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Multiple Strain / Passive Hydro / First Attempt from seed ...............

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Clonex, Feb 3, 2012.


    Clonex Well-Known Member

    Ok , 4 strains from seed , all Feminised ,

    Dutch Passion Blueberry x 2,
    Female Ice,
    Sensi Big Bud,
    Ghs The Church,

    2 strains from clones,

    BB's G-Bomb and Nirvana Northern lights ,

    Method / Passive Hydro
    Medium / Cellmax grow cubes & Hydroleca Clay
    Nutrients / Vitalink Max Hydro grow, Vitalink bloom , Rhizontonic , Canna Pk 13/14
    Water / Rainwater(Filtered) , Ph'd at 5.8,
    Lights Veg / 1x Large T5 , various Eco flo's for easy positioning , 250 w MH/HPS (bulb swapped daily)
    Lights Bloom / 1350 w HPS

    All rooms full Exhaust and commercial Air con cooled, fans dotted around again for easy positioning,

    Thanks for looking,

    grodan-grow-cubes-4-web__10726.jpg 7892 8-12mm Leca pallet.jpg DSC00035.jpg DSC00031.jpg DSC00046.jpg DSC00033.jpg DSC00034.jpg DSC00032.jpg DSC00047.jpg DSC00044.jpg DSC00043.jpg DSC00042.jpg DSC00041.jpg DSC00040.jpg DSC00039.jpg DSC00038.jpg DSC00037.jpg DSC00036.jpg DSC00026.jpg
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    papapayne Well-Known Member

    looks good man! subbed/repped.

    Is that 1350 hps...that 1 bulb?! or do you mean total watts will be 1350?
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    Clonex Well-Known Member

    Hi Papapayne , thanks for looking in ,
    sorry yeah , Thats 2 x 600w hps ( vert in Parabolic hoods ) and 1 x 150w hps (no hood) for sidelighting .....

    ^NoR*[email protected] Well-Known Member


    this will be good!!! got a lighting question also clonex, what will you be doing with your veg HID?
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    Clonex Well-Known Member

    I am using various mini flo's , a t5 panel and a 250 w light that i have both bulbs for and will be swapping them daily , is this what you mean ???

    SFguy Well-Known Member

    sub a dub, rubber duckies in the tub

    i think he meant will you still use it to veg?? once they go into flower?? or will you add it to the flower room??

    everything loks coo man thos "blu mystic's" sorta remind me of what the reveggers start out like and it looks like they got A lil cold w/ some purp leaves

    Clonex Well-Known Member

    Welcome Sf , no the BM's got fed some water that was ph 7.6 as my nute stick was broken , i now have a new 1 , it is mad how it bunched up though i agree,

    The 2 veg rooms i have are here , they stay as they are , and keep working away , my bloom room is elsewhere , i transport the vegged plants to the room ...........

    ManGrow Member

    sub'd/rep'd this looks pro.

    Clonex Well-Known Member

    Bloom room set-up

    1 Heater,
    6 Fans,
    1 x 150w hps
    2 x 600w hps
    1 green worklight
    1 x rhino Exhaust and 1 10" pro-flow Exhaust fan
    Air con unit adjustable fresh air in,
    2 x Parabolic hoods 100cm and 80cm
    1 x Inline fan inside ac ducting (pushing hot air out, stops condensation) <--- thnx sf guy :)

    DSC00049.jpg DSC00053.jpg DSC00052.jpg DSC00051.jpg DSC00050.jpg DSC00048.jpg

    Update seedlings tomoz ..........

    SFguy Well-Known Member

    when noones looking in the cover of night ?? lmfao

    man i guess i really should check my ph.. lol i never have one time ever but im a janky ghetto grower, hackin plants up in my garage, not all clean n secretly grimey

    lol, and i think you forgot about the a/c condensation booster fan in the equip setup, hahahhaha, rollin

    super clean! great handiwork/rough carpentry

    Clonex Well-Known Member

    Haha , i didn't add the inline fan in the list as i cant take a picture of it , only the wire coming out of the ducting , plus temps going up next week , hopefully i wont need it .......
    Dont worry mate , i will be keeping it for next winter , sometimes like you said , you can be stumped , but if you can ask someone else , they often come up with a plan , that's why i love this site, because of the "Work Thing" i cant talk to anyone else....

    For transportation a have a VW van , with no rear windows , and the run from my rear door goes straight into my garage and veg plants straight into the van :)

    I hate been so squeaky clean umbre , i just cant afford a single water leak , loose smell , condensation drip etc , because of the office thing , i would go full hydro otherwise i think ,
    On the soil ph thing , the liquid 1's are adequate for getting your ph on 7.0 and they are so much cheaper , mine was 2.99 and the new stick was 35.00!!! and i bought 2 , incase another breaks .....

    Clonex Well-Known Member

    Check the list again Sf guy :)

    SFguy Well-Known Member

    i gotta go do bank deposits...lol
    and smoke a joint in the drive thru =)

    Clonex Well-Known Member

    Ok today i potted my remaining Feminised DP Blueberry seed , roots were coming through the root riot cube,

    The rest of the seedlings are coming on nicely,
    my Propagation room1 is getting somewhat crowded....

    A random shot of some BB cheese and G- Bomb clones.....

    DSC00060.jpg DSC00058.jpg DSC00056.jpg DSC00057.jpg DSC00059.jpg DSC00061.jpg DSC00055.jpg


    ant1408 Active Member

    Very nice i sub'd

    Clonex Well-Known Member

    Thanks for looking Umbre's bongsmilie

    DSC00066.jpg DSC00065.jpg DSC00064.jpg DSC00062.jpg DSC00063.jpg DSC00068.jpg DSC00067.jpg

    papapayne Well-Known Member

    Looking good man, how many you got going now?

    picked up a few clones myself today

    Clonex Well-Known Member

    Sound PaPapayne , what strains did you get ?

    I have the seedlings , clones and mothers you can see in veg room , roughly 20, another 20 g-bomb clones in another area and random stuff in bloom,
    I love BB's G-Bomb , it's my fav strain , kinda like a lemony cheese with a kick and fat budds, has a real couchlock whack haha, i love it ,
    can't wait to see how the perform in the hydro medium .........
    I just noticed your sig link , gonna take a look around.....

    Clonex Well-Known Member

    Update , everything in veg , + 2 mini G-Bomb clones 12-12 , straight from root ................
    The Blue Mystic i am gonna Scrog is bushing out nicely ...........
    Topped Basil lol......

    :leaf: DSC00071.jpg DSC00072.jpg DSC00070.jpg DSC00073.jpg DSC00074.jpg DSC00080.jpg DSC00079.jpg DSC00075.jpg DSC00076.jpg DSC00078.jpg DSC00077.jpg :leaf:

    Gotta love the Basil :weed:

    ant1408 Active Member

    haha topped basil :lol:

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