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MDMA identification.

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Fazz, Feb 15, 2011.


    Fazz Well-Known Member

    ok , so I acquired some mdma ..
    it LOOKS amazing ..

    but it smells like black licorice .. (which Ive heard is good)

    I do think ill be doing any until i get a proper test kit .
    (im worried about PMA)

    but I'm just curious if this sounds legit ?

    Oral MDMA Dosages
    Threshold30 mg Light40 - 75 mg Common (small or sensitive people)60 - 90 mg Common (most people)75 - 125 mg Common (large or less sensitive people)110 - 150 mg Strong150 - 200 mg Heavy200 + mg

    Oral MDA Dosages
    Threshold30 - 50 mg Common for small or sensitive people75 - 100 mg Common for most people100 - 150 mg Common for large or unsensitive people130 - 170 mg Required by few (side effects increase)170 + mg

    Pure PMA is a white powder, but forms found on the street can also be somewhat beige, pink, or yellowish. Recently is has been found most frequently in pressed pill form sold as MDMA (ecstasy). There is very little available information about safe recreational dosages for PMA. Doses as low as 60 mg can cause significant and alarming increase in blood pressure, body temperature and pulse. The most concerning aspect of this is that if PMA is sold as ecstasy, some people will take multiple pills, increasing chances of a PMA overdose signific "

    Erowid ^^^

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    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    I have NEVER seen any form of MDMA look like that.

    I have gotten "sass" or MDA that looks kind of like that.
    it looked more like this...


    that shit looks like a weird hybrid between slightly impure n,n-dmt and MDA

    molly or pure MDMA should look like this.
    EVERYTIME i have obtained molly. it looks JUST like this.
    with NO odor. and if it does, it has a musky, tree saap type smell.

    Click here For Link If Image doesn't appear

    its more flaky then a powder.

    "if it sticks. it aint legit"

    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    just simply give a little bit a try.

    a layer enough to cover the surface of a quarter should do the trick

    if that shit is legit. you will feel effects in about an hour after ingestion.

    Fazz Well-Known Member

    what do you mean by "stick" there are little rocks ..
    I've always seen the brown as good stuff , I had pure white .. but it was bunk .

    I did some research , and I think it might be "sass" .

    I guess what your saying is a test kit is needed for sure eh ?

    major differences between MDA vs MDMA ??

    Fazz Well-Known Member

    lol , I know it will do SOMETHING ..
    my source is amazing ..

    but I dont want to say , do PMA or MDA , when Im thinking Im getting MDMA .
    comprende :P ??

    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    test kit is the best thing. yes.

    but mda effects are very similar to MDMA.
    most don't even notice the difference in effects.

    the only thing that is different is that MDA effects:
    -lasts a lot longer
    -A LOT more psychedelic or "trippier"
    -more visuals
    -and a few more things but these arnt as apparent

    FamilyFarmer Member

    That shit is FIRE son!!! I had some at a Fest last year. I havent seen it since...but I'm all over it as soon as I do this summer!!!
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    Fazz Well-Known Member

    yaaa I heard theres "slight" visuals , but didnt want to sound like a tard ..

    how intense is the visuals ??
    how much longer :\ ..

    rolls always lasted like 2-6 hours for me .
    and mdma never hit me as hard .

    I was SUPPOSED to have a test kit by now , but the place I ordered it at is slacking hard .

    DarthD3vl Well-Known Member

    I've always wanted to try MDA, but i pretty much like to try it ALL

    Fazz Well-Known Member

    lool .
    yaa I know a lot of people like that .
    I just dont want to trip out for too long ..

    I'm more of a opiate guy .
    good feelings , not into "trippy" shit lol .

    DarthD3vl Well-Known Member

    I love me some opiates to.
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    troythepooh14 Well-Known Member

    idk but looks greatttttt :)

    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    the visuals are mild. very pleasant.
    and when I say last longer. it all depends on the dose.
    and it isnt much longer.

    you are prolly gunna have to do some fucking around with the dose until you find a good one.

    hopefully itll be 2-3 tenths of a gram to feel the awesome effects.

    but duration can be from 2-6 hours. just like rolls.
    its the peak that last longer.

    haha. sounds like me a few years ago until i smoked DMT for the first time...

    dont worry about its trippy properties if you are worried about that.
    its only SLIGHTLY more psychedelic. and like i said.
    the more you dose. the more these become apparent.

    but if you take your normal dose. itll be just pure bliss.
    there wont be ANY unwanted feelings.

    MDA and MDMA....there are NO bad feelings. even if you tried.

    hughesresearch Well-Known Member

    mda is what labs start off with to make mdma. also all the shit ive gotten varied from a white crystaline powder looking like coke to a light brown. i personally dont like it anymore cause for some reason my body reacts to it like meth without the euphoria. im just tweaked as fuck. ive never seen anything that was that dark or chunky. kinda looks wet to me. how much is there anyway?

    hoss12781 Well-Known Member

    it is sass, essentially a building block for making quality MDMA synthesized from sassafras root. While not proper MDMA it will rock your socks, but the comedown is kinda rugged.

    hughesresearch Well-Known Member

    ouch, i just read this on it, this is why i dont buy unknown drugs:

    The root of the plant Sassafras albidum contains safrole, which converts naturally, in the liver, into MDA. Sassafras - old time root beer! It is no longer available as food or drink. The root of this plant is sold, as well as fresh root essential oil (which should be potent).
    Contraindications: Safrole is toxic to liver (avoid repeated use). Increases incidence of tumors in laboratory animals. Excessive doses may cause vomiting, shock, aphasia, and death by central paralysis of respiration.

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    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    sounds like you got a shitty molly connection.
    sounds like he cuts it with amphetamine or coke.
    keep in mind. coke is MUCH cheaper. so its great to cut it with...fuckers.

    pure molly or mdma. once you see what it truly looks like, you will never forget.

    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member


    that is such a good piece of information.

    no wonder they continued to refine it into MDMA.

    thank you chemist that save me from puking, shock, aphasia, AND DEATH!!!!

    hughesresearch Well-Known Member


    shadowdarker Active Member

    now im no expert but i have hammered my body with mind bending drugs and that looks just like the mdma i buy in england and it can be very trippy and oppiate at the same time ive found myself sat in the corner of a room for 6 hrs not being able to move and tripping my tits off just laughing at everything id suggest a gram of decent coke and a good gram of that mix the 2 and have a good snort hard hitting if u can handle it.

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