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Multi Strain Flower Cabinet and Veg tent powered by 500W of Vipar LED's

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by Alex281, Oct 23, 2012.


    Alex281 Well-Known Member

    Hey all!bongsmilie

    So I finally put together a new cabinet for what i"m hoping will be somewhat of a perpetual grow.

    For this run ill be keeping a set of mothers to veg out in my 2x2x4 tent that i used for flowering on my first grow. Ill still be using the Vipar A200 in it as well.

    Here's the tent with some of my future mothers.
    The A200

    For flowering i got my hands on an awesome looking cabinet thats about 2 feet deep and 44 inches long. luckily i didnt have to do much to get it in growing condition besides lining it with panda film and building a small box to hide the inline fan up top.(although at first i had drilled 2 holes for pc fans which just couldnt keep it cool enough)

    Here's the cab from the outside

    For this beast of a cab i made sure it got a beast of a light that it deserves. The A300 from Vipar lights this thing up ridiculously.
    The A300

    Cloning station i set up on a bookshelf

    And now for the strains.

    My mothers currently consist of

    2 Nirvana Northern lights
    2 Sleestack x Skunk from Dna Genetics
    2 OG #18 x skunk from Dna
    1 Kandy Kush x skunk from dna as well.
    1 La Confidential clone i got from a dispensary a while back
    1 Lemoneese, an info less freebie i got


    To go ahead and keep things exciting until my mothers are ready to clone, i had already taken 3 la confidential clones and started one FG13 feminized in a party cup which all started flowering today.
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    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    Nice setup alex^^^....you ain't kidding about those lights/ they hurt my eyes through the pics lol.....how accurate is that digital temp controller for the mat? did you test it with you temp/rh meter???? always wanted one/ jealous:).......good luck grower.....I'm subbed

    puffenuff Well-Known Member

    sweet cabinet, alex! glad to see you were happy with your vipar enough to get another. I'm subbed up too!

    Alex281 Well-Known Member

    Its spot on as far as accuracy. Before this little cloning setup, I couldn't clone to save my life. Totally worth having to know the temps at all times. Thanks for checking out the grow!
    Thanks for stopping by puff! I definitely love these panels that's for sure :D

    Alex281 Well-Known Member

    Hey all!

    i started giving all the plants a dose of their first nutrients (1 gram maxibloom and a drop of superthrive per gallon) as they seemed to be ready for it. i also took 2 lemoneese clones and another La con in case the lemoneese turns out to be a male.

    The La con in the smaller container is growing so much faster than the other 2 cuts. although all were taken at the same time the bigger one rooted faster and got an extra 2 days of veg.
    The Nirvana Nl and one of the sleestacks started getting crispy and the leaves were curling up. i figured it might be due to the fact my humidity is at 16% and the temps are in the mid 80's i mist them a few times a day now and they are starting to look better with no more dying leaves.

    Happy Growing!:bigjoint:
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    Alex281 Well-Known Member

    Hey all!

    So I've been working up the dosages of maxi bloom from 1 gram to 2 then 3. today i finally gave them a full dose of 7g.

    Also i found a shit ton of male flowers on the lemoneese so it a long with the 2 clones of it i took earlier were trashed.

    I'm kind of pissed because although sea of seeds gave a shit ton of nice freebies on my most recent order, none of them sprouted. i planted 2 orange tangerine and 2 orange pine from cropi canna and none sprouted. i know it wasn't me as i planted that fg13 which is now in flower with them and i got that as a freebie months before this order.

    PB063246.jpg PB063245.jpg PB063241.jpg


    curly604 Well-Known Member

    whats up alex! nice to see ya got a new grow going and very cool ya grabbed another vipar unit too! i love that cab ya got man very cool and stealthy too. some sweet sounding strains your running man im ecited to see how this goes for ya im subbed for sure man :D

    Alex281 Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot man! i'm really hoping these strains turn out to be awesome as hell! so far they all seemed to like the full dose of nutrients.

    HABERNAKER42 Member

    Subbed! sweet setup!

    Alex281 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for tagging a long bro!

    Everything is looking good, i saw some damage on the 2 smaller La con clones however, and decided to flush em for 2 days. tomorrow they will get nutrients again.

    PB123438.jpg PB123434.jpg PB123457.jpg PB123445.jpg PB123477.jpg
    PB123490.jpg PB123483.jpg PB123482.jpg

    FranJan Well-Known Member

    Subbed for this. Got a Vipar A300 on the way so I'll be pestering you and Curly for some tips :). Looking good so far Alex. Happy Growing!

    Alex281 Well-Known Member

    Dude that's awesome news! I can't wait to see how good your's turn out man! thanks for stopping by too! :mrgreen:

    The plants are starting to get more beautiful everyday! my big clone of La con has such a sturdy structure and poster, i just love how much good health she's showing off. the 2 smaller guys are still showing a little burn on the leaves but i'd expect them to be of proper size to handle the full dose now, regardless, they will get flushed for another 2 days starting tomorrow.

