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Michigan medical mix m3

Discussion in 'Michigan Patients' started by ThatGuy113, Jul 24, 2011.


    ThatGuy113 Well-Known Member

    I found a pre made soil mix add water only type soil made in Rothburry. I havnt been able to find it in any of the websites of the stores that they say they distribute to. Has anyone ever heard of this mix ? My super soil mix won't be ready in time and I wanted to maybe use this while I wait for my first batch of super soil to bake.

    Website www.jfmmm.com

    woodsmantoker Well-Known Member

    Mighty Grow in Jackson on Mich. Ave supplies Michigan Medical Mix. product.

    Dr. Earth soils are sold at The Hobbit on Spring Arbor Rd/ M-60 in Jackson County. Not quite the caliber but effective...

    pharmerbrown Member

    @ThatGuy113 love the avatar, I remember when I first saw bubbles tagged up on that wall across from PT's so dope!

    fattiemcnuggins Well-Known Member

    I am using the m3 mix on about 15 of 20 plants right now. The other 5 are in ocean forest/perlite. After about a 3 week veg and 1 week flower, the m3 plants are almost all better looking than the plants in ocean forest. Have been using nothing but R/0 water (a couple plants i've been adding some liquid karma and really like the results).

    FarmerJ84 Member

    Yea I got a free bag at a supply store festival thingy I been wanting to try it.. Seems crazy not to have to give it ne thing but RO H2o n they sAy use there pops poop or some shit lol well I'll see...

    FarmerJ84 Member

    They always say since way back when... Little is better. I mean they are plants that grow in the outdoors naturally so hey fuuucckit... Prob be tasty shizz

    HomeLessBeans New Member

    Good product two greenthumbs up. Ran side side with AN grand master profile. Gave much nicer plants in veg and flower. Heavy yields, 8-9 A plant in 20gal dirtpots..Don't recall ;) Smokin any now that I think on it. Prick owes me some testers!!

    bmf725 Well-Known Member

    To be honest the M3 soil did not live up to my expectations. It ran out of nutes way too early even in a 10 gallon pot, and it came infested with fungus gnats. home mixed super soil blows it away and is also a bit cheaper.

    OoGaNomiX Active Member

    I don't mind it running out of nutes, but how many soils can you get now a days bug free? Hell roots now comes with thrips. I'd rather fight gnats than thrips.
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    bmf725 Well-Known Member

    Hmm that's funny just bought 20 bags of roots and no bugs what so ever. I know sub has said lately his had thrips but I have no problems.

    OoGaNomiX Active Member

    My last bag of roots had gnats. So I am using pro mix organics. And its too thick for my tastes. I'm about to try this m3 on my next transplants but for $35 its cheaper than to buy everything for super soil.

    bmf725 Well-Known Member

    Thats weird when I was pricing everything out the M3 mix was actually 20 bucks more for 40 gallons worth. and I have enough left over azomite, dolomite lime, humic acid, and epsom salt to do at least 100 more gallons of soil. it cost me $116 for 4 bags of roots, 25 lbs of worm castings, blood meal,bone meal, and bloom bat guano. 35 x 4 = 140 plus tax for the m3 mix. I originally tried the m3 mix when I first switched over to soil. I was really disappointed that after 4 weeks of veg and then 2 weeks in to flower the nutes has basically run dry. Even the guys at the store I got if from wernt impressed with it but I bought it anyways. Maybe I got a bad batch because I think I got one of the first couple hundred bags. But either way it;s made in Michigan!

    lampworker Well-Known Member

    All these soils come with bugs now. Foxfarm, Roots, Promix...I need to build a huge fricken steam steralizer...

