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My First Little Autoflower (NYC DIESEL)

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by WayBaked, Jun 28, 2013.


    WayBaked Active Member

    SEED: G13 Labs Seeds NYC Diesel autoflower (fem)
    SOIL: FoxFarm HappyFrog (amended w/ peat moss, earthworm castings, and dolomite lime)
    LIGHT: 400W HPS (20/4)
    PLANTED: 06/26/2013

    Sprouting after 2 days under 400W HPS for 20/4.

    justugh Well-Known Member

    good work ...............when u feel u need to water it only use 1 cup this will help advoid over watering it 2nd week go 2 cups and 3week well depends on the size of your planter

    i had better results on 18/6 then 20/4 on berry ryder just saying so u can test if better on 20/4 for this strain i will add to notes ......good luck and thanks for the info

    WayBaked Active Member

    Thanks. Yeah I've been careful with water because I've heard that's one of the easiest ways to stunt an AF and screw yourself over early.

    tekdc911 Well-Known Member

    i use a spray bottle until it has a few real leaves
    then go with the 1 cup like that amish fucker said
    but dont spray the leaves just the soil

    WayBaked Active Member

    Sounds like a good idea, thanks.

    Regarding lighting, I have a few options here (since this autoflower is just kind of hanging out in my other, occupied rooms)...

    I have a 6-tube (~30,000 lumen) T5 light vegging some clones/mothers on 20/4 right now...
    Or I can do 18/6 or 20/4 moving it back and forth between my 400W and 3000W flowering rooms (both rooms are roughly the same environment and it receives only slightly more light in the 3000W room than the 400W due to light distance).

    justugh Well-Known Member

    use the mothering room for the grow part then off to the 3000w room for the final budding u will get more out of them in that room then u will the 400w ....tho if u have 2 going u might want to run a test and confirm it

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