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My neighbor called the cops

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by BUDies, Feb 23, 2013.


    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    If I was in Cali n within my limits I would go to station n demand answers...if the came by I would smoke a blunt in front of those fucks while they counted plants n blow hits in their direction....they can't do shit.
    bird mcbride

    bird mcbride Well-Known Member

    Oops...almost forgot...they don't need a warrant if they have reason to think this and even if you're "legal" you'll still lose. Keep the grow well locked up. At least that will somewhat cover your butt.

    BUDies Active Member

    they dont need a warrant if they have reason to think what? what does that even mean? im pretty sure what your trying to say is that they can get a warrant with smell as reasonable cause... if they ever tried to enter my house without a warrant theyd be getting sued to fuck. if they didnt need a warrant they prob woulda done something by now also.

    Tomselik Member

    Get a carbon filter

    Smokenpassout Well-Known Member

    As others have said IF you squeak by on this one. Id make it priority to start investing in odor control. Hell I have a 4" fan scrubber combo for my single plant medicinal grow.

    bigv1976 Well-Known Member

    <<<<<<<<< I would send Kermit to have a chat with those nosey neighbors.

    VaporTrail Active Member

    Like Hotrod said get legal help. If the police knocked at your door they smelled it also. In my Med State your grow must be behind a locked door, dont know about Cali?. But in your garage dosent sound like a secure place. Do you live in a condo or co op that could be another problem?. You need to look at the whole picture the 5.0 dosent play by the rules either. Cover your ASS.

    Bigby Well-Known Member

    OG Kermit. :-P

    bluntmassa1 Well-Known Member

    I'd pay some kids to attack your neighbor with flaming shit bags. lol, you know some young punks will be all over that get them hit once a week or so till they get sick of cleaning shit off there boots and deck and move away.

    Doer Well-Known Member

    Well, they just had something like this adjudicate in Contra Costa County. Concord, CA.

    Neighbor smelled, complained. Cops came and saw his Medical Papers, nothing can be done. The Neighbors went to the county commissioners and they ruled the neighbor should mind his own business with his vacant fears of crime.

    Doer Well-Known Member

    And when the kids get caught and rat you out, then what?

    Trousers Well-Known Member


    MYOB Well-Known Member

    Well, they probably came to investigate your neighbors compliant and THEY smelled it. Then they wrote up a warrant, went to a judge to get it signed then came to execute the warrant.

    They can't get a warrant because a civilian calls in and says they smell marijuana coming from your house.

    Why risk it?

    Milovan Well-Known Member

    I say protect your grow with a huge arsenal and booby traps.
    Don't go down without a fight.

    Seriously though, try and finish your grow at a safe
    location such as a family members house or at a friends house etc...you said your growing in your garage right?
    Then your plants must be in movable containers.

    knotmyself Member

    I agree with nick88, You knew it was a recipe for disaster from the begining growing so close to a school. If your going to be legit your going to have to be legit all the way... or else.... Silver braclets my friend. Good luck bud.

    apollo4 Well-Known Member

    Smell or sight alone no warrant needed.they will sit back and try to get your ties too.cut and move overnight or you're fucked,u asked for it,,,

    AdamBlack760 Well-Known Member

    ill say this from personal experience i had a 99 plant rec neighbor called cops having that call and that report the cop took form neighbor was enough for a warrant. Cops came knocking. Showed them my rec they called to verify spent about two hours befor they figured out they could legally search house with the warrant they had even tho i was a mmj patient. Two hours spent counting plants and searching house and detached garage. 91 final plant count. Went from your ok to were cutting everything other than 6 and 12 to your under arrest to everything chopped and all gear seised. Spent weekend in jail and was released to DA not fileing charges. Thought all was ok lame that everything was chopped but no files charged. Talked to lawyer and was going to sue for lost meds ect once the one year to file was over. 10 months after the arrest got letter in mail stating that i was being charged with felony cultivation. All standard court bs pre trial had "specialists" saying my plants were inline with my medical needs. Still not enough we were preparing to go to trial. The only ple bargen i was offered was local time witch would be baicly one year served in county jail instead of going to prison for 3 year mandatory minnium. On last court date before trial my lawyer met with judge and da stating what i would ple to a wobbler (a charge that can be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor) to be reduced to misdemeanor once completed probation and time served. So i pled out to possession of concentrated cannabis (no hash was found). My lawyer and i believed if went to trial 85% chance of being found innocent all depending jury selection. I wasnt willing to spend 15K on top of the 10k to go to trial and risk three years in state prison.

    If i were you spend $200 to have a lawyer write a letter of notice to local pd stateing that you have become aware that a police report was filed and that your a mmj patient with a copy of your rec and that you are following all guide lines and any questions be directed to his office.

    AdamBlack760 Well-Known Member

    All this happened in San Diego and when i spoke with the DA about how i could stop this from ever happening he sayed 6 and 12 even tho sb420 and plant limits are unconstitutional its was local cops will use for arrest and let you and a judge figure out. He allso sayed getting your state/county card and turning it in to local pd with your intents of growing will look more forthcoming. Also they had no proof of sales for my case no scale no ledgers no packing materials no text messages no nothing. [h=3][/h][h=3][/h]

    BUDies Active Member

    well they havent come back yet but i really have no idea how long it would take to get a warrant but you really think it would help having a lawyer write a letter to the city?

    Mellowman2112 Well-Known Member

    Nope, smell is not probably cause in a medical state. The cop has no reason to believe that the grow is not a legal grow.

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