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Miracle grow all purpose plant food ?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Fallen Soul, Mar 16, 2009.

    Fallen Soul

    Fallen Soul Active Member

    Well My friend had a bunch of these so he gave me one. But to bad hes mentally retarded and gave me a bag of it with no box so I have no idea how many or what to put in it. Or if I should even use it to grow the beautiful plants known and Marijuana :blsmoke:
    Scabey D

    Scabey D Active Member

    miracle grow will work fine. do you know what kind it is.? does it say blooming fertilizer or all purpose.?

    shiftythunderf*ck Member

    I'm using the all purpose plant food. Many will tell you to stay away from Miricle -Gro but the only problem with it (other than its not organic) is that it can and often does cause burning of the plant because it's either or a combonation of: 1.) Fed WAY too early to the plant. You should wait about 2 weeks or so until you feed it nutes. Especially if in soil, the pre-nute soil will be more than enough for it until that stage. 2.) Too much nutes are added and burn the plant. 1/4 should be used for the 1st feed and then slowly increase until you've reach or are under the max amount the box tells you. I would stick with under-fert especially in a hydro setup.

    chromer Well-Known Member

    In my experiences using MiracleGro, I've mixed 1 tablespoon/gallon of the of the crystal-like fertilizer with water. I've used that for years now for weed plants and in my veggie garden. Thats full strength. Feed it every 2 weeks throughout vegging and switch to whatever you want for flowering.

    Your first feeding should be 1/2 strength, don't feed it too early, etc, etc.

    And I kinda think that many people on the forum have no problems with MG fertilizer and actually it is used quite a bit.
    On the other hand, MG soil isn't recommended for new growers because it comes with slow release nutes in it.. which usually means that the over-ambitious noobs burn the plants because they've had no experience dealing with this problem before.


    music64 Well-Known Member

    if i where to mix it in the water 1 tablespoon to a gallon of water. would it be bad to water my plant only with the miracle grow. but not a whole gallon of water. im only using a 5 gallon lowes bucket

    jdmcwestevo Well-Known Member

    miracle grow is complete shit period.

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