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    I had problems with roots for a few months. The last dozen bags I switched back to Ocean Forest. People can say what they want about bugs, that shit was inconsistent as fuck. I am in no hurry to buy any more roots. That shit would be hot, then not. Then a few bags from somewhere else is full of gnats and shit. One bag I had fucked up all kinds of plants. Fuck Roots. That shit comes out like base heads are mixing that shit.
    I would buy the Michigan Mix, but I am not paying $35-$40 a bag. Gotta be fucking kidding me. Super soil has enough nutrients for the duration of growth, but you can't put plants right in it. But this shit you can? how? I always thought that it couldn't have enough nutrients for the full go, and people have confirmed that. So then it is just really fucking expensive soil. I think Fox Farms and Super Soil I will be ok. Make my own chicken, rabbit, and worm shit.

    OoGaNomiX Active Member

    Well I'm probably going to make some super soil with a new local soil "potters gold" pottersgold,net

    Got a sample of it at growco looks good, good ingredients. Trying it on a apollo clone tomorrow.

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    I would try it in a second.

    woodsmantoker Well-Known Member

    Vortex Test Result.JPG
    M3 - We have tested it for and with our grow classes.
    We figure its about a 2 month feed; Thus it takes some getting adjusted to using the product, as with most all organic soils. Layering and topping off the pots with fresh soil seems to correct some of the lags around the end of the second month. M3 supplies (dont quote me, it may be a seperate company) a fert with the same ingredients as are in the soil called "Papa's Perfect Poo". (avialable in some stores; Mighty Grow in Jackson County MI is one that I am aware of) It can also be used to correct deficiency. Some strains (skunks as we have seen) "gas out" this soil sooner than others. We have learned that a month and a half veg works well, then we transplant into a final container with fresh m3 soil and then give a week longer in veg with the new soil before flowering, seems to work quite well. Our plants fade around the 5th week or so, showing N deff first (yellowing from the bottom up). Subcool of TGA calls this "the fade", and as organic gardeners we understand this to be a good thing and similar to a natural fall season change or for nute users "flushing".
    We have had the final product (bud) tested at a two labs here in MI, and the Vortex came back with 21%THC and 4% CBD, tested lower in Super Soil...? Both passed with flying colors as far as organics go however, there was a comment left that the vortex could have been flushed a week longer... Considering there is no flushing being done and water is used only, its likely that the transplant from vegg to new soil for flowering, could have been done a week later allowing the plant to strip some of what was left in the first pot.
    We just did an outdoor project were we made Subcools Super Soil out of M3. (the recipie calls for 8 bags of quality soil.)
    We understand that it may be a bit potent, so layering was done and the bottom of each hole is the "super M3 mix" the middle is a 50/50 and the top is all m3. The plants went in a few weeks ago and I was down there to check on them and I have to say.... HOLY WOW!!!

    BTW, a 3' x 3' hole at 2' deep took about 8 bags of M3 soil.

    I will post images soon, stay tuned.
    abe supercro

    abe supercro Well-Known Member

    If there is a concern that your organic soil/amendment has bugs then bake it outside in direct sun for a few days (wrap it in blk plastic) to somewhat sterilize it. I'd guess that may kill off a few microbes, but not all. Re-inoculating soil w dry micos or teas may be beneficial.

    -lol- "mixed by baseheads" comment.

    fattiemcnuggins Well-Known Member

    I mixed some 7$ a bale "pro mix" with some 2$ humus and manure and cut it with some reused dirt. This is working for a great cheap starter.

    -Amended said promix and manure with some bone meal, fish meal, pure blend granules, and alfalfa meal, bt dunks, molasses. Just gotta go get some cheap worm castings and azomite and I bet it'll works just as good as the M3.

    P.S. That M3 grows some good nugs!

    LadyZandra Active Member

    I live where the guys make the stuff and know them personally-- I even did an interview of them for Weed World (should be in the July Issue) Their M3 won the High-Times Stash award in 2012 for the Best New Product on the market....

    They really believe in the whole "only organics" thing and believe in what they do..
    some plants do need extra nutrients-- they recomend top-dressing with dry organics-- like the Pappa's Perfect Poop they make for the M3 or Espoma Flower-tone.... also- Organic Teas work real well with it as do carbo-loaders.

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