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Monster PC Grow - Need Advice

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by stinkdyr, Jul 7, 2013.


    stinkdyr New Member


    I'm thinking about building my own grow box as the PC grow box I ordered online was completely rubbish. I've found a case which I believe is pretty good, but the best part is that the company does full customization for an additional fee. Therefore I want to get some advice here on how to make this case the ultimate grow box!

    Here are some pictures of the case. Dimension are 24x18x18.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Now, what should I do with this case? What to remove, what to add? Best fan placement? LED lights?

    phyxel Active Member

    Dear LORD!This is best/prettiest box i ever saw in my life

    Slipon Well-Known Member

    any reason why it have to be a PC case ? there are other more easy ways to go around this

    dresser-stealth-grow-cabinet.jpg indoor-hyrdoponic-grow-cabinet-all-inclusive-stealth-e945.jpg

    but I must agree with you on the LEDs, best choice for a stealth grow IMO as they produce next to no heat

    stinkdyr New Member

    In my experience a computer case have been the only stealth way for me. My visitors keeps looking in my drawers or cabinets, but I've never experienced anyone opening up my computer cases or ask for a look inside.

    What do you think about the dimensions?

    I'm a little bit worried about the height. I could get it a few inches taller, but customizing the height would be very expensive.

    mycomaster Well-Known Member

    I don't mean to be nosey, but why do all your visitors go through all your drawers and cabinets? WTF is that all about?

    stinkdyr New Member

    Haha no idea. I've been asking myself the same question :D

    Slipon Well-Known Member

    a lock is a easy and cheap fix

    stinkdyr New Member

    Yes, but a lock on a cabinet would raise suspicion, but of course I will have a lock on the case.

    Anyone got some thoughts about where I should have fan intake/outtake, and how many fans I would need?

    Slipon Well-Known Member

    keep out take up high (hot air travels up) and keep the intake low down and keep enough fans to replace the air every 3-5 minute

    Ilovebush Well-Known Member

    Put the lock on the back side if your visitors are assholes and for backup. With regards to the box...you have so many better and CHEAPER options...I don't know why anyone would by a pre made, over priced unit. Don't waste your money...spend it where it counts...just my two sense.

    SnotBoogie Active Member

    ^^ this.... sry but its a dumb idea (no flame). Youre basically paying over for a metal box, and its hardly gonna look less suspicious - it doesnt even look like a computer. Your friends will think you're making a dirty bomb or something.

    Also, your friends just look in your shit? WTF? I think you need to assert yourself a bit harder. peeps would get a SINGLE warning from me before i tossed them, and thats just on the principle, for the most part i wouldnt care if they knew i was growing.

    stinkdyr New Member

    Back to topic;

    I've added some pictures of the basic model and was wondering if it would be a good idea to keep 3 of the fans on the 2nd row in front for intake? (The 2nd row to keep the intake fans just above the hydro system / soil bags)


    And keep the 3 big fans on the back for outtake?


    If anyone got some better ideas for the fans, please share!

    stinkdyr New Member

    Forgot to add that it is possible to get outtake fans in the "roof" if that would be better. Not sure if that would be better, but I thought I'd share the idea..

    kinddiesel Well-Known Member

    be a man get a tent,

    thunderrod Member

    ...and some new "friends"

    Nizza Well-Known Member

    ever thought of doing this in a fridge instead and putting a padlock on it, telling people its to keep people away from the beer
    also if possible incorporate an air floor into that. its basically an intake below a perforated floor, creating an air hockey effect. this brings air up through the roots (esp. if using air pots ) and increases yield (just by directing air through the pot

    stoner2615 Member

    thats crap

    thunderrod Member

    For all the money, time and challenges doing a micro grow like this, why even bother? Buds the size of a quarter? It would be cheaper and a lot less wasted time taking that money and buying a bag on the corner...

    BygonEra Well-Known Member

    You're going to have an incredibly hard time preventing light leaks with that case. You need to make a light trap for each intake/exhaust fan and cover the side windows. Unless you plan on growing autos, that might be a problem.

    I2icho Active Member

    Man get yourself a tent and put in a cupboard . And put a lock on the cupboard. I was worried about stealth to but know one goes near it. I had some family over on the weekend both work in law enforcement. Had them stay over the whole weekend while I had my secret Garden in the room right next to them lol

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