    PB193493.jpg PB193523.jpg
    PB193503.jpg PB193497.jpg PB193532.jpg

    The mothers are all going to get topped/cloned as soon as i see some preflowers.
    I also germed a bubba seed from some of the best out door I've ever smoked! that plant had the taste and look that took a shit on a lot of indoor plants i've seen and smoked. it had 4 seeds in the bag that were literally twice as big as some of the seeds i had paid for! i cant wait to see what comes out of this(watch it die, lol)

    I took 4 more pretty big clones of La confidential as the small one still hasn't rooted for some odd reason, and since the mother was starting to get a little big for her cup.

    Alex281 Well-Known Member

    More pics!:mrgreen:

    The fg13 has shown sex and stretched quite a bit, i think i just might transplant her into something bigger as iv'e got plenty of space. Look's like she has to much nitrogen although im giving it just maxibloom at the moment.

    PB193545.jpg PB193543.jpg

    I cant do much for temps as there is no AC where the plants are, whatever the temp outside is going to be inside the house and the tent too. so far things have been pretty good though!

    Happy Growing Riu!!!bongsmilie

    Alex281 Well-Known Member

    I noticed one of my Og 18 x Skunk's showing her first pre-flowers today, nothing from the others, but i can hardly wait!

    Heres a pic of my supersoil right before mixing, after seeing a lot of awesome journals, and looking at [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Endur0xX's[/FONT] thread, I finally pushed myself into making some.

    Happy Growing:bigjoint:

    Chronikool Well-Known Member

    Awesome man....! Another step up in the evolution of your growing prowess! Thatz a whole lot of party in that cup! :)

    Alex281 Well-Known Member

    Thanks man! hopefully ill get a bunch of cool stuff to experiment with, regardless of the gender, i'm really liking one of my northern lights. its much smaller than all the others but has the best node spacing and its lower growth is bushing out a lot. i think i need to make a pc case for that breeding room we were talking about, its going to be a party!!:bigjoint:

    had some time today to get that fg13 transplanted/tied. it's now in a 1 gallon hempy bucket(same size as the 2 La cons.) i like em because the tray perfectly fills up with 8,i wont have to ever worry about being root bound, and they hold a good amount of water, i top off with about 400-600ml of nutrients every day(except when mentioning a flush.) and get a little run off.

    Alex281 Well-Known Member


    My big La con is still looking mighty fine, i wish the other 2 were as healthy.
    PB283608.jpg PB283616.jpg PB283590.jpg PB283621.jpg

    The FG13 is starting to bud up nicely
    The other 2 La confidentials seem to be getting worse. now i am starting to think it might be bleaching but if anyone wants to give their input it would be much appreciated.

    Some of the mothers to be are still taking forever to preflower. i did get another fem from one of the sleestack X skunk's though for a total of 2. i topped both and took 2 from each, but the stems were kinda soft so we will have to wait and see if they root.(looking good so far.)
    PB283577.jpg PB283584.jpg
    From left to right Nirvana Nl, kandy kush x skunk, Og#18 x Skunk(topped), Sleestack X skunk.
    From left to right. La confidentia, Og #18 x skunk, Nirvana Nl, sleestack x Skunk (topped)

    Happy Growing RIU

    Ps, The T5 Goes in for pics only!

    FranJan Well-Known Member

    Hey Alex, I was lookin at that pix of your LA Cons ( I love that smoke), that aren't doing too well, and it made me wonder how long you let your super-soil "cook" for? They have an over-nuted look to them and maybe the root system is a little weak and the soil is a bit too hot for them. Are the leaves brittle? Or maybe you could PM Endo and ask what he thinks.
    Anyway what's good is looking good, and it looks like you're another guy who's gonna kick my ass in Party Cup II :). But I'm also wondering why don't you run the T5s when flowering? Maybe load them with UVB 10.0 and some full-spectrum bulbs and run them for 2 to 4 hours a day during lights on. Probably turn your place into a snowstorm!

    Good Luck and Happy Growing!
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    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    Hey Alex I can't seem to remember but the Vipar led panels contain NO white diodes correct?????...get those girl's PH in check and give plain aerated water for a couple cycles...see what signs they show......loving the natural pics, keep it up

    Alex281 Well-Known Member

    Hey! Thanks for the input man! everything i have in the cab right now is in just a perlite/vermiculite hempy mix and i just might be over nuting with maxibloom. The damaged leaves were a little crispy feeling.

    Hahahahha, i can't wait for the competition, sounds like its going super fun between all the growers entered :mrgreen:

    I was thinking the same thing about the t5's, i could easily fit a 2 bulb 3' on each side of the Vipar, the only thing that might be a concern would be the extra heat if any. I would love to do it later on down the road, but for now i wanna see the power of these panels alone and see what Vipar has to offer(so far im freaking loving it)bongsmilie

    Correct! no whites just reds/blues
    I guess the 2 day flushes weren't enough so its just phed water until i see some positive changes, thank you for the advice guys !!!!!(from me and the plants) :bigjoint:

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