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Most narcotic strain? I want some heroin like buds.

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Stomata, Feb 7, 2011.

    kush fario

    kush fario Well-Known Member

    jack herer is not couchlock its very upity and great for the morning try herajuana i think its called

    dieselman74 Member

    mk ultra is pretty good stuff and trippy shit ....:)

    zack66 Well-Known Member

    Medijuana from Amsterdam seed co. I also think BC seed kings purple kush will keep you on the couch if you let it finish properly in flower.

    Bigby Well-Known Member

    Herijuana from Sannie!

    Bigby Well-Known Member


    chongsbuddy New Member

    anestesia from pyramid,at 10 weeks it deadly narcotic!cant stay awake if you want to!!!its nl#5 x black domina

    MajorCoco Active Member

    I heard that black dominia, an old sensi seeds strain, was quite a narcotic high. Haven't tried it myself. Kush is usually narcotic enough for me..I prefer sativa/indica mixes...

    calicat Well-Known Member

    Sensi Star

    rdo420 Well-Known Member

    That's some irony. The strain is called ''Motivation'' but it paralyzes you so ya can't do anything.lol'

    Cobnobuler Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah, I've never had anything quite like Herijuana. Read some of the reviews on it at Sannies site. Only problem is, the seeds havent been available for months.

    Ringsixty Well-Known Member

    let me know when you find it. been looking for the same effect from weed:wall:

    Endur0xX Well-Known Member

    strong sativas will do just that to me too ... I know what they say ... but I find any weed that is covered with trichromes like SuperLemonHaze will get me smashed enough that I just want to lay there on the couch. Am I the only one?

    As someone mentioned earlier, I prefer indica-sativa hybrid , the best of both world...

    kvnbeach Active Member

    My hemp nirvana is Afgoo. Here in Seattle it is readily avail. A little searching and u will find some dense nugz of afgoo. Well that love of the plant has got me to search for the plant. I scored a couple of starts a little over a month ago. I have been vegging them under a 1000w. Well in the last week she has produced some bad ass starts as I prune her into the behemoth I want. I have 2 first Gen clones that I am producing 2nd Gens with. Well I plan on pruning and cloning for at least another month, maybe longer. Or at least untill the grow room(width=8" depth=5' tall=8') or lights(1000w hps and a 600w hps) are maxed. If RIU had its shit together I would show u pics of my progress, but I think someone has hacked ther weak security.

    corban Member

    I am from UK.. No problem growing opium poppies here in the spring.. just sprinkle seed on broken ground. It isn't illegal to grow them here for definate. it is illegal however to process them I think.. We looked into it when we discovered what they were. We just grew them because they look pretty when flowering. I cannot tell you about strength or potency however as I am staying well clear of putting opium in me because I just wouldn't stop..

    THE KONASSURE Well-Known Member

    You`d need so much space to grow enough opium poppies for it to be worth it.

    Wild lettuce extract can give you a nice buzz and it`s legal most places.

    Also Etizolam tablets are pretty easy to buy and legal in most places take 1mg to 6mg with a cbd heavy strain bubba kush or something and you`ll be pretty dam numb.

    bigdaddycatfish4 Member

    blueberryskunk flying dutchman everyone that smokes it says it knocks them out

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