Member

    I have Strawberry Purple! CLone ONly!

    I need help naming my crosses in F3 and f4, To me the name not as important Till someone smokes and says :THIS IS _____:
    Then I name it.

    doowmd Well-Known Member

    I bred a male white russian to a female of some of the best bagseed I've ever smoked and called the seeds "special k" , cause I like the way it sounded, and I needed an identifier........jus sayin.
    sgt d

    sgt d Well-Known Member

    I did a trim in CO, 5 strains, all from Dutch seed. Which seed companies, idunno. Each strain had a plant or two, with a seed or two apiece, always in the same spot: right at the bottom of a branch. These must be the "selfed" seeds you guys are talkin about, 'cause I can testify that there were no bananas in that crop as every bit of it passed thru my hands. They're growing out now, 16 of the 24. All female. There's a really short, squat one with huge beautiful leaves that I'm gonna call "Squat Thrust."

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