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My DIY Bubble Cloner

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by buddzer, Aug 9, 2010.


    buddzer Member

    After seeing some threads for making your own bubble cloner, I finally decided to make my own. I used an old aquarium i had lying around and a tube light. Then I bought the air stones, air pump and heater at walmart. Then I cut out a piece of Plexiglas for the top and a board to hold the cuttings in place. I thought it turned out nicely. Tell me what you think of it and any improvements that could be made. Thanks :)

    I'll try to get some better pics of it soon....

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    GoldenGanja13 Well-Known Member

    I am needing to make myself one, and soon. Your's looks pretty tight.

    fizzle Active Member

    yup, looks good.

    fatbum Member

    looks cool

    buddzer Member

    It's about a little over a week, nine days I think, and so far no roots but I'm not that surprised, however the cuttings have grown quite a bit and the new growth is starting to turn brownish. The leaves are getting little brown spots on them and I really don't know whats going on. their growing but not rooting, I'm kinda lost. Any help?

    unsaneyo Member


    isthislegal Well-Known Member

    looks good!

    stilljonzen Well-Known Member

    i think removiing the heater will help. the warmer water has less oxygen in the water. the point of bubblers is to saturate the water with 02. good luck

    asdf1 Active Member

    On my bubble cloner i had no heater and clones were slow to root. Put a heating pad under and i had roots in 7 days. Im not trying to discredit what your saying, you may be right. Just trying to offer another point of view....

    rowlman Well-Known Member

    Very nice. I just made one too...lol. I used a square rubbermaid bucket, and put a small pump in the water with the airstone. The pump circulated the water nice and kept in at 79.
    I know 80 seems warm but as soon as I see roots I shut down the pump and add another air stone. 12 of 14, and 14 of 15 rooted. Both times I let them stay in the cloner for 7 days after roots ( 14 days total ). Both times I had roots on day 6 - 7.
    I had given up on clones untill I made this thing...all but the bucket was old fishtank stuff too. All those clones lived and are rockin right now. Good luck

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