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Mi Clones

Discussion in 'Michigan Patients' started by backintheriver, Sep 3, 2010.


    backintheriver Active Member

    can we get a list of the clones we have in michigan? i got grandaddy purple, casey jones, hawaiian purple kush, g13, agent orange, trainwreck, and blueberry all from california. what do you guys have?

    swiss210 Well-Known Member

    I've herd noting but good things about casey jones i guess there is some here at the compassion club in Muskegon

    peilo Well-Known Member

    current mothers, I would swap some clones for (rooted 1 gal)

    Reserva Privada OG Kush
    Paradise Sheherazade
    either Greenhouse or Nirvanna N.Y.P.D "can't remember"
    DNA Genetics Sour Cream
    Reserva Privada R.K.S "Road Kill Skunk" (SOON)

    seeds I haven't cracked
    DNA Kushberry
    Reserva Privada OG #18
    Reserva Privada OG Kush
    G13 Pineapple Express
    Barneys Pineapple Chunk

    rzza Well-Known Member

    cool thread[​IMG]

    blue widow
    white widow

    puffntuff Well-Known Member

    Sensi star
    Dark star
    About to have sour 13 and a chemdawg

    rzza Well-Known Member

    ill have sharksbreath rooted soon if anyone wants to swap 6 pack or even 12 pack.

    Ghost0696 Well-Known Member

    White rhino greenhouse
    Trainwreck greenhouse
    Cheese greenhouse
    clone only chemdawg

    peilo Well-Known Member

    I hear sharksbreath makes ya stupid and giggle like a school kid :) I would be interested in some, I'll be ready for some about the 18th of the month in and around the downriver area?


    bowlfullofbliss Well-Known Member

    I have:

    Strawberry Haze
    LA Woman
    Sour Diesel
    White Widow
    Heavy Duty Fruity

    Kruzty Well-Known Member

    lemon skunk
    the purp
    the black
    purple rain
    n/l tlb
    hijack x chemo/cindy 99

    Hmmm seems I'm leaving someone out.................

    rowlman Well-Known Member

    Violator Kush clones
    and coming soon....LSD clones

    Gonzo'dOut71 Active Member

    hey guys hope alls well on the mmj front and er'body is playing it safe and legal! Im a mj patient in the SW MI area, GR, Kzo, Big Rapids areas I drive to regularly and am looking to purchase some clones to add some variety for my patients. I would purchase or I have some AK-48 fem seeds I could trade also if others are interested in adding to their garden. The Ak-48s I grew on my last grow wewre vigerious fighters that make it very hard to kill unless you dropped a nuke on them:) Pulled 20z of really good dank off them in FFOF soil. finished in about 55-60 days. very good strain for anyone who is prone to abusing plants lol, well these can take whatever you got! But back on track im looking to buy 24 clones from a fellow RIUer who is also a card holder and am willing to drive to meet and make it conveneint-pm me if anyone is looking to get rid of some clones-thanks guys! A.J

    thewiseman Member

    If you buy from MI clone zone dont buy blueberry. had 3 all Hermies.
    dank dogg

    dank dogg Member

    Highly interested in finding west coast grand daddy purple in Michigan. Will beg borrow trade anything but steal it. I got sweet tooth ice cream kush bubble gum and a bunch more to trade. Definitely not afraid to buy or travel for it.let me know if you got any ideas for me.
    a dog named chico

    a dog named chico Well-Known Member

    Casey Jones FTW!!! Great stuff Trainwreck X Diesel, the stuff i got was Casey Jones X Trainwreck and it was tits

    I got

    Blueberry Gum - G13 Labs
    Purple Skunk- Not sure
    had a white rhino.....

    MIway Active Member

    For a fact...

    Bruce Banner 3 cut
    Cherry AK47 cut
    Airborne G13 cut
    SSSDH Oki cut
    NYCD Ruby Red S1
    Nebula S1
    Grape Kush S1
    Sour D S1
    Super Sour D S1
    Chemdog IBL

    NightbirdX Well-Known Member

    Casey Jones is actually Orient Express (Trainwreck x Thai) x Sour Diesel. It is a very unique plant that is very hardy and vigorous. If you do it right this high is very intense and the taste is great. If you do it wrong, it really tastes like dirt, lol. When done right, the high is instantaneous. The bugs do love it though. The bane of Sativas everywhere. It is a top 3 smoke of mine, tied for second.

    For Moms I have Sour OG, Jack Herer, Great White Shark (White Widow x Skunk,) Agent Orange, White Rhino, and Purple Kush.

    I have Chem Valley Kush, Deadhead OG, Plushberry, CC Original Sour Diesel, and Jackpot Royale in the hole waiting be started a bit after my newest set go into flowering.
  18. Deep Purple
    Dark Star

    and a personal strain
    and soon to be outside in the swamp are 6 more no name bag seed

    wildbill72 Member

    I just got done toking on some Casey Jones.....it's some of the best I've ever smoked. I know someone looking for clones, if any are available...I'll let them know.

    Timmahh Well-Known Member

    clones or Strains? almost the same? but still enough differances to make a differance?

    but Mi has many many quality, and locally made strains, and has for many years.

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