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My plants don`t smell - wtf?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by madmad, Nov 7, 2011.


    madmad Active Member

    Hi folks,

    Basically the title says it all - my plants pretty much don`t smell at all :/ My previous grows reeked from like 3rd week of veg - not this one though. I`m 2.5 weeks into flower with those and they smell like pretty much any weed that you would find growing outside, nettle or whatever, and its a VERY faint smell, I have to stick my nose right into the plants to smell anything. As you can see they don`t really look that bad aside from that lil pale retard that wouldnt initially grow so I was learning a bit of topping and LST on it. DSC00071.jpg Temps ocassionally hit 80F, usually hover around 75-78, humidity around 35%, feeding them Biobizz Bloom. 3 of those are NLxSkunk, 1 Orange Bud, 1 Osiris, the retard is White diesel and actually its the only one that smells like it should. I definitely didn`t get used to the smell as there was nothing to get used to plus I haven`t had a smoke in like 3 months. Any thoughts?

    Stickystickyganja Well-Known Member

    Hows your air circulation. when i got my new inline fan, even without a carbon filter it seemed to smell less. Or some strains really perk up in size and smell the last 2 weeks.

    madmad Active Member

    I`d say its pretty good - I have two oscillating fans, one blowing from the bottom up and one across the canopy, 5" inline extractor+carbon filter and 4" low-speed intake. But even if I switch everything off that doesn`t seem to make any difference, if it wasnt for temp control I probably would have left it all off. I hope they will pick up cuz I`m pretty gutted so far, I think I love the smell and taste more than the high lol

    Stickystickyganja Well-Known Member

    Dont worry man the same has happened to me before. I had a blueberry strain and it didnt smell for shit. I thought the guy was bullshitting about the seeds. but 2 weeks before harvest you can really smell the berries. and the taste was pretty nice too. If you havnt grew this strain before i would just wait it out and not stress. Regardless you will have some home grown bud and you will know not to grow that strain again if it failed your likings. best of luck.

    nanookofeclectic Active Member

    Have you pinched any of the buds? I've had some pretty dank bud that didn't smell unless you pinched it a little.

    goten Well-Known Member

    Not every plant has that strong smell , its probably just the strain

    My N.l did not smell either , i mean it had a little sweet smell to it , but not that strong weed smell ya know

    that N.l x skunk should smell though cuz of the skunk cross but idk iv never grown that hybrid before just N.l

    I bet you could finger her some , then smell your finger and you will smell it then lol

    The smell might come a little later who knows , but your plant not smelling is not effecting anything ,

    Hey now you dont have to worry about spending extra money on carbon filters lol
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    Jogro Well-Known Member

    A few points:

    -Some strains smell more than others. There are a few strains that really just don't smell all that much (NL being one of the ones that is low-scent).

    -Smell increases exponentially towards the end of flowering, as bud mass increases. Just because your plants don't smell too much at 2 weeks does NOT mean they won't reek in 4 more weeks!

    -More plants = more smell, obviously, with less plants (or smaller ones) giving off less scent.

    -If you have good air movement over the plants, you may be blowing away the smell. Where are you venting to?

    -Don't complain! Many growers would be thrilled with plants that don't give off that much scent. Also, apart from sheer bud mass, there isn't really any direct relationship between quality of bud, and smell.

    madmad Active Member

    Nah, I haven`t fingered any of them yet as I thought they`re a bit too young lol, may try it later on. But I hope you guys are right and they will pick up, I guess time will tell. Funny thing is I already bought a new carbon filter thinking that the old one wouldn`t cope with the stink they will be kicking out - considering the skunk in them. Oh well, I`ll have it ready for the next grow then.

    madmad Active Member

    My grow room is a built in wardrobe in my bedroom and I have the extractor fan pushing the air through the filter which is outside the growroom. I know some might consider me lucky but I just love the smell and I wish they reeked :)

    eaglesfanguy New Member

    Mine only have smell when cooped up.. I leave my closet door open as much as i can and they hardly have any smell.. But go in and do some pruning or russle em around and P-U

    althor Well-Known Member

    You have nothing to worry about.

    AlGore Well-Known Member

    I've just gotten used to mine I think, lol. When people come over they say it smells of weed really strong in there but I don't notice it, lol.

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