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Molasses Foliar Feed

Discussion in 'Organics' started by AnOnion, May 10, 2007.


    babygro Well-Known Member

    Epsom salts will only ever stop the problem spreading - it won't reverse damaged leaves, so any leaves already damaged by a lack of Mg will simply die and drop off if they're damaged badly and have brown spots on them if they're not.

    Mark. Well-Known Member

    ty babygro so should u use some sort of foliar feed on them like fish mix

    jimbo_jim Well-Known Member

    I got some plants on the go and they are a few weeks old. They are in a 45L tote with a comp fan as an active outake and have 5 10W fluoro tubes overhead. All are good apart form 1 which has dark green leaves, but all the new growth is yellow and shriveled and bends upwards. Also some leaves have the green veins still.

    Thought this might be magnesium def. so want to get some epsom salts but where do they sell it in the UK

    O yeah, can the plant suffer any disadvantages from too much molasses or not. If got the stuff thats like thick, dark, sticky brown sugar and so measuring 1tsp is not easy. I;ve put loads in 1 feed b4 and didnt seem to visible harm the plant

    videoman40 Well-Known Member

    My apology, I mis-interpeted what you were saying.
    I have never been a fan of foliar feeding my plants.

    I understood what you said as meaning in soil too, again my mistake.


    babygro Well-Known Member

    Sure you can use Fishmix as a foliar spray, it's helpful in giving plants a little boost in vegging nutrients particularly N as well as other trace elements. Just make sure you follow the feeding guidelines and only feed at lights out and don't overdo it.

    Mark. Well-Known Member

    go 2 any pet shop that as a aqua part 4 fish u will get some salts

    funstarfish Active Member

    thanks for the clear up baby gro. very useful. it gets hard to keep all this stuff straight. i know somewhere i read the 3 little birds were using molasses in their foliar feeds. ill read more about chelation

    nongreenthumb Well-Known Member

    If you really want to add something useful to your spray mix, try adding some non ionic wetting agent, this will break the water up more and soften it so the leaves can absorb the solution better
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    nongreenthumb Well-Known Member

    Thats all very well and good but what are you doing with my avatar?

    nongreenthumb Well-Known Member

    The avatar you have, i have been using it for ages, but something went tits up on my pc and i couldnt find it again on my pc to put it back on when i got all my pics deleted, i just hadnt got around to putting back on again.

    tetrahydrocannabisloving Active Member

    sorry m8 i will remove it , is that what you want right ?

    nongreenthumb Well-Known Member

    I've had my fill of it mate, you can run with it for a while just dont be surprised if anyone says thats ngts av.

    I'll go back to the goat for now

    GraF Well-Known Member

    HA!! what are the chances of that right there?!

    Mark. Well-Known Member

    hi sorry 4 hijackin this post i dont no how 2 thread my own yet sory lol i hav 4 plant there 3 of them r perfect gav them they needed mag, so i feed them epson salts an bio harvest 2 recover them been feedin them bat gauno an bisevia now ive just relised my ph was 2 hi an locked up the nuts only in 1 plant tho dont ask how an that 1 plant has turned light green is this going 2 die on me was lookin really nice , an can i use any nutrent as a foliar feed an do u delute it with water b4 ya spray it

    ravenmyst Active Member

    I started using molasses in my present flower grow 1tsb/gal every water vs 2tsb alternating also 1/4 tsp of epsons/gal. also concerning foliar feed, today was day one of tryin it on my babies. also on several adults ~ week or so from being done. time for flushing now. woo hoo. these should be some schweeeeet tasting fruit for sure. :-)
    will try to keep update on how it does for babies.. thinking once a week shouldnt hurt. Ideas anyone, to the contrary?

    smoke alot, love alot, and party hard dudes.

    miggzeh Well-Known Member

    I fed molasses to my girls, they perked up the leaves about 30mins after feeding everytime, I feed 2 tbsp per 2.5l (dissolve in warm water with the bloom nutes and add to the full bottle then PH) and I use 1/2 teaspoon fin 500ml for foliar feed, only problem is they get sticky and so does everthing else, I stopped foliar feeding on flowering as some of the leaves stuck together and insects kept coming into my grow area.

    CapcomBandit Member

    I have used Mollasses as a fertilizer additive AND a stand alone folair agent for years and it is a great supplement! If you want to try it out I recommend using only Unsulphered Blackstrap Mollasses at a dosage of 1tsp per Gal - Put it in a small bottle with some warm water and shake until mixed, then pour this mixture into a sprayer that is already full of COLD, PH corrected, low ppm filtered water and mix it in, then just spray all you're girls leaves down (Always use the coldest water possible when folair feeding, it not only makes the leaves crisp and ensures maximum absorption before evaporation, it has the added benefit of killing or washing away spider mites on the leaves.). I do this every-other weekend at least a few hours before the end of the dark cycle. It doesn't attract bugs or cause mold as the plants absorb almost everything within that few hours of dark.

    A good example of Mollasses in folair is Magic Green from House and Garden. It contains mostly Mollasses and Humeric Acids. They won't tell you this, but anyone who has used it (or smelled it) who has used these ingredients for years could tell you. That being said here's what House and Garden says about application:

    "Application: Apply 5-10 ml per liter of spraying solution, 1-2 times per weeks just after the lights have been switched off."
    "Do not use Magic Green more than once or twice a week. This is to prevent the development of the roots from slowing down, because it is too easy for them to absorb the nutrients though the leaves. use Magic Green only as a ‘booster’. .
    Application- If the plant leaves are discoloured (veins are too green or too pale). If the nutrients absorption of the roots is disturbed. As a protection against damage by fungi and insects. To give the plant growth an extra ‘booster’.
    Method- Magic Green is applied by spraying with a plant sprayer. Fill the sprayer with water and add the prescribed amount of Magic Green. Magic Green works within two days.
    WARNING: Spray Magic Green when there is NO direct light to avoid burning. Always clean out unused Magic Green from container after applying to plants. NEVER STORE MIXED MAGIC GREEN!!!!!"

    Rock On and Happy Growing
    ~Capcom Bandit:leaf:
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    Medical Grade

    Medical Grade Well-Known Member

    Rofl. Mollases is a source of food for microbial life in your medium. Plants can not process raw molasses period. Not via the roots and not via the leafs. Good job spraying sugar water on ur plants.
    dr green dre

    dr green dre Well-Known Member

    I spray molasses&guano on my hydro and feed it in tea to my soil plants seen no harm yet, though it gets sticky i just spray the next day with plain water to un clog some of the pores.
    i cant argue cause i dont know aal the facts about chelates and stuff. But i do know they use molasses in a few different products and ive heard of people grow(riu) guano and molasses only.
    Its under £2 here so why not if its not harming the plant. I used molasses and chilli in a homemade bug spray.
    Matt Rize

    Matt Rize Hashmaster

    that is not true. much of the nutrient in molasses are bioavailable.

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