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McDonald's Roach

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by RainbowBrite86, May 17, 2012.


    RainbowBrite86 Well-Known Member


    madeinindia Member

    thats what you have to expect from a place like mcdonalds! in my city they cloed one down because it was infested
    Total Head

    Total Head Well-Known Member

    he ate half the hash brown before he noticed. gross. all he got was an equivalent meal for free? the manager didn't seem concerned?

    what kind of manager doesn't investigate whether the roach came from her store or the shipment itself? a manager who sees that shit every day, that's what kind.


    po'thead Active Member


    cannofbliss Well-Known Member

    damn thats gross...

    i mean... did he like... think it was just a "crispy" part of the hash brown??? LOL

    that looks like it came from the "factory" where they press the hash brown(which squished the roach into that position on the patty which then is to be flash frozen... and it looks like that roach actually came from factory rather than from the actual restaurant...

    thank you science channel... for the show "how its made"... ;)

    stuff like that usually comes in bags where they dump a bunch of them from the bag into the fry catcher, then they just lower it in there... so even the worker may not have even known whether or not he was deep frying a "roach brown" lol ;)

    and they just move so fast in there at all the mick dees that are in a highly populated area...

    they probably wouldnt even notice it, or may not even care...

    yuck... thats what really bothers me... :???:

    ThatGuy113 Well-Known Member


    zo0t New Member

    cock roachz iz helthy and fool of proteinz if we were living on treez we would be eeting dem all day
    yer mama'z mama encestor use to eet dem nothing gross about it betchz
    look ber grilz he iz eet cock-roach and drink his piss this wat u call a wel balanced meel

    KushXOJ Well-Known Member

    This is exactly why I don't eat mcdonalds ...
    Did you hear the one about the mouse in the hamburger buns ?
    They would just take the mice droppings off and still use the buns.

    McDonalds is gross !!
    Let me see if I can find the video

    KushXOJ Well-Known Member


    lokie Well-Known Member

    At a Burger King I have witnessed live cock roaches, more than 4, marching up a wall and disappear behind
    a menu sign.

    When I brought it to a managers attention the response was " Oh we will take care of that." and never flinched
    just kept working the counter.

    I guess they took care of them. lol they shipped them to Mc D's. LOL

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